” Fuller House ” Netflix Review by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )




Thanks everybody who joined me during #FullerHouse viewing party .

Its such a wonderful series .


Kimmys Husband is beyond HUNKALICIOUS and soo Funny !

Steve is soo DAYUM Cute and still Funny

The show is just soo full of wonderful moments with side of memory flashbacks and its storytelling .

I am soo glad it’s back ,

Heres to more exciting seasons !

Get Ready to Laugh ,  Cheer and Cry !

Theres a few hidden surprises .

Jodie Sweetin has such a beautiful voice

I dig the new updated theme song too.

Great Job

Writers, Cast, Crew !


PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents ” Castle : Alexis Files ” Online Spin-Off Series Midnite Season Premiere Feb 9 ,2016 Midnite Edition Ep1 : Talent Scout Pt.2/3





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PartyWills Online Publications Magazine


” Castle : Alexis Files ”

Online Spin-Off Series



Season Premiere

Feb 9 ,2016

Midnite Edition


Ep1 : Talent Scout Pt.2/3


As the news spread around the Hamptons about not only the murder of a talent scout but her boyfriend being a key person of interest at this time ..

Alexis Castle is happy to hear from a familiar voice .

” Beckett , thanks for calling ! ”

she says slightly calmer than she has been .

” Sweety , your father & I are here anyway you need us !

He’s away on assignment but is there anything I can do for you just name it ! ”

says Beckett

” I really could use a hug ! ”

she says

” Turn around ! ”

teases Beckett

Alexis runs into her stepmoms arms .

They smile and embrace.

” Thanks I really needed that ,

I can’t believe this is happening right now Jordan and I have been in such a good place these days you know following the death of his grandma last week ! ”

recalls Alexis entering the bathroom of her dorm room to wash her face .

” This isn’t easy for me , but your boyfriend has been keeping a few secrets from you the big one is that he’s got an older brother Renaldo Mills ! ”

hints the woman married to Alexis’ father

Alexis eyes grow wide ..

” What the ?!

He’s got a older brother ?!

Where is he ?! ”

demands Alexis

Beckett leads Alexis to the lobby of the college campus where a older guy mid thirties is waiting for her .

” Alexis meet Renaldo !

says Beckett

Renaldo is very cold towards her .

” I must say my brother usually has good taste , but to degrade himself by dating a daughter of an Author is just so unlike him ! ”

taunts Renaldo

Alexis already hated him .

” Oh shut up , who he dates is nobody’s business now tell me where is he before you get arrested

for aiding and abetting ! ”

warns Alexis

Renaldo sighs ..

” We were supposed to meet up last night to finish plans for our mothers birthday party Tmrww ! ”

teases Renaldo

Alexis is piqued by curiousity

” Your mothers birthday ?!.

He told me she left him as a baby

Omg I am going to strangle him myself whenever I see him again ! ”

threatens Alexis

Suddenly a woman appears ..

” Over my dead body ,

I am Molly Mills the mother who’s son you just threatened I want you arrested ! ”

demands Molly

Renaldo smirks as Alexis gets handcuffed by Beckett .

She next calls somebody ..

” Castle , get down here now your only daughter just got arrrested I am sorry I had to handcuff her after she threaten to strangle her boyfriend ! ”


To Be Concluded


Cast :



Darren Criss


Molly Mills

Laura West


Dedicated to

Laura Wright


Catch up on Ep1 , Pt.1




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PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents  ” Castle : Alexis Files ”  Online Spin-Off Series 


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PartyWills Online Publications Magazine


” Castle : Alexis Files ”

Online Spin-Off Series



Season Premiere

Feb 7 ,2016


Ep1 : Talent Scout Pt.1/3


Fade In ,


Alexis Castle is rushing into her college dorm at Hampton University , New York

She sighs out of frustration seeing she just missed her dad’s call .

” Aww man , dad you always got bad timing when you try checking in on me ! ”

she says to herself out loud while quickly searching for her red lipstick in her trendy small crystalized purse .

” Alright I only got less than ten minutes before Jordan gets here ! ” she says while browsing her mid sized closet .

She opts for an adorable red low cut dress and her hair up in a ponytail .

” Guys and their cheerleader fantasies ”

she muses while applying her red lipstick , slight blush on her cheeks and freshen up her eye liner .

Ten seconds later , she can’t help but wonder where Jordan is ?!

A large banging on her dorm room hints a cop on the scene .

” Alexis Castle ? ” asks the handsome cop who she swore reminded her of one major character from one of the soap operas she watches .

” Yes , that’s me why are you banging on my door you do know we are in the middle of finals right ?! ” demands Alexis

The cop stays composed then continues .

” I appologize for interupting your study session my sister goes to this campus funny she didn’t mention any exams anyway look I am Officer Francine ,

go ahead laugh everybody else does ! ”

remarks the frustrated cop .

Alexis didn’t laugh , she was more curious .

” Why do people laugh ?

Francine is an adorable french name ! ”

replies Alexis .

” Thanks my name’s Teddy but I never liked my last name until now .

I am looking for your boyfriend ! ”

he hints pulling out his notepad from his back tight levi fitting jeans .

She could fall easily for a handsome guy like this yet ..

” You been dating Mayor Gary Mills son a Jordan Mills right ? ” he asks

Alexis blushes embarassed .

” Yes he’s my boyfriend , plz what’s going on ?! ” she demands feeling very uneasy

” Less than twenty minutes ago there was a murder , the talent scout who was supposed to sign at least 3 lucky college students on campus was discovered by a cleaning lady look this isn’t easy to say but your boyfriend Jordan is our person of interest according to a student who I can’t divulge their name told me their was an argument between Jordan and Mr.Travis Manhattan only to coincidently disappear !

Where the hell is he Alexis ?!

If I learn you are hiding him I won’t hesitate to arrest in a New York minute ! ”

warns the cop ..

Alexis is panicked ..could her boyfriend be a killer ?!


To be continued ..


¤ Special Guest

Ryan Paevey

as Officer Teddy Francine



Delaney Williams Cover Reveal ” Fully Restored “





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Delaney Williams is back with her next highly antipated novel titled

” Fullly Restored ! ”



February 29, 2016


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http://www.facebook.com/pinlkinkdesignsbycassy    – Cover Design

http://www.facebook.com/winnphotodenver      – Photography


( Break Me Like A Promise ) M/M , M/F Contemporary Romance by Aria Grace | Reviewed by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


I was recently given this Advanced Arc to read and review .

Its such a wonderful well thought out planned and written storyline about two brothers named Tad and Brent Thomas who both team up together in creating a gym they call Sculpt ! 

This story is fast paced , yet riveting at the same time as we learn about the four key characters being the brothers and workers who are called Promises such as is told through the point of views from Advertising Executive Luke Baker and employee Marissa .

Their road to success is defintely paved with good intentions with that being said you do feel empathy for Tad as the business is taking him away from his priorities of being husband and father to two children .

While on the other side , Brent reaches his limitations from dating clients and employees .

When tragedy strikes this crisis not only affects the siblings but everybody around them .

Its such joy seeing how the younger brother proves bloods thicker than water .

It also shows us how far some of us are willing to go just to obtain our goals no matter the price .

Authors Aria Grace and Kyan Christopher earned themselves not only KUDOS teaming up to tell this tale , but they earned a loyal reader.  I am looking forward to book two titled , Trust Me Like A Promise this is one journey I can’t wait to continue .

In closing , I rank this book Five Stars ! 

** Reviewed By : Willy Garza ( Party Will ) 

** Other Reviews are posted on Good Reads , Amazon , Tumblr ! 




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