PartyWill Presents :: ” F U S I O N ” Online Written LGBT Drama Series   Written & Created by Willy Garza  Ep7 ” Sly Dog ” / Season 1 , Nov 24,2016 , Nov SWEEPS 2016 , Mid Winter Season Finale’



PartyWill Presents ::


” F U S I O N ”


Online Written LGBT


Drama Series




Written & Created by


Willy Garza










Episode 7  / Season1




” Sly Dog  ”




Airdate : Nov 24,  2016




Nov SWEEPS 2016




Mid Season Winter Finale’



** Scene **


Gloria Tapps is rushing to catch a cab during the most busiest day in New York City ..Thanksgiving !

She grabs her cell from the clasp of her slick black purse ..


” Martin , are you going to make our daughter’s recital tonight ?!.

What do you mean you are running late you couldn’t take a stupid red eye for our ten year old daughters ballet recital ?! ”


As she prepares to hit the mid downtown parking lot  of Lexington and Sharpe

avenue !

She nearly feels her eyes are going to pop out of her head seeing her husband

Martin not away like he stated but in throes of illicit passion in a subway car with another man !


She makes a quick call , then moments later she catches him off guard to a comfy single loft close to Manhattan Park ..


He is stuck like a deer in the headlights of an ongoing vehicle. .


” Gloria , how ?! ”


Gloria slaps her cheating husband !.


” You lousy S.O.B. I guess you will be stuffed like a turkey by your boy toy to spend time with your family. .

I want a divorce and if you contest so help me Martin I will take you to the cleaners !

You can keep this tacky loft dingy as you are a sly dog in heat near an alley how fitting for such a pathetic excuse of a man , I am keeping the Jag and the Mazaradi’s , beach home in peru ‘

along with the estate we used to call our home in the Hamptons ! ”


Cast ::


Gloria ::

Julia Roberts


Martin ::

Edward Norton


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us from

PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine



Join us for more drama ..


Dec 10,2016





Oakdale : University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 17 ” Trick or Treats ” Pt.2/6 Nov 22, 2016 Nov SWEEPS 2016 Written by Susan Semenjuk


Oakdale : University

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off  FanFic

Season 6 

Episode 17

” Trick or Treats  ” Pt.2/6

Nov 22, 2016

Nov SWEEPS  2016
Written by Susan Semenjuk 
///   //// //// ////
Sarah Ivory and Trey Kenyon joined Margo Hughes and David Hayward to search for missing student Amber Rose who disappeared after a College party. Margo said “I hope we find her before it’s too late.” Sarah replied “ we will.”  Margo suggested “ we might have better luck if we split up. David and I will go East, Trey and Sarah you go west. and if we find her we will text one another.”   As they searched Sarah and Trey began to talk about their past history, Sarah said “ I’m sorry I blamed you for Emma’s death and all those other terrible things I said to you. I know you loved her and that you two were happy for awhile.”  Trey turned to her and said “ no apologies needed. I really did treat her horribly especially by my affair with Carly, her own sister. I did love her and always will. I’m sorry for that. I still think about her.” Sarah replied “ me too. I have a confession to make.” Trey stopped and said “ really? what is it?”  She replied “ there were times I was jealous at what Emma and you had because I wanted it for myself and I also had a small crush on you.”  Trey responded “ really? I never knew that.”  to which she replied “ it’s true..” He said “ that’s news to me. I had a small crush on you too Sarah. I was afraid to see you again after Emma died but I should’ve been there for you.” As they began walking again she said “I understand. Probably seeing me would have bought back good and bad memories of Emma. I know you grieved for her in your own way. I miss her so much everyday.”  Trey stopped again and hugged her and said “ I did grieve her and still do. I miss her and will always regret how I treated her. She was a special lady, the first woman I ever really truly loved. I will never forget her. Listen Sarah if you ever need to talk about her or anything else you can come to me. I will always be here for you.”  Smiling Sarah broke the hug and said “I will and the same goes for you too. So we are good? Friends again?” Trey smiled as they shook hands and said “ friends again. I’m glad we had this talk and reconnected.” Sarah said “me too.” She looked around and asked “ where are we?” Trey looked around too and said “ seems during out talk we took a wrong turn and ended up in the woods. We are lost.”  Sarah asked “ should we try and find out way back to the road.” Trey answered “ it’s getting dark. I think we should sit by this tree until it gets light out then find the road again.”  Sarah sat down by a big Pine tree and said “ It’s getting chilly.” Trey sat next to her and said as he put his arms around her “ we’ll just cuddle to keep warm. Sarah snuggled close to him and felt safe and warm in his arms.  She said “it’s a good thing you were my sister’s guy or else I would’ve made a play for you Trey.”  Trey smiled as they cuddled in silence until Sarah heard a Owl and snuggled closer to him. He laughed and said “it’s only an own. It cant’ hurt you.”  They locked eyes and Trey bend his head down and deeply kissed her which she returned. They kept kissing until  he said “I want you.”  She said “I want you too but I need to know are you seeing me Trey or are you seeing Emma.”  He answered “I’m only seeing you Sarah.”  They laid back on the cool grass and deeply kissed. Trey lifted up her long sleeve tee shirt over her head while she quickly unbuttoned his denim shirt. She arched her back so he could unhook her bra and remove her pants. As she slowly unzipped his jeans he asked “ are you sure?” She replied “ I’m sure. We couldn’t stop even if we wanted to and I don’t.”  Before deeply kissing her he said “I don’t either.”  As his lips traveled down her body she moaned and gasped when his mouth played with her breasts until they were rock hard. She was feeling pleasure like she has never had before. His mouth traveled up her body and they locked eyes. She arched her back as he fully entered her and rode her as wildly as he could their screams of pleasure echoing through the woods. When it was over they were spend, satisfied and sweaty despite the cool air.  As she laid her head on his sweaty chest she asked “ regrets?: He answered “ no, you?” She answered “ not a one.”  They cuddled, talked and made love all night. The next morning they reluctantly got dressed and headed toward the road where they met up with David and Margo. Neither will regret the night they spent in the woods and feel as connected and closer than ever. Margo asked “ what happened to you two? We couldn’t find you.”  Sarah and Trey exchanged looks as Trey answered “ we took a wrong turn and ended up in the woods. We decided to stay where we were until it got light” David asked “ how did you keep warm? It got pretty chilly last night.” Sarah replied “ we found a way” before the search for Amber continued with Trey and Sarah holding hands.
To Be Continued …
Cast : 
Sarah Ivory :
Susan Semenjuk 

PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine Presents :: Holiday GiveAway 



PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine

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Holiday GiveAway


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Party Will Presents  EROTICA Tales  ” Halloween Treat ” Nov 1st,2016





Party Will Presents



” Halloween Treat ”


Nov 1st,2016


© CopyRight Nov 2016

All Rights Reserved




Jake was heading out to the college campus’ library where this year’s Halloween bash was being held.

He loved this time of season .

The party is in full swing , as he checks out the regular students to the ones visiting .

He decided to go as Zorro this year .

One specific guy catches his attention .

He’s dressed as Phantom Of The Opera

leading them both a very large corridor of the library past the fledged book cases that reveals a hidden backdoor when he pushes a oakwooden bookcase near the wall that has a secret room .

Jake is shocked , impressed .

They don’t share names , just kiss while one single candle flickers while they give into their attraction.

As the making out session continue both begin undressing the other exploring the craftmenship of the erect manhood between their legs. .they enjoy the red silk blanket on the cold floor .

Jake runs his fingers through his mystery guys dark red spiked up hair as he does the same in return .

The sounds of longing in their voices now more kissing then they position for 69 ..

Feels soo good tasting Phantoms 9″ uncut cock he takes his tounge licking him his massive tool with his mouth taking most what he can now deep throating as he MOANS making Jake smile and panting himself feeling Phantom sucking his 6″ cut cock ready for sucking fullfilling pleasure ..within twenty minutes his guy was precumming so Josh didn’t hesitate taking his sweet nectar ..The masked guy is deep throating him now with a precision to his technique ..Jake couldn’t get enough of this hunks cum it had a tangy strawberry taste to it one that just excited him more ..

Finally things heat up when the guy spreads open Jakes glory hole plunging his tool so deep hitting his gspot just right he couldn’t stop from precumming not even after he was MOANING getting his sweatty ballsack sucked many times over ..

The fun wasn’t over ..

He got ready to prepare for the costumed stud to enter him and enter him he did with soo much agression ..

He wasn’t gentle about it , for a minute Jake was worried he would get his sweet cute ass guys like torn up !

Luckily it wasn’t the case but his loins were on fire as he gets jerked from the hot pleasure he’s being given ..

Finally nearly twenty six minutes in the guy says ..

” Cum for me now ! ”

That voice sends shivers down all of Jakes body they sweat profusely ..

Scent of sex filling the room..

That voice ..oddly familar..

They climax he MOANS loud as he’s filled with his sexmates manseed !

They take a moment to breathe ..

The guy smiles when Jake mounts him taking off his mask ..

It’s his neighbors son..Richie

Richie who left to find himself was inside him ..

Richie smiles replying..

” I been wanting to make love to you for 2 years now and here we are ..

Happy Halloween Jake !

I love you ! ”







PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents : ” PCU : Port Charles University ” Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series Ep12 ” Halloween Town ” Pt1/4 Written by Willy Garza , PartyWill Airdate: Nov 1st ,2016 November SWEEPS 2016


PartyWills Online Publications Magazine
Presents :
” PCU : Port Charles University ”
Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series


” Halloween Town ” Pt1/4

 Written by Willy Garza , PartyWill

 Airdate: Nov 1st  ,2016
November SWEEPS 2016
Molly Lansing Davis is not quite herself today ..she’s not been feeling good lately .
She didn’t think much of it just perhaps the flu or something right ?
Its flu season after all !
She had a lingering thought it could be something more seeing as her monthly period was late !
She mustered enough courage to quickly brace the beautiful Nov weather of chilly winds and climate she adores brushing against her face .
Entering a quaint local drug store praying
nobody sees her .
The place was dead , she quickly pays the counter clerk then makes a hasty exit ..
She drives into her sporty red porshe heading home seeing people flooding walking lanes in pursuit of last minute Halloween costumes .
She always gets hers early , not ever been the type for long endless lines of customers who even at times have no clue what they want !
Her stomach is grumbling when she gets a call on her cell from Tj .
Hey lover , what’s going on ?
Tj :
I am here at Kellys Diner with Morgan waiting for his girlfriend to arrive are you feeling better ?
I really miss you Molly ..I miss making love to you !
Molly :
I miss you too and our love making !
Grab me a Chef salad from there ok please light dressing no lettuce , spinach and light vinegar and oil .
Tj : 
Love you 
Molly : 
I love you too 
Don’t forget your costume tonite for the Metro !
Prince Nicholas Cassadine , Laura Spencer , Lulu Spencer and Det. Dante Falconeri , 
Det. Lucky Spencer all meet privately as requested by Spencer Cassadine 
They wait vigily as he makes his entrance ..
Everybody : What’s going on ?!
Spencer : 
I got Dyslexia !!!!
Meanwhile ..
Molly just took her pregnancy test as she is crying just as the door bell rings ..
She’s shocked to see ..Rafe !
Molly :
Rafe ?!
Rafe :
Happy Halloween Molly 
I really missed you 
I love you Molly !
To Be Continued !
Cast :
Spencer Cassadine :
Taylor Lautner 
Lucky Spencer :
Jonathan Jackson 

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