Oakdale University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Presents Episode 26 ” Policemans Ball 2017 ” Pt. 3/4 Aug 8 , 2017

Г Fade In :

Somewhere on the South of Oakdale , Illinios a group of people are excited for a long awaited reunion ..

For them its been years , for us this is only the beginning ..

A 2017 Bright Colored Candy Apple Red Motorycle passes through to its destination of the parkway .

The young latin guy in his comfy low cut Amber Crombie see through Football Winter green Jersey that sports a hawk on both sides yells out while running to the guest of honor ..

” Tiffiany , you are home ..

At long last my cousin is back where she belongs ! ” says the very handsome guy in his hispanic dialect .

The cousin pulls off her helmet , revealling a young latina smiling .

” Aww thank you Pedro , where is your brother Miguel ? ” she ponders .

” Hes working today at that

Policeman’s Ball on the other side of town ! ” he replies .

She sighs concerned ..

Oakdale University

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6


Episode 26

” Policemans Ball 2017 ”

Pt. 3/4

Aug 8 , 2017


The drama continues to unfold quickly ..

Lucinda Walsh demands answers from the very attractive stranger claiming to be Duke , John’s presumed dead oldest son .

Duke reaches out to her smiling ..

‘ Lucinda , its me how i have missed your witty snides and family knit natured mothering .

I was found by a wonderful latino family i had amnesia for the last few years but through the grace of god my memories slowly started returning .

I missed all of you , i missed my home ! ” he reveals while tears flow down his face .

Rosanna Cabot

demands answers as well from her cousin Officer Holt James .

” Wow , it’s like that now after all those years my mother treated you like a daughter and helped raise you when your abusive no good father Ray ran out on both you and that Carly Tenney you dare to queshtion my motives ?! ”

he demands upset .

She stands on the offensive .

” I have had my share of people using me in the past , why should you be any different ?! ”

demands Rosanna immediately regretting her actions .

” Says the woman who blackmailed her own sister to have a baby by new years for a jackpot of money you stole from my family oh yes Rosanna you will indeed be paying for your past indiscretions & more its payback honey and i am here to collect ! ” he teases

To be Concluded ..

* Special Guest *

Selena Gomez as

” Tiffiany “

Diego Boneta


” Miguel “

Brandon Beemer as

” Officer Holt James ”

Kit Harington as

” Duke ”


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