Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic Season 2 Written by Susan Semenjuk Ep2  The Kiss Aug 16 ,2017

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Hardy Boys Mystery Hour


Season 2

Written by

Susan Semenjuk

Ep2  The Kiss

Aug 16 ,20171502881596822

While her husband Joe Hardy was with his lover Maddie Poe (Sarah Carter) his wife Tracy ( Laura Wright )

received a visit from her brother in law Frank. He asked “ is Joe home?” to which she replied “ No he’s with his whore.” She let Frank in and he sat. He said “ I guess things aren’t any better between you two?” Tracy shook her head and added “ we hardly talk anymore unless we have to. He’s never home he’s either working or with his slut. He doesn’t even care that I’m having a same sex affair. I don’t know what went wrong Frank. I love your brother so much.” Frank took her into a hug and whispered “I know and I keep believing that you two will find your way back to one another.” Tracy said “I hope so.” She lifted her head to look at him and they locked eyes. She didn’t pull away when his lips came down on her for a hungry kiss which she responded too. Soon the kisses got deeper and hungrier.  She whispered “ don’t stop” when Frank pulled away and looked at her. He said “ we have to. You know as well as I do that it would be wrong for us to go any further. I don’t want to hurt my brother and I know you love him. If we took this any further we’d both regret it and it would affect our friendship. I can’t do that to Joe or you.” Tracy pulled back and said “ you’re right of course. But when we were kissing I didn’t think about Joe or anything, I got lost in the moment. Frank smiled and said “ so did I but now the moment is gone.” He got up to leave and she walked him to the door, before he could open it she said “ Frank, no one can know about the kiss.” Frank agreed. They hugged before they shared another hot kiss that neither will forget before Frank left. They both stood on opposite sides of the door and signed heavily thinking about those kisses.

Meanwhile Joe headed on home satisfied from his tryst with Maddie where he was still in the afterglow of the erotic sex they had. He dreaded going home to his boring wife.


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