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Oakdale University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 7 Ep6 ” FIRE IT UP ” Pt.4/10 MARCH MAdness SPRING EDITION March 22,2018 MIDNITE EDITION

Oakdale University
Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off
FanFic Season 7
Ep6 ” FIRE IT UP ”
March 22,2018

The fires continue to spread throughout Oakdale , Illinois as the news media reports all over the globe ..


We focus on a gay married couple demanding to get the next flight to Oakdale ..
” Oliver , what did they say ?! “
demands Kyle Lewis
” They are overbooked , no flights are being sent out again till maybe in a few weeks ! ” says
Officer Oliver Fish in distress
” That’s not good enough babe , get packing we are leaving in 1 hour our daughter needs us ! ”
states Kyle adamently

Meanwhile ..

Genoa City , Wisconsin

Newman Enterprises has Nick Newman & Sharon Collins with Victor Newman watching the news ..
” Thats it , i cant watch these reports anymore they havent even told us about the college students i am heading to Oakdale in 30 minutes Sharon are you coming or not ?! ”
demands Nick

** Enter Sharon’s boyfriend ,
Dr.Ronan Maloy **
” Dont talk to my woman like that you spoiled little rich boy ! ”

Back to Oakdale ..

University ..

The branches start to fall quickly from the large trees that once stood high above the Film department ..
A young woman screams as the students panick trying to get out only for her to get trampled ..she loses her ballance trips backwards then loses conciousness ..
” Summer , Summer Newman ! “
Yells a student

Lakeview ::

As customers are fleeing quickly ..
Sarah Ivory smells the fresh air only to see a man from her past .. A dilema arises when he gets stuck under a car and it ignites ready to explode ..
Her heart sinks , she wants to hurt him .. The man who lied to her that she miscarried a baby when she was a teenager is fighting to stay alive ..

Will she offer him assistance ?!

” Sarah Ivory ..

Please help me ! “
” Shut up Roger ,
you deserve to die !
This is Kharma

A woman confronts Sarah ..
” Dont you even think of not helping my husband or so help me you will have me as your new enemy understand now help me save him before his blood is on your hands ! “
demands the angry woman
Her shinny silver necklace teases her name is Sonny !

Finally ..

The photo lab downtown explodes causing devastations. . the fire spreads faster as a married couple trys to escape the panicked residents running in the street they both get shoved aside as they fall into the abandoned site building meant for demolishing next week..
The wife & husband scream as the fires set off a chain reaction from the wiring ..
” O-M-G .. Somebody plz help us ! “

Luke Snyder , Leo Dupre’ , Holden Snyder all immediately jump into action to rescue them ..

Molly Conland is shocked to learn who just took over her kidnapped daughters case ..
Officer Nikki Munson ?!

The Drama continues this
April ..

A comatose patient goes into Code Red ..

A nurse yells ..
” Its Trey Kenyon’s room
Hes going into Cardiac arrest ! ”

Stay Tuned

** Sonny played by
Courtney Love

** Roger **
Played by
John Goodman

** Sarah Ivory
Played by
Susan Semenjuk

** Summer Newman
Lili Reinheart

** Married Couple played by
Candace Cameron &
Steve Tally

** Nurse **
Camilla Belle

Dedicated to Courtney Love

Guiding Light : New Beginings FanFic

πŸ“· In 2 weeks ,

Quick , turn on the light ..
Guiding Light : New Beginnings
FanFic debuts ..

Β€ A new stranger turns the lives of Springfield , Illinois upside down !

Β€ Olivia & Lizzie team up on a secret project

Β€ An officer on the force makes waves in the department

πŸ’ Dedicated to
Guiding Light Fans
Daytime Fans

Return to Springfield
March 26 , 2018

Suggestions ?
Casting ideas ..
submit to
{ party_will@yahoo.com }

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* Powder Burns *

Alright Buckaroo’s its time to sit back & enjoy the other side of Daytime Television at its best .. Audio form .. This Radio Western Drama stars our beloved Oltl actors in a new direction. . i just played the trailer .. Now i am hooked !

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