PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine Presents  Z.P.D. (( Zombie Police Dept ))  Ep2  Written & Created by  Robert Charles Mitchell


PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine
Z.P.D. (( Zombie Police Dept )) 
Written & Created by 
Robert Charles Mitchell
Z.P.D. Episode 2, Nobodies Body
-Hidden Rave (Night)


Brawlz discovers human blood on the dance floor. It appears to be a trace of blood leading to a closet in the back of the rave, he follows it and slowly opens the door  it is revealed to be  Kelly Hena. She is dead, mutilated and horribly scarred.


Brawlz Eyes widen in shock.


– Cuts to black


(Brawlz v.o.) : What the actual  fuck? 


– Rightous Hospital (Night)


Doctors and Nurses are frantically pushing an eMeD hospital bed to an emergency room


(Brawlz v.o.) I like to think I know everything everyone I know knows that about me I would even bet they hate it. Deep down I know I know everything and sometimes I hate it too… tonight I know three things:
Nia is taking the rest of the night off to relax and be greatful for her life that she has, however, she really wants to focus on police work but at the same time  she pretty much  wants to be home with her family and  because I told her to. The second thing I know is that the first thing tomorrow I’m not gonna wanna deal with anything or  anyone’s bullshit and anymore  dying cops. And the final 3rd thing I know is that Hena was a great cop despite how she acted and these doctors are only wasting their time because she’s already dead.


The Doctors and Nurses bust through the emergency doors and prepare all of  the medical equipment. There is a lead doctor very tall very confident but also frantic yet calm his name is Benjinson.


Benjinson: Everyone give me some space! Nurse hand me the I.V.


Brawlz stands  with a  lost hopeless look on his face as if he already knows it’s too late


(Bralwz v.o.) : It’s been 15 years since they found a cure for cancer, 10 since ebola and 9 for aids but despite those achievements you would think I’d be optimistic considering all the things that has happened in this world in the past 25 years. You would think “Anything is possible” it is but at the same time it’s not.


– [Flash Back] Festival (Night) 3 years ago.


Michael and Kelly walk together holding hands while laughing, smiling and eating cotton candy


Kelly: You’re so lame but I love it


Brawlz:  Well lame rhymes with game and that is my middle name


Kelly laughs in delightfully surprised  joking disappointment


Kelly: Oh my God I can’t believe you just said that *chuckles*


Brawlz: There’s alot of things about me you wouldn’t believe


Kelly: We should totally test that out *smiles*


Brawlz:  I agree.


Kelly holds Brawlz ‘ s hand tightly and kisses his cheek


Brawlz: I know we have been only dating for a couple months but do you think I can get some of that apple pie


Kelly: *laughs seductively* You mean Cherry?


Brawlz: Right, your favorite.


Kelly: Well yeah we should practice


Brawlz: Hearing you say that is like the greatest sentence ever haha


Kelly: I really like you


Brawlz: Same here *Smiles warmly*


Kelly: I’m so glad I let you take me on a date instead of Bradley


Brawlz: Welp Bradley isn’t much of  a bad guy it’s just he’s a piece of shit


Kelly: A. Piece. Of. Shit.


Brawlz: I don’t know why you sound so much sexier when you say it


Kelly: It’s only because you  are 🙂


Brawlz: We’ve known each other for so long yet been together for so little and I feel like a stupid high school kid for saying this but Yo-to the mutha fucking-Lo


Kelly: I know what you’re going to say and honestly I’ve felt the same way too for a while and it’s been a very very very  long while since I’ve felt this way.


Brawlz: Kelly I Lo-


Kelly’s phone rings loudly


Kelly: Hold that beautiful thought handsome I don’t want anything to ruin this moment but let me just check this for a sec.

Brawlz: Yes your highness


Kelly presses her phone firmly into her ear while Brawlz waits patiently


Kelly: What?!?!


Brawlz: Shit, What’s wrong?


Kelly drops to her knees and cries horrifically yet happily at the same time with a “of course this had to happen to me” type of sob


Brawlz: I’m here, who were you talking to? Baby what’s the matter? Say something.


Kelly shakes and gently wipes off her tears then takes a deep breath


Kelly: They found him, My husband is still alive.


– Cut to present day


(Brawlz v.o.) : It really isn’t


– Location Z.P.D. (Day)


Luth: What the hell happened?  And Where is Brawlz?!


Nia is in Police Chief Luther ‘ s office.  Nia is standing while Luth is sitting looking frustrated


Nia: I don’t know sir but I’m looking into it


Luth: This shit is getting out of control! It seemed like things were finally getting better but in fact it’s more fucked up than Brawlz himself.


Nia is slightly confused if she should look offended or not but understands where the cheif is coming from


Luth: I wish that sonova bitch was here so I can give him a piece of my mind. Why Didn’t he come with you?! Don’t answer that I know why.


Nia: Sir as soon as I see him I’ll let you know


Luth: It wouldn’t be so bad if he would have just came here to me last night instead of running off and telling you to go home and waiting an entire day to tell me this shit.


Nia: I was thinking about coming here  last night but I didn’t want to disobey a direct order from him in fear I’d get into some kind of trouble  I’ll follow my gut next time sir


Luth: Really now? Well you’re new here and I don’t blame you for doing what you did even if your excuses do equal shit but it’s Brawlz I’m mad at so just head to your desk and I’ll call you back  later in an hour or so.


Nia: Sir  it’s pretty late in the afternoon should I call him again


Luth: No I’m pissed as all hell but leave him be I have a good feeling as to why he’s not picking up his cell  we will just have to wait til he gets here.


Nia: Right, after I finish some  files I’m gonna head out and patrol


Luth: You’re not leaving until Brawlz gets here and make sure you talk to Miles when you’re done.


Nia: Right *rolls her eyes in disbelief*


-Ghetto Rooftop (Day)


Brawlz stands on a rooftop in deep thought looking over the city. He suddenly gets a phone call.


Brawlz: Hello?


Brawlz is looking confused and slightly intrigued  by what the other person on the other line is saying


Brawlz: Wow, really?


It is revealed to be none other than Doctor Benjinson on the other line in an empty hallway in a hospital


Benjinson: Yes it’s true, her blood has significantly changed.


Brawlz: Which means she was turned


Benjinson: And was already a Zombie when she was attacked


Brawlz: So strange


Benjinson: That word ( strange) is rare in this town but I must admit it is rather odd how her DNA transformed from last night to now


Brawlz: Especially considering the fact that she’s already been dead for 48 hours


Benjinson: Which means the moment she was infected it should have already changed the moment you found her


Brawlz: Does that mean she was still alive when I brought her to you?


Benjinson: Of course not,  it’s just her tissue and blood samples that  are still dead but they are human dead


Brawlz: What the fuck does that mean Doctor?


Benjinson: Listen I have to go I just thought I’d let you know that but we can talk again later tonight if you wish


Benjinson hangs up thw phone and looks very  puzzled while he picks up a lolly pop. 


Brawlz: Asshole


– 48 hours ago, Deep in an underground abandoned train station (Day)


Zombie skaters roam the scene and Shreak, hiss, hollar and drool black liquid from inside of their badly decayed gums and falling teeth


Zombie Skater: Wanna see a sick trick?


Zombie skater asks his fellow zombie skate team


Zombie skate team in unison: Hell Yes!


Zombie skater #1 jumps in the air does 360 flip and decapitates a homeless man with his left heel


Zombie #3: Wicked nicely done!


Zombies 2 and 4 look on in amusement while zombie skater #1 takes a bow


Cloak steps in from the shadows and gives them a  slow round of applause


Cloak: Well done well done


Zombie skater #3: Who the fuck are you?! *hisses*


Cloak: Easy there, I’m not your friend but I’m not your enemy 


Zombie skater  #4: You’re not gonna be standing either


Cloak: Woah, cute. Looks like someone’s got on their big boy panties


Zombie skater #2: Give us one good hot reason why we shouldn’t take your head off too


Cloak: Asides from the fact that you wouldn’t because it would back fire I can help you…all of you actually


Cloak whips out doggy  bags full of bloody brains. All of the zombie skaters smell the bags and it is making them orgasmic.


Zombie skaters #1: Now what is it  exactly that is  keeping us from knocking you down and taking those from you?


Cloak: Not a damn thing


Cloak drops the bags in front of them
their eyes turn  bright red


Zombie skater #2: You smell funny!


Cloak: You should talk princess, but how about we have another one of these chats again as a matter a fact let’s have them all the time just with a little bit more welcoming. You spread the word: Of me having the goodies, hand me some green and in turn I will make sure you never go hungry ever again *winks* 


Zombie #4: Well why can’t you just do that?


Cloak: Well I can’t very well put up promotional posters now can I


Zombie skater #1 begins to Look interested more so than everyone else in the area.


Cloak: Plus I kinda work for Big Man so I think you’ll find my deal is sweet and sound


Zombie skater #1: If we do this…no…wait…how much?


Cloak: That depends, are you guys up for it or not?


Zombie #4: It’s a struggle just trying to find  a stupid finger nibble with those shitty cops around, it does get hard sometimes


The Zombie skaters pause, and discuss with one another in a brief conversation


Zombie skater #1:.Okay we will do it! Since we are Zombies no one will ever expect us to steal money from them and it’s no big for us to tell people


-flash forward, grunge neighborhood (dawn)  the zombie skaters beat up a random civilian while spreading the word of Cloak ‘ s goodies.

– Cut back to deep underground abandon train station (night)


Cloak: Fabulous


Zombie skater #3: But you gotta do something for us!


Cloak: Even though I’m already doing something for you sure what is it? Shoot


Zombie skater #1: Kill Kelly Hena, that bitch shot my little brother


Cloak: I’ll see what I can do


Zombie skaters stare at him almost as if they are looking into his soul


Cloak: Oh by the way. There’s this new thing called living you dudes should try it sometime. This little hideout you kids got going on it  here needs to stop…elevat,  it’s embarrassing.


Zombie skaters look stare more intensely as Cloaks walks away


Zombie skater #2: Wait hold up, how should we call you?


Cloak: Oh I’ll be around.


Zombie skater #4: How do we know you won’t FUCK us?


Cloak: You don’t *smirks* the choice is all yours boys the choice is yours.


Cloak fades into the shadows


Fades to black


-Cut to present day office of Michael Brawlz in Z.P.D.


Brawlz: Bayeir, I already had to deal with my chief this mourning, someone I worked with died and my partner is feeling sick. So in short tell me what I wanna know or you’re going through a glass window


Bayeir: What is it you want to know exactly detective? 


Brawlz: You may not remember anything before your Zombie life but you damn sure remember your current one. I’d even say Zombies have a better memory than us humans along with higten sense of smell which is interesting to me because last I heard Zombies are fucking dead.


Bayeir: Undead, is the correct term


Brawlz: What ever, what happened before you was sent to the  Z.P.D. station? When was the last time you saw officer Hena?


Bayeir: Well my good man the last thing I remember was her slapping me across the face.


– [flash back]


Kelly slaps Bayeir , while snapping her fingers in his face


Kelly: Wake up “Chef boy r dipshit” I don’t got all day


Miles: Ouch *chuckles*


Kelly stands up Bayeir and hands him over to Miles


Kelly: Take him back at the station


Miles:.Got it, I’ll let Nia and Brawlz know he is there  once he is in containment


Kelly: Well since those two pesky poor excuses for police are gone now I can do some snooping


Miles: They got that and we already won we caught this guy assaulting two officers


Kelly: What I mean is that I’m gonna go back to investigating our special secret  case before this one


Miles: Whatever you say, I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m done at the station. Don’t get in trouble


Kelly: Wouldn’t get paid if I didn’t


Miles laughs as he takes Bayeir into his car and Kelly makes sure she’s alone at the crime scene


– flash present


Bayeir: And that’s all I remember,  the next thing I knew I was hungry tossed into a cell and then I’m questioned by you and your partner


Brawlz: I see


An awkward silence exudes from them


Bayeir: Anything else?


Brawlz: No that’s it for now, thanks


– City Streets (day)


(Brawlz v.o.): I don’t know what’s going on or what to think.  It’s just something doesn’t feel right.


Brawlz walks among civilians and Zombies on a packed side walk he stands out the most out of all of em


(Brawlz v.o.): Hena was a pro no way she’d get killed, I mean it’s not impossible but atleast to me not likely I never thought this would ever happen. I got to find out who killed her but first I gotta find Nia.


Brawlz hails for a taxi


– [flash back] to 3 years ago, rightous city airport


Kelly: You’ve done so much for me I can’t help but feel greatful to you.


Brawlz: This is the  ultimate way to be friend zoned.


Kelly: *laughs* Look, you’re a good looking guy you’ll find someone


Brawlz: You sure you won’t bite their head off *chuckles*


Kelly: That depends upon how they treat you any girl in her right mind would realize how lucky they are to have a man like you


Brawlz smiles and is hugged by Kelly while the sounds of planes pass by


Kelly: and don’t make this awkward or I’ll hurt you


Brawlz: *laughs* I go it I got it


A man emerges from the airport doors


Kelly runs and lunges herself to give the man a big hug


The Man: Honey!


Kelly: Oh Danner I missed you! *Cries*


Danner: Oh my God sweetie I’ve longed for  you so much you have no idea


Kelly: Yes I do


Kelly and Danner hug each other tightly while Brawlz stands shyly averting his eyes away from them


Kelly: Let’s go home


Danner: That is the greatest sentence ever *smiles*


Kelly: Oh this is my co worker Michael


Danner and Brawlz shake hands


Danner: You’re the man I should be thanking for keeping my wife out of trouble


Brawlz: I wouldn’t get paid if I wasn’t *smirks shyly*


Kelly: Alrighty, let’s ditch this Popsicle stand


Danner: I’ll hail a cab


Brawlz: No I got it *hails for a cab*


A taxi pulls up in front of them and Brawlz pays the cab driver


Brawlz: Make sure they get there safe


Kelly: Michael! 


Brawlz: It’s okay I don’t mind


Kelly: Stop doing  that
*smiles forcefully*


Danner: Come now sweetie we have lots of catching up to do, Michael I’m a really great cook care to join us for some pasta later  tonight.


Brawlz: Oh no I’m good I ordered something


Kelly: *sigh of relief* Thank you.


Brawlz: Take care


Kelly: You too *smiles concerningly* Be a good boy


The cabbie drives aways from Brawlz, Brawlz then takes a photo from out his back pocket and stares into it sadly.


It is a picture of Kelly and Brawlz kissing on a bench in a park on a sunny day


-[flash present], inside a living room of a nice a house (day)


Nia is talking  on the phone


Nia: Uh huh, yes.


There is knock on the door not too loud yet not too low


Nia: I’ll call you later *Nia hangs up*


Nia opens the door and it is Brawlz


Brawlz: Can I come in?


Nia: Yooo!


Brawlz gets startled and Nia pulls Brawlz into her house


Nia: Where were you yesterday?!


Brawlz: In my own head


Nia: You mean up your own ass


Brawlz: Excuse me?


Nia: Hmm I don’t think I stuttered


Brawlz: Look  I already talked to the Chief and you’re not in any type of trouble and he doesn’t see you in any type of negative way at all I said it was all my fault which it was but I’m not here to play the blame game


Nia: I’m sorry it’s just I’m still new there  and I don’t want to mess anything up. I wanna make a good impression, and I just saw one of my co workers in a body bag  so I am a bit stressed, ya know?


Brawlz: Yeah I know but we gotta get out there, find out who did this


Nia: Yeah lemme get dressed


7 minutes later they are in their cop car eventually Brawlz & Nia start questioning the ravers ( who are held in custody at Z.P.D. station who went to the rave ) if they saw anything suspicious the night they were captured.


After a few hours of interrogation one of them still hand cuffed makes a run for it and manages to escape the station. Nia and Brawlz are hot in pursuit


The Zombie trips, Nia catches up but the zombie takes her hostage


Brawlz: Let her go!!


– Flash back three years ago backyard of a house 


Kelly: Oh my God no!!!


Danner is now Zombiefied with one leg groaning at her violently. Kelly is devastated and tries to snap Danner out of it


Brawlz arrives on the scene and pulls out his Gun


Kelly: Stay back please I can handle this!


Zombiefied Danner grabs Kelly’s arm


Brawlz: Let’s her go !!!


Kelly: Mike stop it!!!! *Cries loudly*


Zombiefied Danner is about to bite Kelly
But Brawlz shoots him in the head just in time


Kelly: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Brawlz puts down his gun and turns away


Kelly runs towards Brawlz and hits him repeatedly


Kelly: You fucking asshole!!! I fucking hate you!!! Why would you do this to me!!!! Fuck!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! *screams loudly*


Brawlz stands motionless


Kelly: I hate you!!!


– Flash present


The sky turns black it begins to rain.


The Zombie is still holding Nia hostage


Cut to black

The End



Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 19 ” REUNIONS ” Pt.4/6 Dec 28, 2017


Oakdale : University
Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off  FanFic
Season 6

Episode 19

” REUNIONS ” Pt.4/6

Dec 28, 2017


Barbara Ryan is working on new designs for the Valentine’s Day fundraiser coming up .
Her oldest son
Paul Ryan is entering in a very upsetting mood !

Paul :
Mother , you have to fire that secretary of yours !

Barbara :
Good morning to you too Paul
Why on earth should I fire my newest secretary ?!

Paul :
She gossips too much , telling everybody about you selling Fairwinds !

Barbara :
Son , that’s not gossip it’s fact it’s latest news .
I think you should get away from town for awhile ..Go find a woman anything , but here I need to finish these designs before Valentine’s Day is here !

Paul :
I already have been in hiatus , I just got back from Tokyo did you not notice I was away ?!

A mysterious woman enters the office .

** Paul is intrigued , Barbara is ecstatic **

Barbara :
Paul meet the new owner of Fairwinds ..
Virginia Wolf !

Virginia :
It’s a pleasure to meet you Paul Ryan I have heard soo much about you !

Paul :
Why did you purchase Fairwinds ?

Virginia :
I have a personal interest

Paul :
Don’t tell me ..You were married to my father James Stenbeck ?!

** Virginia slyly smirks **

Virginia :
Wait till you hear my story it will blow you away !

Dedicated to
Whoopi Goldberg

** Special Guest **

Virginia Wolf
Played by
Whoopi Goldberg

To Be Continued ..

PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents : ” PCU : Port Charles University ” Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series Ep14 ||  ” Tainted Lives ” Pt.2/3 Jan 27 ,2017 Weekend Edition



PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents :


” PCU : Port Charles University ”


Online Written


Spin-Off FanFic


Series Ep14 ||  ” Tainted Lives ” Pt.2/3


Jan 27 ,2017 Weekend Edition



➰ Scene :


Chief Of Staff Elizabeth Webber is jogging around her neighborhood with her son Cameron .


Liz :

It’s great seeing my college bound son visit his mom thought you forgot about me and your family .


Cameron :

Oh mom , cut the guilt trip down a notch .

Look , I miss you like crazy and everybody in Port Charles !

My coach is riding me on the field ..

I am barely passing my classes there’s a girl she’s a real hottie ..


* Liz smiles , shaking her head and catches up to him as they veer towards Felicia Jones condo that’s by a nearby park *


Cameron :

Felicia isn’t home remember she’s visiting Frisco in Paris this weekend !


* Liz finally tells her son about the young guy claiming to be her younger brother *


Cameron :

Wow , mom we got a new uncle ?!

Is he good at math ?


* They both laugh *


🌟🌟 Scene


The Quartermaine Mansion ..


Det. Lucky Spencer is telling Tracy about a burglary that took place and he has reason to believe her granddaughter Brooklyn is involved .


Tracy :

It’s not nice to accuse a member of my family Lucky , your father would be soo disappointed in your actions !


Lucky :

Think again Tracy , who do you think suggested I pay you a visit ?!



* Special Guest *

Cameron Webber played by

Ryan Sheckler


* Det . Lucky Spencer *

Johnthan Jackson



To Be Concluded ..


Valley Land  Original Created  Online FanFic Drama Series  Season 3  Episode 2 ” Flirting With Danger ”  Written & Created by  Willy Garza &  Susan Semenjuk  Jan 22 , 2017



Valley Land

Original Created

Online FanFic Drama Series

Season 3

Episode 2 ” Flirting With Danger ”

Written & Created by

Willy Garza &

Susan Semenjuk



Jan 22 , 2017


Disclaimer : All Soap characters are still owned by their  orginal creators , I only own the Original Characters formulated by  myself and my writing team .



Valley Land , CT was a peacful town full of its colorful and  active residents . Why you would not usually hear about such outlandisly  behavior such as Catfights or Back-Stabbing , If such a thing were ever  to happen .. I am sure we would have heard about it right ?




Jack Manning is handing his sister Starr a delicious chicken salad with ranch dressing .


Starr :

Thank you Jack , you are the coolest brother .


Jack :

How’s mom doing ?


Starr :

Oh you know mom , she stays busy with her worried about Vicki Buchannan who is dealing with that awful flu she’s been by her side despite Dorians rants !


Jack :

I haven’t heard from her lately , shes mad at me for not fighting enough to keep

Kristina Corinthos around .


Starr :

Between us I never liked her !


** Brother & Sister throw pieces of seasoned salted peanuts at each other **


Later ..


Starr is walking around the peaceful garden at Valley Land Inn.

She encounters Brenda Barrett .


Brenda :.

It’s a beautiful view isn’t it ?

I am Brenda Barrett pleasure to meet you I have seen you in the tabloids .


Starr ::

I am in awe just being in your presence !

Yes I was in the tabloids I had a Britney Spears moment , I did everything but shave my head !


** Both women laugh in unison **


Brenda :

I am looking for a model to represent my Modeling Agency called Barrett Fashions interested ?


** Starrs eyes light up like a Christmas tree **



Oh would I ever !

Thank you for considering me .

I should go share my good news with my brother Jack !


** They embrace as Brenda excuses herself to head back to her suite **


** A mysterious figure emerges from within the shadows **


Starr :

I am in , what do I have to do next ?!


** Next ::


Johnny Zaccara has SHOCKING news !


Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 19 ” REUNIONS ” Pt.3/6 Dec 21 , 2017


Oakdale : University
Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off  FanFic
Season 6

Episode 19

” REUNIONS ” Pt.3/6

Dec 21 , 2017


We focus on Andy Dixon flashing back to the hot sex he and his ex wife Courtney Baxter had few days ago at Java Underground ..
He is woken up back to reality when he sees a familiar face back in town ..

Andy :
Issac Jenkins , wow man what brings you back to Oakdale , Illinois ?!

Issac :
It’s your mother , I saw Kim Hughes with Damian Grimaldi .
They look awkward together
I barely learned about Dr. Bob Hughes being alive !
I was on my way back from being out of the country I been helping at Doctors for Borders .
Anyways , I was headed back to town when I saw a newsbroadcast ..your mom
Is in San Cristobal !


San Christobel

Kim Hughes pleads with her captor Damian Grimaldi to let her and Luke Snyder his only son go along with her husband Bob Hughes !

Damian :
You have a choice to make either you follow my demands or say goodbye of having a happily ever after !

** Kim sighs in frustration and knods in tears **

Kim :
Lord help me and forgive me what I am about to do !

** Damian laughs **

Cast :

Issac Jenkins
( Paul Taylor )

To Be Continued ..

Valley Land Original Created Online FanFic Drama Series Season 3 Written & Created by Willy Garza & Susan Semenjuk Season Premiere Jan 21,2017


Valley Land
Original Created
Online FanFic Drama Series
Season 3
Written & Created by
Willy Garza &
Susan Semenjuk

Season Premiere
Jan 21,2017

Disclaimer : All Soap characters are still owned by their  orginal creators , I only own the Original Characters formulated by  myself and my writing team .

Valley Land , CT was a peacful town full of its colorful and  active residents . Why you would not usually hear about such outlandisly  behavior such as Catfights or Back-Stabbing , If such a thing were ever  to happen .. I am sure we would have heard about it right ?


The new owner of Valley Land Inn is making sure everything is running smoothly for the Inns re-opening .
She greets her afternoon VIP .

Samantha Holt :

Brenda Barrett , welcome back to Valley Land !
I see you brought your adorable teenaged son with you on this trip ?

Brenda :

Yes , thank you Samantha Holt the Inn looks simply gorgeous I can’t wait to get this fundraiser going !
This is my son Alec ,
He wanted to join me for Mother & Son weekend .

Samantha :
Do go ahead , I will get the bellboy to take your luggage to your Master Suite
Again , anything you need just ring !

** Alec waves bye , then follows his mom **

Alec :
Please tell me dads joining us ?

Brenda :
I left your father
Det. Dante Falconeri a voice mail they are on a big case over in Port Charles !

Meanwhile ..

Upstairs in Suite 26

We focus on a patron not having a good afternoon
Sundance is dealing with her agent .

Sundance :
Roger , how dare you ignore my calls you just send me here to nowhere Connecticut only to learn I wasn’t even booked till Monday you sorry excuse of a man !

Elsewhere ..

Starr Manning surprises her brother Jack !

” Starr , wow sis look at you did you hit the lottery ?!
You seriously look like a million bucks !

** Siblings embrace **

Starr :
I had to see you and my beautiful neice , where she is she ?!

Jack :
Oh she goes by Bella now and she’s at her dance class don’t worry she gets her in an hour so let’s catch up !

Finally ..

The Valley Land Police Dept .

** Det . Angela Whisper is at her desk searching some old articles when an very attractive yet angry hunk barges into the precinct .

Angela ;

Rocky , go home I don’t have time today to deal with you or your hang ups today !

Rocky :

Too bad , you are my wife so I am not going anywhere !

Angela :

Correction , ex wife ..
I divorced you last week dumbnuts !

💞 Cast

Ali Larter ** Samantha Holt

Mariah Carey ** Sundance

Brenda Barett *
Vanessa Marcil

Alec / Jonathan Whitesell

Starr Manning
Kristen Alderson

Jack Manning
Andrew Trischitta

** Det Angela Whisper
Nancy Mckeon
* Special Guest **

** Rocky *
* Angela’s ex husband


Next :: Starr Flirts With Danger

PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents :  ” PCU : Port Charles University ”  Online Written  Spin-Off FanFic  Series Ep14 ||  ” Tainted Lives ” Pt.1/3    Jan 20 ,2017 Weekend Edition 



PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents :

” PCU : Port Charles University ”

Online Written

Spin-Off FanFic

Series Ep14 ||  ” Tainted Lives ” Pt.1/3

Jan 20 ,2017 Weekend Edition




Elizabeth Webber is beside herself when this stranger claims to be her brother just as she’s had a very long work shift .


Elizabeth :

Excuse me ?!

What did you just say to me ?!


Mitchell Webber ::


I just told you , my name is Mitchell Webber I am your younger brother .

Our dad is Dr. Rick Webber we are family !


Elizabeth :

Why are you even here ?!

Are you wanting money since we are related to each other ?!


Mitchell :

Look lady , I am only here to meet my sisters and of course my brother Steven Lars .

My birthday is coming up next week I barely found out about all of you myself so pass your judgements on somebody else !


** He excuses himself and exits **


Meanwhile ..


Tracy Quartermaine is rearranging the living room in a new fashionable way but still deciding how to do it .

She answers the front door ..


Tracy :

Brooklyn ?!


** Brooklyn appears all worn out and looking like she is either on drugs or has been drugged , either way she’s frail , shaking and family.

Tracy helps her upstairs to her quarters .


Tracy :


Brooklyn ..we will discuss what’s going on with you but what do I do ?!..


Everybody left for the fund raiser in Pine Valley ,

Monica has been asked to be guest speaker .

Your father Ned he left with Dillon then Alice tagged along leaving here !


Brooklyn :


No Doctors.  . No cops !


** Another door bell ring **


Tracy quickly covers her up in a quilted blanket then to the front door .


Tracy :


Lucky ?!




** Special Guest **


” Mitchell Webber ”

( Lucas Till )


Det. Lucky Spencer

( Johnathan  Jackson )







Renee Alter’s | Jan 2017 Submission  ” THE ADVENTURES OF GNAT ” 




Gnat circled around the face of the new universe he found, looking for a way inside. It was a huge universe–oblong in shape, with four branches as well as mountains, valleys, and unusually odd colored tall grass. Alas, he found two black holes and decided to fly into one of them.

Blackness ensued… no light to be found. Zillions of cells were busy with diverse tasks. Gnat tried to find one that wasn’t so busy so he could ask what the center of this new universe was.

Suddenly, Gnat was swept away into its depths, where both colors and absence of color presented itself. There were both things and no-things. Existence and non-existence. Beginnings and endings. At first Gnat tried to fight where he was being taken and held on to the closest cell he could find. But a sense of surrender overcame him and he finally stopped fighting.
Gnat observed a beautiful interconnected universe with planets and stars. But what he found the most amazing was that each of the planets were interconnected with all the others by a stream of energy. As he floated along, he tried to feel the essence of this vast universe. Love. With love all the cells peacefully flowed. Cells aged and died off while new cells were born. As long as love was present, the new cells were healthy. But if something else like fear and anger came into play, all the cells were affected negatively.

Gnat wondered… where is the center? Where is the source? How was this universe created? Just then, one of the cells grew larger and began to speak to him with telepathic words. “It all began with two cells which merged and began to multiply within a sensation of love.”

Gnat felt the pulse of the universe get stronger and faster… was a storm coming? Pounding sounds got louder and the pulse he felt earlier got faster. He looked around at the group of cells that suddenly began working harder to bring a rush of new oxygen to all the other cells. He tried to stop one and ask what was happening, but it said, “Not now! Can’t you see we are in a hurry?”

It seemed like forever before the activities quieted back down. Gnat had to sit out the commotion and wait out of everyone’s way, before he could continue on his journey. He came upon an area that seemed brighter in contrast to darkness and a group of wise cells were guiding worker cells in their tasks. Some of the cells were carrying other dead cells to a place where they would be purged to somewhere else. He went up to the one he believed to be the leader and asked, “What are all these cells doing?”

The leader invited Gnat to sit down beside him, and began to explain that: “Cells are like the employees of a company. The company is the organ that the group of people form. Multiple companies interact to provide the overall services that human beings need, such as the electric—water—gas companies. The management of these companies will sometimes have partnering meetings to share information and find out where the strengths and weaknesses are with the goal of making improvements in the operation of the whole. Each person in each of these companies performs a specific job. Sometimes lots of companies will gather together to have business expos.”

The leader paused, and continued, “We are all inside a human body. Each cell in this body performs a specific job. When an employee becomes overwhelmed by stress, he/she may take action that will affect all those around him/her… spanning out into all other aspects of the company which will affect its function. When cells become distressed, it affects the organ that it is a part of, ultimately affecting all aspects of the human body it is a part of. The same thing happens when positive emotions such as love, compassion, and happiness are predominant.”

Gnat sighed, trying to digest all that he was told. Then he asked, “Could you give me another example? Explain it in another way?”

“Cells are also like the leaves of a tree. Each leaf is an organ made up of the cells that make it a leaf. Groups of leaves are on a branch. All the branches feed off of the trunk, the main source for the leaves’ nutrition. The trunk becomes a network of roots that go down into the earth… interconnecting with the cells of the soil which interconnects with the cells of the water. Leaves also photosynthesize the sun’s rays, along with moisture in the air and carbon dioxide, and provide oxygen for all other life forms to breathe. These life forms all have efficient filtering systems which carry out carbon dioxide and toxins. Sometimes trees will get sick with a fungus, and if it is not treated, the fungus can kill the tree. Life forms can contract a fungus or other disease which can sometimes be fatal.”

Gnat replied, “This makes a lot more sense to me. Since I am a tiny bug, I usually hang out in trees.” Then Gnat asked, “Do you know anything about ants?”

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Renee Alter

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Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off  FanFic Season 6   Episode 19   ” REUNIONS ” Pt.2/6   Dec 18 , 2017 MIDNITE EDITION 


Oakdale : University


Atwt Online


Written Spin-Off  FanFic



Season 6



Episode 19



” REUNIONS ” Pt.2/6



Dec 18 , 2017







💞     SCENE 1




** We open with Chief Of Staff of Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Meg Snyder breaking down in tears inside the women’s bathroom causing a concerned nurse who rushes to tell

Dr. Christopher Hughes about what’s going on .

He thanks her , then slowly enters to offer assistance and support .


Chris :


Meg , I am here to lean on , I know how you feel that bastard Damian Grimaldi kidnapped your nephew Luke Snyder and both my parents Kim and Bob Hughes ..I am not going anywhere !


** She replies by embracing him , then they look at each


amid their grief and share an unexpected lip lock ..





** Andy Dixon sees his wife Courtney Baxter  , who immediately runs into his arms crying Java Underground


Andy :


Courtney ?!


Courtney :


Oh Andy , I feel soo guilty causing your family so many problems last year .. to think both her and your step dad Bob Hughes kidnapped !


** Andy comforts her , they look longingly into each other’s eyes when suddenly passion over takes their grief and they rip off each others clothes , leading to love making !


** She pants as he kisses her all over as their moans and groans match each other


Courtney :

Oh Andy …Yes !!!








( Sarah Michelle Gellar  )


Dr. Christopher Hughes

( Bailey Chase  )




( Sarah Gilbert )



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** Subscribers



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