PartyWills Online Publications Magazine : Presents : ” PCU : Port Charles University ” Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series Ep6  ” Friends Alamode  “ Airdate: June 29,2016


PartyWills Online Publications Magazine : Presents :

” PCU : Port Charles University ”

Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series


” Friends Alamode  “

Airdate: June 29,2016


Scene :


Morgan Corinthos is entering Kelly’s Diner to grab a quick bite to eat before he surprises his mom , when he sees the very attractive Jessie Parish .

He smiles , waits for her to order then makes his move ..


Morgan :

Hello , I am Morgan Corinthos ..

is this seat taken ?


* Jessie smiles back , checking him out *


Jessie :

Take a seat , I am Jessie Parish !


* The afternoon continues as they share a plate of French Fries together and each enjoy a deluxe bacon cheeseburger !


Meanwhile ..


Sarah Webber is enjoying shopping with her new friend Felix .


Felix :

Thank you for buying the cute summer sales today Sarah , I really had a lot of fun !


Sarah :

It’s my pleasure Felix DuBois , it’s wonderful hanging out with somebody especially a cute gay like you .

Too bad you are gay otherwise I would snatch you up for myself !


* Her phone rings , but she ignores it *


Cast :


Sarah Webber

Rebecca Budig


* Jessie Parish *

Chrishell Stause



Oakdale : University  Atwt Online  Written Spin-Off  FanFic  Season 6  Episode 9 ”  Welcome Home “  June 22,2016  Written by Susan Semenjuk 


Oakdale : University 

Atwt Online 

Written Spin-Off


Season 6 

Episode 9

”  Welcome Home “ 

June 22,2016 

Written by Susan Semenjuk 


Despite seeing Trey’s name on the casuality list his fiancée Stacy Keebler and his son Cole Kenyon held out hope that Trey survived the Mall explosion.  Stacy told Cole 

” I feel it in my heart that Trey is alive

 and working to get out. If he was truly dead I would feel that in my heart. I’m staying here until every last victim is out. Cole don’t give up hope, you will continue bonding with your dad.  “

Stacy looked around and saw many familiar faces hoping to get good news about a loved one inside the collapsed mall, all with panic and concern on their faces. 

As she looked at the totaled mall, 

Stacy’s mind flashed to happy times 

Trey and her had, the first time they made love and their recent engagement in Italy. She fingered the 5 caret solitaire he placed on her finger and said 

“Baby you have to come back to me. I love you so much and I know I can’t live without you.  Please be ok.” 

Then Cole tapped her on the shoulder after looking up and said, 

 “Stacy look I think that’s Trey ! ” 

She looked up and replied , 

“It is Trey ! ” 

She broke through the crowd and police barriers to get to a very dirty Trey. 

She didn’t care how dirty he was she was jus thankful he was alive. 

She ran into his arms holding onto him tight and saying 

” thank God Trey, you are ok.”

 Trey held her closer and said ,

 “Yeah I am. 

I had to get back to Cole and you.”

 She broke the hug and said , 

“I knew in my heart you weren’t dead.

 So glad that casuality list was wrong.. 

I love you so much Trey. Can’t believe I almost lost you.”  

Trey deeply kissed her and said 

“I love you just as much. I’m right here you didn’t lose me.” 

Just then Cole came up and Stacy cried as she watched her husband and his son hug one another tightly. 

After being checked out Trey and Stacy  headed home and cuddled.


Cast :


* Stacy Keebler *

   Teri Polo


* Trey Kenyon * 

   Sam Page 


¤ Special Guest 


* Cole Kenyon *

  Nolan Gerard Funk 



Ω New Episodes return ..

June 28th,2016


We return after a brief Hiatus .




PartyWills Online Publications Magazine : Presents ” PCU : Port Charles University ” Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series Ep5 ” Legacy “ Airdate: June 15,2016



PartyWills Online Publications Magazine : Presents
” PCU : Port Charles University ”
Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series
Ep5 ” Legacy  “
Airdate: June 15,2016
* Sam Davis-Morgan is rushing to get inside her office to find a very important file she forgot to take with her to a power lunch with a client this morning .
As she unlocks her door , she is greeted by a beautiful stranger with long black hair and shimmering brown eyes , wearing a black vinyl leather jacket and long dangling earnings formed like an
ancient crescent moon .
Oh hello , sorry I am not aware of a meeting you are?
* The young woman in her mid thirties giggles slightly then replys *
Stranger :
No , we don’t have an appointment ..
I am Jessie Parish !
* Sam is astonished and intrigued immediately catching the resemblance *
Sam :
” O-M-G , your father is
Blackie Parish ?! “
Jessie :
Yes , I just moved into town and was hoping you were hiring .. I have followed the adventures of you and the Jackal for years !
* Sam is taken by Jessie *
Sam :
Welcome aboard 
Sam Morgan Investigations 
how soon can you start ?
Jessie :
Gimme two days ?
I am needing to meet with my aunt Laura !
Cast :
* Jessie Parish * 
Chrishell Stause 

Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 8 ” Secrets Exposed “ June 18,2016 Written by PartyWill

Oakdale : University
Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 8
” Secrets Exposed “
June 18,2016
Written by PartyWill146589026676051

Memorial Hospital

Kim Hughes is about to leave her office when she enconters Luke Snyder who looks very distraught and sweatty from running upstairs it seems .
Not to mention the town was dealing with one major hot summer day !

Kim :
Luke , what a unexpected surprise
Here come into my office so you can cool down from the heat outside ..

* Luke follows accepting the bottle of water she gives *

Luke :
Thank you Kim ..
This isn’t easy but here goes
Your husband
Dr.Bob Hughes is alive !

* Kim gives Luke a puzzled look *

Kim :
Luke , what are you talking about ?
We all know my husband was accidentally shot by Gwen Norbeck months ago !

* Luke drinks more water ,
handing her the photo that prooves
his claim to be true ..

* Kim’s eyes streak with tears as she sees a new pic of her husband obviously going somewhere with Damian Grimaldi ..

Kim :
How ?!
Why is Damian with my husband ?!

Luke :
Honestly Kim , I don’t know but I promise you I will find out he was my best friend too not just your husband and the best Chief Of Staff we have ever had !

* Kim asks to keep the photo , Luke knods then she heads over to find her son Dr.Christopher Hughes down the corridor of the narrow hallway ..

Suddenly Luke gets taken by a masked man who takes him away from the scene ..
Luke begs to be freed ..but he’s injected by a needle that leaves him uncouncious !

Kim returns with Chris only to be surprised Luke is gone ..

Chief Of Staff Meg Snyder tells Kim ,

Meg :
Kim what is going on ?!
The security camera shows after my nephew spoke with you involving a pic he gave you somebody came in here and kidnapped him !

* Kim reveals her husband is alive and how Damian is involved *

PartyWill Presents :: ” F U S I O N ” Online Written LGBT Drama Series Written & Created by  Willy Garza 





In Tassles, Newyork City

the life of a young man,

Eddie Rollins who immediately shifts gears when he gets a job at a call center that leads him on miscap adventures along with his friends & loved ones.

Most of the citizins just trying to get their acts together.


PartyWill Presents ::

” F U S I O N ”

Online Written LGBT

Drama Series

Written & Created by

Willy Garza





[ Scene ]

Mario’s Pizzeria


We focus on an employee being yelled at by his boss!

” Eddie! !

Boy, I am going to kick your behind for burning these large supreme pizza’s! ”

says the boss.

” Mario please don’t be mad at me its the ovens fault not mine! ”

says Eddie

” Shut up Eddie, its never your fault its always everybody but yours!

That’s it are fired! ”

Eddie pleads for another chance, Mario pulls Eddie from behind his shirt & kicks him out of the pizzeria literally ..

Eddie fumes then grabs a rock throwing it directly into the glass window that shatters while he runs away quickly hearing Mario say

” You are a dead man! ”


Episode 1/ Season1

” Its soo good,  Its Easy ”



Airdate : June 10 , 2016

©CopyRight June 2016

All Rights Reserved


While walking down Riverlake Avenue he runs into a Rentboy who takes a liking to him ..

” Aww look at the little lost sheep trying to find his way ”

Eddie tells the guy to lay off!

” Very well,  see if anybody ever helps you again after I tell them you gave me crabs! ”

Eddie sighs ..

” Sorry ..I am Eddie Rollins and you are? ” asks Eddie

” Tommy ..your new fairy god mother! ” teases Tommy

Eddie is curious when Tommy hands him a card

” What’s F U S I O N ?!”

inquires Eddie

” Your Destiny ..go on get over there ..tell them Tommy sent you! ”


Cast :


” Eddie Rollins ”

Brandon Buddy


” Mario ”

Jesse Metcalfe


” Tommy ”

Alex Pettyfer



Oakdale : University  Atwt Online  Written Spin-Off  FanFic Season 6  Episode 7 ”  Summer of Mysteries “  June 8,2016  Written by Willy Garza , PartyWill



Oakdale : University

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off

FanFic Season 6

Episode 7

”  Summer of Mysteries “

June 8,2016

Written by Willy Garza , PartyWill


Scene 1 :


Casey Hughes is waking up half naked to a beautiful woman in his bed at the Lakeview .

He streches smiling looking at her sleep .

The new Chief of Police

Leslie Downs ?!




Stacy Keebler is running around town trying to retrieve a mysterious package from a guy in a hoodie ..


Hooded Guy :

You are late


Stacy :

There’s been a few complications ..

Barbara Ryan got arrested as did Katy Peretti !


Hooded Guy :

Our only concern is for Barbara Ryan you know what you have to do your instructions are in the package ..don’t disappoint us again Stacy know what we are capable of ..after all we didn’t blow up that stupid mid town mall for nothing !


* Stacy gasps *


Stacy :

O-M-G , what have I done ?!


Meanwhile ..


The Oakdale Police Dept ..


Katy Peretti is bored in her jail cell when she receives an unexpected visitor ..


Katy :

Michael Baldwin ?!


Michael Baldwin :

The one and only , I been hired as your attorney in this matter .

After looking over all the circumstantial evidence I am here to make sure we fight these charges Katy ..let’s get you out of those dingy orange uniforms they make you wear here .

I brought over some comfy clothes you are accustomed too ..

The guard will take you to change clothes .


Further in town ..


Luke Snyder is trying to reach his father Damian Grimaldi , but gets a voice mail ..

While walking he sees a handsome guy taking pics of the docks and the scenery .

When he offers to take a pic of Luke , then shows him ..Luke notices the other pics the guy took recently one showing his father with Dr.Bob Hughes ?!


Luke :

I am Luke Snyder you must be new here ,

when did you take this pic of the two men leaving a yacht ?!


Photographer :

I am Jamie Hart

My father & mother are famous detectives..

I took a few pics a few weeks ago I just moved into town I don’t know anybody here until now .


* Luke realises who Jamie’s parents are *


Luke :


your parents are Hart to Hart ?!


Cast :


Hooded Guy :

Jesse Spencer


Jamie Hart :

Jack Falahee


Stacy Keebler :

Teri Polo


* Special Guest *

Michael Baldwin

Played by

Christian LeBlanc



Dedicated to

Hart to Hart Fans

Atwt Fans




PartyWills Online Publications Magazine : Presents ” PCU : Port Charles University ” Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series Ep4 ” Tattle Tell “

146527233765847 (1)

PartyWills Online Publications

Presents ::

” PCU: Port Charles University ”

Online Written


FanFic Series


Ep4 ” Tattle Tell ”


Airdate : June 7,2016


It’s a beautiful afternoon as we see Chief Of Staff Elizabeth Webber ready to greet her son Cameron in a few short hours .


Meanwhile ..


Spencer Cassadine is in town as he witnesses a sweet kiss between Cameron and his girlfriend Devyn ..

Danny Morgan -Davis appears from behind .


Danny :

Who are we spying on today ?

Spencer : Cameron and Devyn


* They both are stunned when Cameron’s girlfriend is greeted by a nanny with a baby ?!


Spencer and Danny look at each other ..


Danny :

This is too juicy not to expose right ?


Spencer :

You bet your allowance money it’s juicy !


* Spencer exposes Cameron and Devyn with a baby on LIVE newsfeed


While over at the Quartermaine Mansion ..


Carly Jax heads over to visit her son

Michael who is seen kissing

Brooklyn Quartermaine ?!


* Carly fumes , rushing to break up Brooklyn and Michael *


Carly :

Stay away from my son Brooklyn you are a train wreck ready to happen !


* Lois Cerullo Quartermaine fumes herself approaching Carly *


Lois : How dare you talk to my daughter that way Carly ..we all know you have had such a colorful past yourself !


Carly : You bitch !


* Both mother’s tussle each other’s hair pulling and yelling !

Michael breaks it up as Carly slaps Lois *


Michael :

Enough ..

I 💘 Brooklyn !


Next ::


Sam Morgan gets an unexpected visitor ..



Cast :


Spencer Cassadine :

Taylor Lautner


Danny Morgan-Davis :

Justin Bieber


Cameron :

Jesse Mccartney


Devyn :

Kira Kosarin


Nanny :

Amy Poehler



PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents : ” Friendship Ring ” Online Written Mystery Romance Drama Series , Ep1 : Blue Dress


Everybody wants to visit the Big City for its beautiful atmosphere , the famous pretzels down town , along with the fashion of the dramatic ..
However when a Teenager is found dead the suspicion of guilt and secrets is enough to destroy even the sanest person ..

” PartyWills Online Publications
  Magazine Presents :

” Friendship Ring “

With Friends like these , who needs enemies !

” Online FanFic Ongoing
Mystery Romance Drama Series “

Written by ;
Willy Garza
( PartyWill )

Season Premiere
Airdate : June 6,2016

Ep1 ” The Blue Dress “
Becca Lane , the daughter
of the former hollywood actress
Dana Lane is rushing to get ready for her date with a guy she barely met a few days ago Online .
She had just gone through a recent break-up when she encountered the mysterious Denver Roy at the perfume counter of Macys Dept. store .
She skimms her closet , nothing seems to catch her eyes until she sees a dress on tv she is dying to wear ..
Quickly retrieving her platinum master card she orders a blue cocktail dress then heads to her mother’s bedroom .
The pearly white pearls she always saw her late grandmother Agnes wear until her dying breath is just sitting their being unworn .
She sits on the comfy embroidered sitting chair just eyeing the jewelry.
It felt wonderful seeing the pieces on her fingers and her neck .
Her ears now sporting dangling earrings in the form of two red leafs .

The afternoon was almost perfect , the maid Didi was serving up chicken soup , Denver’s favorite dish .
The dress was on its way to be delivered , unfortunately Becca’s nemesis Sarah Joy had a hateful taste of ruining lives around her and when her brother Gary told her about Becca ordering a beautiful blue dress Sarah had the most wicked idea ..
She purposely had the dress resent to her house not Becca’s !
Denver arrived to enjoy lunch only to be told by Didi ..Becca is running late .
The date is interupted when Sarah appears unexpectedly hoping to run into Denver .

Denver :
Sarah , your dress is simply gorgeous !

Sarah ;
Thank you Denver , I just saw this and thought to myself ..
Self you should by this dress !

* Becca looses it , going after Sarah wearing her silk dress that was supposed to be worn for future dates

Becca : You lying bitch ..
take off my dress I ordered it not you !

* Denver is disgusted by Becca’s behavior *

Denver :
If this how you act , I want nothing to do with you !

* He walks out , as Sarah laughs throwing the blue dress at Becca standing in a white negligee..

Sarah :
You were right , I didn’t buy this stupid dress ..besides I hate the color blue !

Cast :

Becca :
Kirstin Storms

Sarah :
Jen Lilley

Denver :
Joshua Hartnett


Kate Linder

* Authors Workshop Update * ” Max’s Ditch Day Plan ” Young Readers Book Ages 8+ , W.Garza ..headed your way this summer via CreateSpace



°˚ˆ*∗¸¸.• ☆ Feel it ☆ Live it ☆ Love it ☆ Share it ►♩♪♫ ღ✫‿⁀✫


This Summer ..

Max and his friends go 

LIVE this time via Create Space ..

84 pages 

14146 words…



” Max’s Ditch Day Plan ” 

Young Readers Book 

Ages 8+

( Print Edition )


Dedicated to 


My Children 

Joey & Jenna 

My Family 

** My Nieces & Nephews 



Nathaniel Marston

Elizabeth Jackson 

Sharon Henderson 

Sarah Moore and her daughter Allison Virginia Moore. 

* Hannah Carpenter,and her children




** My Nieces & Nephews 


** Don’t stop reaching for 

your goals!

Like Max always says, “Don’t give up, we can do it 

all again… Tomorrow!”


Blurb :


Meet Max and his friends for their first adventure! 


What happens when the comic convention comes to his hometown? Will he be able to visit? Even when it is happening during weekdays?  


Will he also survive the dangers heading his way? 


What about the mysterious stranger, visiting him without him knowing?  


Find out! Read it and have fun!  


This is an ongoing series about the adventures of Max and his friends.


Headed your way this summer !



** Thank you to my Editor Asoll 

without her none of this would be possible ** 


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