F.U.S.I.O.N. Online Written LGBT Drama Series MATURE READERS Written,Created by Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) Ep 15 : Her Name Is Lola MATURE AUDIENCE Airdate : Aug 24 , 2017





Drama Series


Written,Created by

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

Ep 15 : Her Name Is Lola


Airdate : Aug 24 , 2017


** Warning

This Episode has triggers involving


Airdate : Aug 24 , 2017

The end of summer meant the end of summer flings , heated romances and hint of even more excitement anybody could imagine .

Gary Blot is visiting town as hes entering the bar of Roadie’s Place .

The thought of seeing his brother again after all these years sent shivers down his spine .

He has a flashback. .

They were in highschool together , he had barely learned his twin brother Anthony was gay .

Needless to say he didnt accept the news well , they had a heated arguement .

His brother took off hurt , drinking nearly dying in an auto accident.

He survived thank god , however he left the next week ..he never saw him again until today .

It hurt being disconnected all these years !

He fights back TEARS as his twin appears shocked seeing his other half .

” Look who decided to pay me a visit , my homophobic twin brother who i hate with all my being get out of here i dont want to see you my life is better now seeing you now is just a reminder of the past i would soon forget ! ” states his sibling .

” Andrew please , i admit my actions were not what i am proud of but i give anything to get back on track i miss my brother , my twin my best friend ! ” states Gary .

” Depends , you still hate Gays ?! “

demands Andrew tears welling up ..

Suddenly , the bar fills up with smoke ..

They cough insistently .

Andrew collapses as Gary screams ,.

” Somebody plz help us we are stuck in here ! ” he yells

His cell phones dead , luckily his siblings cell is near the table on his office.

He rushes to call 911..

The dispatch answers ,

Help is sent on cue as he realizes the dispatch is Lola .. The former highschool cheerleader who slept with the football team before big games every friday night .

Nearly 45 minutes later ..

He is thankful that they are rescued ..

He sees Lola tearfully thanking her for saving their lives ..

She is too speechless seeing him after all these years .

” Street Girl did good today ! ” he cites

That was his nickname for her when they used to date .

Highschool sure was a crazy time .

After the paramedics takes both of them to the hospital , he still has his brothers cell .

While hes being attended too in another cubicle , hes flipping through his twins cell as he sees a picture of a handsome guy in an Armani suit & a little girl !

Tears flow down his face .

” Thats your neice Raven and my husband Matthew ! ” hints his brother .

Cast ::

Gary / Andrew ;

Played by Van Hansis

Raven played by

Aubrey Anderson- Emmons

Matthew played by

Jake Silbermann


Played by

Emma Watson

* Tonights Episode is dedicated to

Van Hansis , Followers / Subscribers  & my husband

Matthew Rivera Garza

whom i miss everyday and was taken away from me and our daughter way too early in life ..

Miss you bae ** TEARS **


Oakdale University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Presents Episode 26 ” Policemans Ball 2017 ” Pt. 4/4 Aug 23 , 2017

Oakdale University

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6


Episode 26

” Policemans Ball 2017 ”

Pt. 4/4

Aug 23 , 2017

Lucinda follows the very much alive Ian

Duke Kramer to the balcony ..

‘ Running away again ?! ”

she demands still reeling yet realizing the man she is talking too is indeed John Dixon’s son back from the dead !

He turns to look at her defiantly .

” Same old Lucinda , judgemental till the bitter end some things never change ! ”

states Sid Rylan .

” I am back to reclaim my life under my own terms nobody elses , in fact you may need me more than you ever imagined ! ”

hints her step-son .

” Out with it , what do you know ! “

demands Lucinda ..

Meanwhile. .

Over at

Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Leo Dupre’ returns to pay an unexpected visit when hes informed of a family member being admitted .

Dr. Manny Fish introduces himself then revealls Trey Kenyon suffered a heart attack tonight , hes being attended too ..

Leo immediately trys reaching his brother

Dr.David Hayward just as he sees Margo Hughes .

” O-M-G Leo , what brings you back to our humble abode ! ” she says

Leo replies ..

” I need to find my brother David , Trey had a heart attack have you seen his girlfriend Sarah Ivory ?! ” demands Leo

The drama unfolds quickly at the Policeman’s Ball ..when Mick Dante surprises Emily Stuart covering her mouth as she attempts to scream and wiggle free !

Barbara Ryan rushes to offer some assistance but Mick has masked thugs causing havok as guests panic !

Over at the Hospital ..

A comatose patient awakens ..

Its Luke Snyder waking up as his doctor appears in form of

Noah Mayer ?!

Finally ..

Up on the balcony ..

Lucinda plays Duke/Sid John’s voicemail as hes moved to tears. .

” Thank you Lucinda ! “

The night isnt over ..

Andy Dixon looks for Courtney his date just as hes given a burner phone by Mick Dante’s thugs. .

” Hello ?! “

says Andy

” Listen carefully ..

Do as i say if u ever want to be reunited with DUKE ! ” hints the caller ..

Andy is livid , but complies

‘ Alright Damian Grimaldi , what do you want me to do ?! ” he demands

Before he gets the answer..

An explosion erupts !!!!

Who Survived ?!

Join us Sept 10,2017

* Cast *

Dr. Manny Fish

(( Billy Bob Thorton ))


Played by

Kit Harington


Building A Monster , Limited Giveaway by Tj Weeks , Ends Aug 25,2017

Tj Weeks is doing a Limited Giveaway of his newest release titled

‘ Building A Monster ‘

FREE for a limited time! Please review once you read. I’d love for you to allow your kids on your amazon & let them review. Tag all those moms & dads out there that have kids that like to read & if you’ve read it, comment below what you thought to help others decide if it’s for them.

Ends Friday Aug 25,2017

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Blurb :

Eight year old Rex is an average boy who is ridiculed and abused by his father and bullied at school. As Rex looks for ways to deal with all of his everyday emotions and monsters, can he find his hidden courage and bravery before it is too late? As his imagination and love for drawing intensifies, he builds his own monsters to fight the final battle and let his courage and bravery stand up against these monsters and build a new beginning!

Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic Season 2 Written by Susan Semenjuk Ep2  The Kiss Aug 16 ,2017

🕵 Hot Off The Press

Hardy Boys Mystery Hour


Season 2

Written by

Susan Semenjuk

Ep2  The Kiss

Aug 16 ,20171502881596822

While her husband Joe Hardy was with his lover Maddie Poe (Sarah Carter) his wife Tracy ( Laura Wright )

received a visit from her brother in law Frank. He asked “ is Joe home?” to which she replied “ No he’s with his whore.” She let Frank in and he sat. He said “ I guess things aren’t any better between you two?” Tracy shook her head and added “ we hardly talk anymore unless we have to. He’s never home he’s either working or with his slut. He doesn’t even care that I’m having a same sex affair. I don’t know what went wrong Frank. I love your brother so much.” Frank took her into a hug and whispered “I know and I keep believing that you two will find your way back to one another.” Tracy said “I hope so.” She lifted her head to look at him and they locked eyes. She didn’t pull away when his lips came down on her for a hungry kiss which she responded too. Soon the kisses got deeper and hungrier.  She whispered “ don’t stop” when Frank pulled away and looked at her. He said “ we have to. You know as well as I do that it would be wrong for us to go any further. I don’t want to hurt my brother and I know you love him. If we took this any further we’d both regret it and it would affect our friendship. I can’t do that to Joe or you.” Tracy pulled back and said “ you’re right of course. But when we were kissing I didn’t think about Joe or anything, I got lost in the moment. Frank smiled and said “ so did I but now the moment is gone.” He got up to leave and she walked him to the door, before he could open it she said “ Frank, no one can know about the kiss.” Frank agreed. They hugged before they shared another hot kiss that neither will forget before Frank left. They both stood on opposite sides of the door and signed heavily thinking about those kisses.

Meanwhile Joe headed on home satisfied from his tryst with Maddie where he was still in the afterglow of the erotic sex they had. He dreaded going home to his boring wife.

Oakdale University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Presents Episode 26 ” Policemans Ball 2017 ” Pt. 3/4 Aug 8 , 2017

Г Fade In :

Somewhere on the South of Oakdale , Illinios a group of people are excited for a long awaited reunion ..

For them its been years , for us this is only the beginning ..

A 2017 Bright Colored Candy Apple Red Motorycle passes through to its destination of the parkway .

The young latin guy in his comfy low cut Amber Crombie see through Football Winter green Jersey that sports a hawk on both sides yells out while running to the guest of honor ..

” Tiffiany , you are home ..

At long last my cousin is back where she belongs ! ” says the very handsome guy in his hispanic dialect .

The cousin pulls off her helmet , revealling a young latina smiling .

” Aww thank you Pedro , where is your brother Miguel ? ” she ponders .

” Hes working today at that

Policeman’s Ball on the other side of town ! ” he replies .

She sighs concerned ..

Oakdale University

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6


Episode 26

” Policemans Ball 2017 ”

Pt. 3/4

Aug 8 , 2017


The drama continues to unfold quickly ..

Lucinda Walsh demands answers from the very attractive stranger claiming to be Duke , John’s presumed dead oldest son .

Duke reaches out to her smiling ..

‘ Lucinda , its me how i have missed your witty snides and family knit natured mothering .

I was found by a wonderful latino family i had amnesia for the last few years but through the grace of god my memories slowly started returning .

I missed all of you , i missed my home ! ” he reveals while tears flow down his face .

Rosanna Cabot

demands answers as well from her cousin Officer Holt James .

” Wow , it’s like that now after all those years my mother treated you like a daughter and helped raise you when your abusive no good father Ray ran out on both you and that Carly Tenney you dare to queshtion my motives ?! ”

he demands upset .

She stands on the offensive .

” I have had my share of people using me in the past , why should you be any different ?! ”

demands Rosanna immediately regretting her actions .

” Says the woman who blackmailed her own sister to have a baby by new years for a jackpot of money you stole from my family oh yes Rosanna you will indeed be paying for your past indiscretions & more its payback honey and i am here to collect ! ” he teases

To be Concluded ..

* Special Guest *

Selena Gomez as

” Tiffiany “

Diego Boneta


” Miguel “

Brandon Beemer as

” Officer Holt James ”

Kit Harington as

” Duke ”

Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 26 ” Policemans Ball 2017 ” Pt. 2/4 Aug 2 , 2017

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Episode 26

” Policemans Ball 2017 ”

Pt. 2/4

Aug 2 , 2017

🌆 Scene

As the Police Man’s Ball continues ..

Officer Holt James surprises

Rosanna Cabot..

” O-M-G Holt ?! ”

she asks excitedly

” Hi cousin ,                                did you miss me ? ! ”                he asks coyly

Meanwhile.  .

Dr.David Hayward is arriving at the event to make his speech involving his latest research on Stem Cells !

As he heads over to the podium hes shocked by an unknown prep guy who stops him in his tracks ..

” Excuse me ?!

Can i help you ?! ”

demands David

The young man scoffs ..

” I dont know

DAD can you ?! ”

he demands

The confrontation affects him deeply

” What did you just say ?! ”

he demands

” Oh dont let my blonde hair fool you pops i am every bit your son as a matter of fact your brother , my uncle Leo he raised me

My name is Chase.  .

Chase Hayward your worst nightmare ! ” he reveals


Cast ::

Officer Holt James

(( Brandon Beemer ))

🏃 Special Guest

Chase Hayward

(( Chad Duell ))

Dedicated to

Vincent Irizarry


To Be Continued ?!

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