Your Fav Online FanFics Return Feb 16,2016

Your Fav Online FanFics Return

Feb 16,2016 



” Wicked City ” Online FanFic Drama Series Ep2 : Too Close For Comfort Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


” Wicked City “
Online FanFic Drama Series
Ep2 : Too Close For Comfort
Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )
Airdate : Dec 14 , 2015
In a town like Los Angeles , there’s always a secret ready to be exposed but there’s one guy killing to make his mark !

** Settings **

Nearby Birds Diner

Kent is driving up in his red pontiac parking to the corner as Betty is looking very upset .

Kent :
Betty , honey you sounded upset over the phone what’s going on ?!

Betty :
Don’t you try that witty charm on me tonite !
Where is she Kent ?!
What did you do with Carol Bakers ?!
I get your cravings to kill believe me I got a few I would love to add to the list !
Kent : Really who ?!
Betty :: Don’t change the subject
What did you do with my Co Worker ?!
She’s dead isn’t she Kent ?!
U killed my Co Worker tonite ?!

Kent ::
Baby , please calm down ok , ok let me think here
We went for drinks , danced a bit , yes I put out a dedication for her , hmm we almost kissed , she struggled as I strangled her with my bear hands , she’s pretty feisty I gotta admit .
Anyways , alright yes sugar plum I killed your co worker who cares she hated you anyways says you are lousy at your job , that you aren’t pretty !
Nobody calls my girlfriend not pretty nobody !

Betty :
O-M-G that bitch said I wasn’t pretty ?!
Wow I hated her too but look babe please don’t do this again there’s plenty of women to kill but stay away from my Co Workers it’s just well too close to home get it ?!

Kent :
I got it , don’t kill your co workers
Do you forgive me ?
You still want me ?

Betty :
I always want you Kent , you are always on my mind
Let’s go home ..

Kent :
Do you need to know where I buried her body ?

Betty :
Not tonite , tell me tmrww after a nice lunch ok ?

Kent :
I love you Betty

Betty :
Love you too Kent

** Special Guest **
Annie Potts as
Carol Bakers
Cast :
(( Ed WestWick ))
Betty Beaumontaine
(( Erika Christensen ))



” Wicked City ” Online Written Drama FanFic Series Written by : Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


” Wicked City ”

Online FanFic Drama Series


Ep1 : In My Clutches


Written by Willy Garza ( PartyWill )


Airdate : Dec 8 , 2015


In a town like Los Angeles , there’s always a secret ready to be exposed but there’s one guy killing to make his mark !


** Setting **


Outside Betty’s Hospital on a bench while Kent sits eating lunch with her .


Betty :

These bacon burgers are soo yummy


Kent :

They are my favorite , glad you like them Betty .

I want to share my World with you .


Betty :

You are everything I have wanted in a guy only never imagined of it ever being a reality .


* He pulls her closer , eyes intently looking now into the depth of her soul *


Kent :

I have always dreamed the same thing , I never believed in fate and circumstances until I met you !


Betty ;

Do we need to kill every time we go out ?

I know its a rush I just , well I want you to be with me tonite just me !


Kent :

Baby , what’s wrong ?

You sound offish , you know you can tell me anything


Betty :

I want alone time with you just tonite please I don’t ask for much do I ?


Kent :

I did watch that awful reality show for you last weekend , guess you can get a special reward tonite sure .

Pick you up after work !


* They embrace , kiss

She sighs from being in his arms he fantasies of killing another victim *


To Be Continued ..



Cast :


(( Ed WestWick ))


Betty Beaumontaine

(( Erika Christensen ))


” House Of Secrets ” Horror , Thriller Willy Garza ( Party Will )


” House Of Secrets ”
Thriller, Horror
Willy Garza ( Party Will )

~~ Chapter 1 / 12 ~~

Ashley Levvy was packing up her bags , wiping her teary eyes looking everywhere for her four pieces of various makeups she owned , the doorman Andy Cophler appeared to pick up her 4 large suitcases luckily they have wheels .
Her phone rings , she hesitates , then answers .
” What ?! ” she demands regretting even asked such a stupid question .
” I understand, don’t worry I won’t be here when you get home tonite in the house we fell in love with when we first met , oh shut up Reggie you bastard you cheated on my , our wedding night with my best friend Frenchie Barista , then you demand I move out after I caught you two disgusting people making love in our bed , having the gall to send me divorce papers at my father’s funeral screw you Reggie and that slut ..she will spread her legs like butter for any man !
I should know she literally screwed my father last year I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the fatal reason for his DAYUM Heartache !
Reggie gets mad ,
” Oh you done it now girl , get the hell out of my home
Oh and leave the wedding band behind ! ”
demands Reggie
Ashley scoffs hanging up pulling off her wedding band tossing it into the toilet ..
She opens up a secret vault behind a beautiful Picasso portrait’s not real , it’s a imitation .
She tells the doorman to take the items on her bed and this portrait I am done here ! ”
She sighs , puts on her flashy sunglasses then walks out with dignity ..

Michael Harold is typing to finish up his assignments due when he gets a unknown number .
Naturally he picks it up .. curiosity and all that .
The voice on the other end says ,
” I got your number from a friend I am free in 15 minutes if you want that screw of your life !
Head over into the bathroom , and make sure nobody follows you oh and one more thing ..
Leave your wallet in your desk !
Michael is ready to curse this nimphomaniac but he’s not gotten any sex for four weeks and a guy has needs .
He’s not gay , he just likes sex with men !

—- ___ ___ To Be Continued ..
Cast ::

Ashley Levvy , Alyssa Milano

Reggie , Michael Ealy

Andy Cophler , Colton Haynes

Michael Harold , Alex Pettyfer
You should read “” House Of Secrets ”
Willy Garza ( PartyWill )
Thriller , Horror” on Wattpad.

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Update :: GH is not going anywhere yes I got close sources that confirmed GH is Safe !

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