” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents ” Y&R Tales ” Episode ” Off & Running “




” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents

” Y&R Tales ”

Online Written FanFic Series

Episode  : ”  Off & Running ”

Written by :

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

April 2,2016


Fenn Baldwin was returning from College for the weekend to surprise his parents Lauren & Michael but they were not in town they had both left to Oakdale,Ilinois where Fen had recently transferred .

Luckily he did get a call from somebody he didn’t expect ..

” Neil Winters ? ”

asks Fen curiously

” Hello Fen , hope you don’t mind me calling , I got your number from Michael .

Anyways I have a job opening if you are interested ,

free to discuss this further ? ”

asks Neil

Fen hastily agrees to the meeting .




Phyllis has just about finished up work chatting it up with a client of Jabots overseas ..

” Mr.Tonka ,

we are looking forward to meeting with you in person this week ! ”

hints Phyllis


A gust of wind blows hard in town ..indicating changes are about to begin 😉


* Cast *


Nicholas Hault

As ” Fenn Baldwin ”


Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic Season 2 Written by Susan Semenjuk Ep2  The Kiss Aug 16 ,2017

🕵 Hot Off The Press

Hardy Boys Mystery Hour


Season 2

Written by

Susan Semenjuk

Ep2  The Kiss

Aug 16 ,20171502881596822

While her husband Joe Hardy was with his lover Maddie Poe (Sarah Carter) his wife Tracy ( Laura Wright )

received a visit from her brother in law Frank. He asked “ is Joe home?” to which she replied “ No he’s with his whore.” She let Frank in and he sat. He said “ I guess things aren’t any better between you two?” Tracy shook her head and added “ we hardly talk anymore unless we have to. He’s never home he’s either working or with his slut. He doesn’t even care that I’m having a same sex affair. I don’t know what went wrong Frank. I love your brother so much.” Frank took her into a hug and whispered “I know and I keep believing that you two will find your way back to one another.” Tracy said “I hope so.” She lifted her head to look at him and they locked eyes. She didn’t pull away when his lips came down on her for a hungry kiss which she responded too. Soon the kisses got deeper and hungrier.  She whispered “ don’t stop” when Frank pulled away and looked at her. He said “ we have to. You know as well as I do that it would be wrong for us to go any further. I don’t want to hurt my brother and I know you love him. If we took this any further we’d both regret it and it would affect our friendship. I can’t do that to Joe or you.” Tracy pulled back and said “ you’re right of course. But when we were kissing I didn’t think about Joe or anything, I got lost in the moment. Frank smiled and said “ so did I but now the moment is gone.” He got up to leave and she walked him to the door, before he could open it she said “ Frank, no one can know about the kiss.” Frank agreed. They hugged before they shared another hot kiss that neither will forget before Frank left. They both stood on opposite sides of the door and signed heavily thinking about those kisses.

Meanwhile Joe headed on home satisfied from his tryst with Maddie where he was still in the afterglow of the erotic sex they had. He dreaded going home to his boring wife.

Oakdale University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Presents Episode 26 ” Policemans Ball 2017 ” Pt. 3/4 Aug 8 , 2017

Г Fade In :

Somewhere on the South of Oakdale , Illinios a group of people are excited for a long awaited reunion ..

For them its been years , for us this is only the beginning ..

A 2017 Bright Colored Candy Apple Red Motorycle passes through to its destination of the parkway .

The young latin guy in his comfy low cut Amber Crombie see through Football Winter green Jersey that sports a hawk on both sides yells out while running to the guest of honor ..

” Tiffiany , you are home ..

At long last my cousin is back where she belongs ! ” says the very handsome guy in his hispanic dialect .

The cousin pulls off her helmet , revealling a young latina smiling .

” Aww thank you Pedro , where is your brother Miguel ? ” she ponders .

” Hes working today at that

Policeman’s Ball on the other side of town ! ” he replies .

She sighs concerned ..

Oakdale University

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6


Episode 26

” Policemans Ball 2017 ”

Pt. 3/4

Aug 8 , 2017


The drama continues to unfold quickly ..

Lucinda Walsh demands answers from the very attractive stranger claiming to be Duke , John’s presumed dead oldest son .

Duke reaches out to her smiling ..

‘ Lucinda , its me how i have missed your witty snides and family knit natured mothering .

I was found by a wonderful latino family i had amnesia for the last few years but through the grace of god my memories slowly started returning .

I missed all of you , i missed my home ! ” he reveals while tears flow down his face .

Rosanna Cabot

demands answers as well from her cousin Officer Holt James .

” Wow , it’s like that now after all those years my mother treated you like a daughter and helped raise you when your abusive no good father Ray ran out on both you and that Carly Tenney you dare to queshtion my motives ?! ”

he demands upset .

She stands on the offensive .

” I have had my share of people using me in the past , why should you be any different ?! ”

demands Rosanna immediately regretting her actions .

” Says the woman who blackmailed her own sister to have a baby by new years for a jackpot of money you stole from my family oh yes Rosanna you will indeed be paying for your past indiscretions & more its payback honey and i am here to collect ! ” he teases

To be Concluded ..

* Special Guest *

Selena Gomez as

” Tiffiany “

Diego Boneta


” Miguel “

Brandon Beemer as

” Officer Holt James ”

Kit Harington as

” Duke ”

Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 26 ” Policemans Ball 2017 ” Pt. 2/4 Aug 2 , 2017

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Episode 26

” Policemans Ball 2017 ”

Pt. 2/4

Aug 2 , 2017

🌆 Scene

As the Police Man’s Ball continues ..

Officer Holt James surprises

Rosanna Cabot..

” O-M-G Holt ?! ”

she asks excitedly

” Hi cousin ,                                did you miss me ? ! ”                he asks coyly

Meanwhile.  .

Dr.David Hayward is arriving at the event to make his speech involving his latest research on Stem Cells !

As he heads over to the podium hes shocked by an unknown prep guy who stops him in his tracks ..

” Excuse me ?!

Can i help you ?! ”

demands David

The young man scoffs ..

” I dont know

DAD can you ?! ”

he demands

The confrontation affects him deeply

” What did you just say ?! ”

he demands

” Oh dont let my blonde hair fool you pops i am every bit your son as a matter of fact your brother , my uncle Leo he raised me

My name is Chase.  .

Chase Hayward your worst nightmare ! ” he reveals


Cast ::

Officer Holt James

(( Brandon Beemer ))

🏃 Special Guest

Chase Hayward

(( Chad Duell ))

Dedicated to

Vincent Irizarry


To Be Continued ?!

F.U.S.I.O.N. Online Written Drama Series MATURE READERS Written,Created by Willy Garza ( PartyWill ) Ep 14: Bad Day For A Funneral July 24 , 2017




Drama Series


Written,Created by

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

Ep 14: Bad Day For A Funneral

July 24 , 2017



Scene :

Kimmy is pushing back her lovely hair, applying make up and lipstick as her butler appears.

” Kimmy, your brothers best friend is here! ” he says

” Thank you Reginald ! “

she says while quickly putting everything away..

” Peter Jenkins, welcome back

I am sorry its under sad circumstances of course ! “

she states

He smiles, looking at her longingly

” Your brother was my best friend, the least I could do is show up today for my last respects ! ” he states back

They give into unbridled passion, tearing off each others clothes..

” Oh Peter yes.. Mmm.. Yes! “


The limo finally arrives to get the funeral going as Kimmy, Peter see a man they never thought they would see again..

” What the devil is your father doing here?!  ” demands Peter furiously..

He immediately loses control attacking Frank Mono

” You killed my father you

lousy S. O. B, thanks to you I am an orphan now I hate you soo much it should have been you who we are burying today ! “

he states

Kimmy pulls him away..

” Peter please stop he’s not worth it ! “

Next ::

Street Girl gets Street Cred?!

Cast ::


* Brittany Underwood

Peter Jenkins

Michael Phelps

* Frank Mono 

Peter Bergman

Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 26 ” Policemans Ball 2017 ” Pt. 1/4 July 23, 2017

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Episode 26

” Policemans Ball 2017 ”

Pt. 1/4

July 23, 2017




The Policeman’s Ball goes underway as Barbara Ryan catches up to Lucinda Walsh.

” Barbara, how wonderful to see you out tonite! ”

says Lucinda cordially

Barbara smiles.

” Thank you, same to you no man on your shoulder tonite?”

she quips

” Now dear Barbara, I don’t need a man to have a good time alas its not in the cards for me this season! ” she says

” Nonsense, let’s go find you a suitable date! ” she says

Both women begin their prowl


Scene ::

A very hot attractive stranger enters the Oakdale Memorial Hospital very distressed..

” Somebody, please get me a doctor now.. My sisters in labor! ” he announces

Dr. Chris Hughes appears on scene and offers her immediate assistance..


Scene ::

Holden Snyder, Ava meet privately with Det. Jack Snyder

” Jack, whats going on?!  “

demands Holden observing his cousins uneasyness

” My son..

Parker Joe Munson is alive! “

He reveals


Scene ::

Carly Tenney Kenyon surprises Dr. David Hayward

” Carly? ” he asks surprised

” I missed you and your hot sweet tender kisses! ”

she says

” I missed you too! “

They kiss passionately head into the bedroom, strip their clothes off and make love..


Scene ::

Lucinda gets a call from her private investigator..

” Lucinda, we tracked your mystery buyer.. He’s at the corner booth of the ball.. He goes by the name of Sid Rylan! ” hints her detective

” Thank you Lance, I will be in touch! ” she says quickly heading to her destination when she opens the door, the very attractive male is surprised when she confronts him..

” Alright, tell me who you are and why you sent me a priceless heirloom! ” she demands

The man slicks back his long black hair..

” Lucinda, its me..

Duke.. I am alive! “

He reveals


Scene ::

Back at Oakdale Memorial Hospital

The new hunky stranger thanks Dr. Chris Hughes for taking charge and assisting in tending to his sister.

” I am always happy to help,

I am Dr. Christopher Hughes also acting Chief Of Staff at the moment you are? ”

he asks

” The names Officer Holt James.. My cousin lives here in Oakdale maybe you know her as Rosanna Cabot?! “

he demands

To Be Continued..


Sid Rylan

( Kit Harington )

Officer Holt James

(  Brandon Beemer ) 

PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents : ” PCU : Port Charles University ” Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Series Ep16 || ” Turmoil ” Pt. 1/4

PartyWills Online Publications Magazine Presents :

PCU : Port Charles University ”

Online Written

Spin-Off FanFic Series

Ep16 || ” Turmoil ” Pt. 1/4


Det. Dante Falconeri is rushing to Ruby’s Diner to grab something for lunch,  when he sees a familiar face..

He does a double take..

” Brenda?! “

he asks

She smiles with a wicked sly grin.

” Hey yourself, wheres the fire?!  ” she teases

He smiles.

” I was craving a B.L. T. !  ”

He replies

She pats the empty seat next to her.

” Grab a seat, take a minute to enjoy the view!  ” she says as he gives her a look.

” Sure why not,  but not for long.. What brings you back to Port Charles?  ”

he asks curiously.

She nibbles a bit on her cesars salad, then responds.

” I am back for personal reasons, and before you ask..

it’s not for Sonny! ”

she says

Dante breaths a sigh of relief.

” Are you still with Lulu? ”

she asks

Dante is caught off guard with her return and the quick question about Lulu causing him to ponder why is she really back?! 

To Be Continued..

Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic Season 2 Written by Susan Semenjuk Ep1. ” Callie Kidnapped ”           Pt.2/2 July 18,2017

Hardy Boys Mystery Hour


Season 2

Written by

Susan Semenjuk

Ep1. ” Callie Kidnapped “


July 18,2017


At the boathouse Callie was bound to a chair as her ex Nathan slapped her over and over before putting tape over her mouth. 

He said ,

“ That should keep your big mouth quiet.

I know you slept with Frank while we were married like the whore you are.

I hate you so much.

I broke out of prison to punish you for putting me in there. ” She tried to plead with him with her eyes but he laughed , “ too late Callie.

I’m going to kill you then I’ll wait for your lover Frank to come and I’ll kill him too so you two can be together for all eternity.

” The sight of you two dead will be worth going back to prison for.”

He beat her until he got tired of it.

Meanwhile Frank headed for the boathouse and dropped off the duffle bag then he went and joined Joe behind some bushes.

He could hear Callie screaming and he wanted to rush in there but he didn’t want to risk her life.

They waited until Nathan opened the door where they saw her tied to a chair and bruised. 

Nathan opened the bag and raged as he threw the empty pieces of paper in the air.

Joe snuck behind him and knocked him out with a flashlight. 

Frank began rushing in but not before kicking Nathan hard several times. 

He rushed to Callie and untied her.

She cried as they hugged.

He said “ you’re ok baby, you’re safe.”

She answered ,

 “ I thought he was going to kill me for sure, he said he was going to kill you too.” Frank pulled back and dried her tears and said ,

“ he can’t hurt you anymore. We’re both ok. I love you Callie.” 

Callie kissed him hard and said , “I love you too Frank.”  Later on as Callie gave her statement on how Nathan had jumped her in the park while walking and he did to her, he glared at her and said ,

“ next time your lover and you are dead and I look forward to doing it.”  Eventually Frank and her went back to his place where he held her until she fell asleep.

— Cast —


( James Woods )


( Lisa Eilbacher )

Dedicated to James Woods 

Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 25 ” Unexpected Turns “ Pt.4/4 July 18 , 2017 MIDNITE EDITION

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Episode 25

” Unexpected Turns “ Pt.4/4

July 18 , 2017


Its late in the evening , most residents of Oakdale, Illinois have gone to bed early. .not all but some .

Over at Susan Stewarts home ,

Emily is having a rough night trying to get a good nights rest 

She tosses and turns back & forth then yells out. .

” Diego noooo ! ”

Her mother quickly rushes to her side .

” Emily ,

honey wake up you are having a nightmare about Diego ! ” she warns

Shes soaked in sweat , as Susan suggests she get herself into a nice shower while she gets the warm milk going ..

Det . Jack Snyder , Rosanna and Carly Tenney Kenyon meet up with Dr.David Hayward .

” I been trying to find anybody to help me find your son , he could be anywhere ..my bet is he made it back to his home town ! ”

He assures them both .

Jack gets defensive ..

” How do we know you even saved our son , its not like you got proof or do you ?! ‘

he demands

David shuts up him playing a session he had with their son Parker before he ran off ..

” O-M-G its true ..

Parker is alive ! ”

they say in unison .

A mystery person purchases a priceless heirloom then has it shipped to Lucinda Walsh .

She accepts the gift , then after opening up the packaged gift wrapped box shes brought to TEARS ..

Matthew her butler is concerned .

” Lucinda , what is in that box ?! “

demands Matthew

” A priceless heirloom i had thought was long forgotten ..the only person who ever cherished it much as i did was Duke ! ”

she says outloud .

Matthew makes a mysterious phone call..

” I need your help now ! “

What’s Matthew hiding ?!

Back At Susan’s ..

Emily and Susan are discussing the evil that was Diego and how it left many suspects following his murder .

She looks at a piece of the morning paper that bothers her she sees a missing letter then panicks. .

” Emily , what is going on with you tell me ! ” demands Susan

” Its Diego ..hes alive. .Diego hes alive ! ” she repeats scared out of her mind quickly looking around making sure she is safe ..

A limo waits outside her home ..

We see

..Diego slyly smirking. .

Next ::

Summer Fun leads to Murder ?!

” Complicated Hearts ” Book 2 / Cover Release by Ashley Jade , July 17,2017


Complicated Hearts

COMPLICATEDHEARTSCOVER2ch-book2-full-wrap2draftbanner book 2release

(Book 2 of the Complicated Hearts duet)

Release Date: August 17th 2017

Genre: New Adult/ Erotica

Cover Designer: Tanya Baikie,​

Tantalizing Teasers by Tanya


There is no blurb for Book 2.

It’s best you go in blind.

However, here is the synopsis for book 1.

Breslin—I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw him…and I knew nothing would ever be the same.

Then he hurt me. He wrecked me. He ruined me.

I spent three years putting myself together—fixing what he broke.

I never thought I’d see him again after that day.

I was counting on it.

Little did I know—life had other plans…and things were going to become a lot more complicated.

Asher—I finally know who I am. I own it, I embrace it…I’m no longer afraid.

I live my life with no regrets now, because I’ve learned my lesson—the hard way.

I thought I had it all figured out.

But then my past collides with my present…and things become complicated.

Turns out I don’t really know myself after all.

Landon— My life was all mapped out.

I knew exactly what direction I was heading in—I didn’t have time for any roadblocks or obstacles.

Then I meet her.

And him.

Now, my heart is split right down the middle.

She controls the rhythm. He controls the melody.

Complicated doesn’t even begin to cover it…and there’s only one way this can end.

Warning: This story is for mature readers only, due to language and sexual themes.

This duet contains explicit content featuring m/f, m/m, m/f/m.

Reader discretion is advised.

Trigger Warning:

This story is strange and unconventional.

It’s everything you hate.

That’s the only warning I can offer you.

**Add it to Goodreads here: 


Need to catch up on the first book?

Author Links:


Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic Season 2 Ep1 ” Callie Kidnapped ”            Pt.1/2 Written by Susan Semenjuk July 12,2017

Hardy Boys

Mystery Hour

FanFic Season 2

Ep1 ” Callie Kidnapped ”


Written by

Susan Semenjuk


July 12,2017

Frank Hardy was asleep when he was awaken by his phone ringing. He reached for it trying to not lose the dream he was having of his lady love Callie.  He said “hello?” followed by an unknown caller saying” Frank Hardy, Listen to me, I have Callie and if you want to see the bitch again, you will not call the cops. If you do your precious Callie dies. I’ll call later with further instructions. The caller hung up and Frank recognized the voice of Callie’s abusive ex husband whom he heard had escaped from jail.   He called his brother Joe who was in the middle of making love to his lady Tracy. he answered “ this better be important.”  Frank said “ it is or else I wouldn’t be calling you at 2 am. I need your help, Callie’s abusive ex has her.” Joe replied “I’ll be right there.”  When he got to Frank’s he said “ any word” to which Frank answered “ no not yet.  He threatened to kill her if I involved the cops and we both know he’s capable of doing it. Joe, we have find him before it’s too late. When I get my hands on that bastard, I’ll kill him especially if he’s hurt Callie.” Joe put a reassuring hand on his brother’s shoulders and said “ we will find her.”  They both jumped when Frank’s cell rang and Frank said “hello” The caller said “I see you bought your brother in for help. Smart move.”  Frank asked “ how do you know about Joe?” The caller laughed and said “ I have someone watching  your house dummy.  Listen to me   drop off $10,000  to the park by the boathouse on the east side, even though the bitch isn’t worth anything.  Walk away.”  Frank agreed then heard Callie yell “ Frank, help me.” before he heard the sound of him slapping her The Hardy’s came up with a plan.

Cast :


( Lisa Eilabacher )

To Be Concluded ..