His Little Man M. A. Innes REVIEWED BY : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


His Little Man
M. A. Innes

Willy Garza
( PartyWill )

This Age Played Short Story is quirky as we meet Tim who just LOVES diapers soo much he gears himself up to wearing one !

His adorable neighbor Cade gets drawn into Tims fetish filled kinky world ,  will he assist his friend fullfill such a exotic fantasty ?

Such a delighful read , ready for book 2
Grade 5 🌟


Oakdale University  Atwt Online  Written  Spin-Off FanFic  Season 6 Episode 4 ” Spring Disaster“ Airdate : April 28,2016 ** MIDNITE EDITION ** Written by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )



Oakdale University

Atwt Online


Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6


Episode 4

” Spring Disaster“


Airdate : April 28,2016



Written by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )



Its a beautiful spring sunny afternoon in Oakdale, Illinois as students are gearing up for Spring Semester ..

We focus on Greenlee Smythe walking through the large corridor of the college campus leading to the bookstore where Erica Kane is waiting in line ?

She rolls her eyes as Greenlee joins the line right behind her .

” Greenlee , what ever are you doing here ?!

I am trying to get my grandaughter Miranda settled with her required books so as you can see i am completely busy for any of your wild antics ! ”

states Erica

Greenlee glares directly at her off/again nemesis and once a time her ex step mother .

” Oh for Petes sake Erica , shut up already i am here to get books for mine and Ryans daughter too ! ” teases Greenlee

Erica is speechless ..

” Daughter ?! ”

asks Erica


Meanwhile ..


Miranda is at the lobby picking up some lunch off the buffet line when she meets a student that will have an impact on her life very soon ..

” Hi , i am Hope Manning ! ”

she teases with a sly smirk ..


At the local mall shoppers are rushing to buy the hottest sale items ..


Noah Mayer is looking for just the right cologne ..


Alison Stewart is looking for some new jewlry and a dress for her date tonite ..


Trey Kenyon is searching for langerie ..


Will Munson is looking for a few nice suits ..


Gwen Norbeck is running up the escalator before her fav Ice Cream parlor closes ..


Meanwhile ..


The Lakeview is in full lunch rush as a maid runs out screaming she saw a mouse in room 22..

Luke Snyder who is helping Lisa Grimaldi today while shes at her doctor appointment is heading into the room he enters to check for any mice ..Instead he finds a lucky rabbits foot and shockingly enough a picture of Lisa Grimaldi in her younger years on the floor ..Whats going on ?!

Noah’s boyfriend

Randy Orville

appears on scene ..

” What the hell are you doing with a picture of

Lisa Grimaldi in your room ?! ”

demands Luke upset

The guest drops a major confession ..

” Lisa Grimaldi ..Is my mother ! ”


As the afternoon quickly catches up into now early evening ..


WOAK Reporter Emily Stewart is having to make a sad announcement ..


” Only moments ago , we just learned there was an explosion at the local downtown mall ..

We have aquired a list of people who were last seen shopping before the explosion took lives and left cassualties ..


Noah Mayer

Trey Kenyon

Alison Stewart

Will Munson

Gwen Norbeck



Next ..


Families pray ..


Who will Survive ?!


Join us May 2016


Cast ::


Randy Orville

Played by

Christopher Sean


Miranda Kane

Played by

Raquel Castro


Hope Manning

Cameron Dove


Maid at Lakeview

Jodie Foster



Oakdale University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 3 ” Spotted Ex ” Airdate : April 20,2016 Written by : Susan Semenjuk

Oakdale University
Atwt Online
Spin-Off FanFic
Season 6

Episode 3
” Spotted Ex “

Airdate : April 20,2016

Written by : Susan Semenjuk

At Oakdale’s annual Spring Concert Stacy Keebler and her fiance Trey Kenyon were making out on the blanket while listening to the music. Trey spotted his ex wife Amy Post. She stoped and Stacy noticed the looks between Trey and this strange woman. She asked ” Trey do you know her?” Trey answered “this is my ex wife before Carly Amy. Amy this is Stacy, my fiance. ” Amy said ” Nice to meet you but i’m afraid you can’t get married anytime soon.” Trey asked ‘why not? to which Amy shocked them by saying ” because we are still married. The divorce never went through. So when you married that slut Carly you were a bigamist. Also you are a deadbeat dad to our son Cody whose in college in case you cared. You never reached out to him after you left us. Trey said “I signed the papers, how could we still be married?” Amy responded ” I guess from what I heard they got lost when the lawyer moved” Stacy looked at Trey with tears in her eyes and said ” Trey is this true?” He nodded yes. She then said ” why didn’t you tell me you were married before Carly?” He answered ” I didn’t think it mattered since it was a long time ago.” He looked at Amy and said ” I tried to see our son but you hid him from me. I lost track of you two and couldn’t find you. I’ll just go tomorrow and refile the divorce papers. I’m over you Amy and I love Stacy and she and I will be married,” Stacy glared at Amy and said ” why did you wait so long to track Trey down.” Amy answered ” I lost track of him too but after I got my PI’s license I did a little investigating and found him here.” Trey said ” well you found me now you can leave town.” Amy laughed and said ” i don’t think so hubby since I opened my PI office here and hired of all people your not so ex wife Carly so I’m here to stay. You better get used to seeing me around. We should meet and I can catch you up on our son who turned out to be a fine man despite not having a father around when he needed him. Trey softened and said ” I would like to hear about our son and hope someday he and I can reconnect. ” Amy turned to Stacy and said ” sorry for the bombshell. Trey really didn’t know we weren’t divorced. Don’t hold it against him.” Stacy said ” I don’t. Dont’ think you will come between us because when he is free of you he and I will marry. I don’t feel guilty knowing now I was with a married man obviously he doesn’t want you anymore bitch. I love him and he loves me.” Trey said ‘she’s right. I haven’t felt anything for you in a long time. The only relationship we will have is co parent to our son. Now leave us alone and enjoy the concert.” When Amy had walked away Trey promised Stacy ” I will divorce her so we can marry. I love you Stacy.” She replied ” I know you will and I love you too TRey. I won’t let her come between us. We can handle her together as a team.” They kissed then cuddled while talking about Amy and his marriage.

Cast ::

Stacy Keebler       | Teri Polo
Amy Post             | Melissa Reeves




¥ Cover Reveal ¥  ” All Kinds Of Hopeful ”   Contemporary Romance W.Garza




¥ Cover Reveal ¥


” All Kinds Of Hopeful ”

Contemporary Romance



Blurb :


When Sasha Deerheart returns to her hometown of

Memphis , Tennessee

She is ready to confront the woman who gave her away as a baby ,

Her life is changed when she meets Tack McGovern he’s able to show her not only how to truly love , but how to forgive .


©® 2016


Releasing Fall


Cover Art by : Samantha A. Cole

Best Selling Author of



The Trident Security Series – Books 1-3: Leather & Lace; His Angel; Waiting For Him


” Coastal Tides ” Contemporary Romance , Sue Bee * Cover Reveal * Book 2/3 ,Chapter 1



” Coastal Tides ”

Contemporary Romance

Book 2/3

Sue Bee


Chapter 1


A couple of weeks after his brother Ethan’s wedding to the love of his life Emily, Patrick O’Leary  couldn’t stop thinking about Emily’s Maid of Honor Renata .

She had looked so beautiful in her Pale Pink dress and her blonde hair in an updo.  He realized his attraction to her grew that day so he called her up and asked her to meet him.  When he saw her enter the restaurant her beautiful hair was up in a pony tail and she wore a red tank top and black shorts. When she sat down she was immediately mesmerized by his brown eyes and full mouth. She asked “ what do I owe the pleasure of a phone call Patrick?”

He stared into her brown eyes as he said

“ I have something to say to you.

I’ve been attracted to you for a long time.

At the wedding I knew I was gone since you looked so beautiful, you were even more beautiful than the bride if possible.

” She interjected “ ,  I thought you were more handsome than the groom.”

Patrick smiled and continued ,

“ When we danced  I felt something between us that I hope you felt too. I’m very attracted to you Renata, I haven’t been able to think of anything else since the Wedding.”

She replied “ I did feel something too during that slow dance. I’m attracted to you too and have had a crush on you since that 4th  of July BBQ where Ethan and Emily met. I didn’t say anything or act on it because I didn’t know if you if you felt the same way.”

He smiled and replied “well I do.”

She asked “ so now that we admitted our feeling for one another what will we do about it?”

He took her hands as she got further lost into his brown eyes and replied “ well I think we should see where this goes.”

She slyly asked “ are you asking me out on a date Patrick?” to which he replied “ I guess I am.

Renata will you like to join me for a romantic boat ride tomorrow, we can have a picnic on the boat as our first date.”  Renata replied ,

“ Yes Patrick I would love to go on a boat ride with you. Sounds like fun.” Patrick smiled and leaned over the table as they shared their first kiss, a deep hungry one. When it was broken she smiled and said “ I always imagined you were a great kisser but that kiss was more incredible than I even dreamed of ”

He smiled and then they made plans for their first date.


The story continues this Summer ..



” Oakdale : University ” Atwt Online Written Spin-Off Season 6 Fanfic Series   Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )   Airdate :: April 8,2016   Midnight Edition   Ep2 / Pt4/4 ” Beware The Ides Of March “



” Oakdale : University ”




Online Written




Season 6


Fanfic Series




Written by


Willy Garza ( PartyWill )




Airdate :: April 8,2016




Midnight Edition




Ep2 / Pt4/4


” Beware The Ides Of March ”


We focus on the College Campus of

Oakdale,University where Connor Ryan

adopted son of Barbara Ryan is texting somebody on his blue cell ..

The class is taking notes off the board , so the teacher excuses herself to get a drink of water down the hall , she checks her pink iphone .

Its a text message from Connor .

” I cant stop thinking of you , i noticed you shaved your legs earlier when you picked up my pencil i dropped when you were writing notes on the board , my family is not home so say we hang out at Fairwinds tonight 6pm ? ”

The teacher is blushing red , looks around to be sure nobody is looking then replys ,

“Sounds great Connor , i can pick us up some take out anything special you want ? she asks coyly

He replys ,

” Besides you Ms.Krimshaw , Tina

I would love to get some delicious

Pasta Prima from Lakeview ! ”


Meanwhile …


Oakdale:Memorial Hospital


Dr.David Hayward is walking down the long corridor doing his regular rounds when he sees Tom Hughes approach him angrily !

He grabs his arms , pulling him into a corner ..

” How dare you kick my son out of his home ! ” states an upset Tom

” Get over yourself Tom ,

I am sure your overly sexxed up son Casey Hughes will be just fine !

He is sleeping with half the women in town anyway ! ”

remarks David slyly

Tom HUghes punches his lights out !

” I hate you David Hayward , watch your back you just made

yourself an enemy ! ”

threatens Tom


Next ::


Trey and Stacy reach new obstacles !


Cast ::


Connor Ryan         | Liam Payne

Ms.Tina Krimshaw | Melissa Claire Egan

” PCU: Port Charles University ”     Online Written     Spin-Off FanFic Series     Written by     Susan Semenjuk &     Willy Garza ( PartyWill )  Ep3 ” Sisters ” Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) April 7,2016 MIDNITE EDITION 



” PCU: Port Charles University ”

Online Written

Spin-Off FanFic Series

Written by

Susan Semenjuk &

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


Ep3 ” Sisters ”


Written by

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


April 7,2016



It all begins on the outskirts of Port Charles , Felix Dubois is kicking himself literally just kicking rocks on the ground while his car is off the road overheating , plus his cell just died .

” Seriously ?!

i hate this day man , could it possibly get any worse ?! ”

he asks outloud .

Suddenly a flashy midsized blue herbie looking car passes by , the driver is one major beauty .

Heck , Felix may be gay but he recognizes beauty !

The woman with very trimmed brown hair gets out offering to help .

” I gather from the sweat over your cute face and the shoes you wear worn out from kicking rocks in the dirt that you are in need of some assistance ? ”

asks the mystery woman

Felix blushes ,

” you think i am cute ? ”

asks Felix trying to recognize the young womans face and name ..

” We will get to that later ,

I cant fix your car unfortunately , but i can defintely drive you into Port Charles , i have family there ..

Are you familiar with

Head Nurse Elizabeth Webber

of General Hospital ? ”

she asks coyly smiling

Felix is rocked ..

” O-M-G ..you are Sarah Webber ?! ”

demands Felix

Sarah smiles with a slight laugh ..

” The one and only , lets get you out of this heat and into a cool air condition suite at Metro Court ! ”

teases Sarah .


Carly vs Lois Quartermaine ?!




” PCU: Port Charles University ”     Online Written     Spin-Off FanFic Series     Written by     Susan Semenjuk &     Willy Garza ( PartyWill )  Ep2 ” Date Night ” Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )



” PCU: Port Charles University ”

Online Written

Spin-Off FanFic Series

Written by

Susan Semenjuk &

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


Ep2 ” Date Night ”


Written by

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


Scene ::


The evening was off to a romantic swing for many Port Charles residents . .


Morgan Corinthos is smiling when his red iphone goes off .

He quickly answers it !

” Hey you i was just about to head into the grand opening to the new trendy club in town called Milo’s

hope we are still on for our date tonight ? ” asks Morgan

The voice replys giggling .

” Dont worry our date is still on , but i was hoping you could bring a friend along my best friend needs to get away too so i need to get her a date otherwise she may feel like a 3rd wheel ! ”

hints the female voice ..

Morgan thinks on the spot !

” I got a brother Michael , he can be your friends date , meet you at the club say less than 30 minutes ! ” says Morgan excitedly .

He immediately calls his older and very attractive brother Michael Corinthos .

At first he trys to get out of it , but Morgan convinces him anyway !


Meanwhile ..


A familiar face is stirring in a disclosed location somewhere on Cassadine Island .

Helena Cassadine is entering the private lab .

” How is our patient ? ”

She asks checking vital stats ..

The doctor replys ,

” Shes stablilized , she has alot of sheer strentgh this ones a wild firecracker ! ”

hints the doctor .

” I am counting on that Dr. Griffin Munroe dont dissapoint me i want her up and about my weeks end ! ”

demands Helena attempting to reach out to her nephew

Prince Nicholas Cassadine !

” Where are we on project Abby ?! ”

demands Nicholas


Michael , Morgan are introduced to

two very beautiful women .

” Michael , this is my date i been skyping her name is Langston Wilde

shes from Llanview ! ” teases Morgan

Michael smiles , shaking her hand

” Pleasure to meet you Langston ! ”

he says , while motioning her plus 1 to reveal herself ..

” Guys , this is Starr Manning !

Shes my best friend ! ” says Langston

Morgan greets her ,

Michael is smitten

” Welcome to POrt Charles ! ”

he says


Over at the Brown Stone ..


Brad Cooper is on the couch in his cute short blue shorts and crocks , see through gray muscle shirt .

” Lucas , babe hurry up you are going to miss the new episode of

Downtown Abby ! ” states Brad

His fiance Dr.Lucas Jones appears in his red pj’s and shirtless .

” Alright sexxy , i got some popcorn for our date night , glad we decided to eat in tonite , we needed this private time just us ! ” says Lucas

Brad knods , they share tender , sweet kisses ..

” I love you Brad Cooper ! ”

proclaims Lucas

Brad blushes ,

” Aww Lucas , love you more baby ! ”

says Brad


Next ::


Felix gets a flat tire ..


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