” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents ” Y&R Tales ” Episode ” Off & Running “




” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents

” Y&R Tales ”

Online Written FanFic Series

Episode  : ”  Off & Running ”

Written by :

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

April 2,2016


Fenn Baldwin was returning from College for the weekend to surprise his parents Lauren & Michael but they were not in town they had both left to Oakdale,Ilinois where Fen had recently transferred .

Luckily he did get a call from somebody he didn’t expect ..

” Neil Winters ? ”

asks Fen curiously

” Hello Fen , hope you don’t mind me calling , I got your number from Michael .

Anyways I have a job opening if you are interested ,

free to discuss this further ? ”

asks Neil

Fen hastily agrees to the meeting .




Phyllis has just about finished up work chatting it up with a client of Jabots overseas ..

” Mr.Tonka ,

we are looking forward to meeting with you in person this week ! ”

hints Phyllis


A gust of wind blows hard in town ..indicating changes are about to begin 😉


* Cast *


Nicholas Hault

As ” Fenn Baldwin ”


Special Announcement- Taking Year off from Writing New Books in 2022

Hola Amigo’s,

Good Morning

I have decided to take a break from my Writing any New Books for 1year.

Book2 of LGBTQIA Paranormal Romance releases later this year.

But i want 2022 to focus more on my Family Life & other fun projects!

Thanks for always following my career

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers!

Get ready for Major Drama to unfold in Genoa City, as the Summer season is nearing it’s end, but not without it’s fair shair of surprises!

Let’s kick off with

Phyllis Summers who finally gets a few allys during her pursuit to bring down Sally & Tara..

She has been determined to take both women down after her only daughter Summer Newman hastily accepted a job in Milan..

As she gets closer to the truth..

Watch for Nick Newman, Eric Forrester, Also Summer’s boss Angelina Marchetti to help her get a victory..

While over at the Newman Media division we focus on Adam Newman aimed to target sister Victoria, only Victor will immediately disarm any chance of war at this point when he conveys that sometimes compassion is needed rather than revenge..

Will Adam agree and follow orders?!

Amanda Sinclair has had enough of her grandfather Sutton Ames and she is ready to seek her own revenge maybe she should have paired up with Adam!

Nonetheless Devon will do his best to keep her from destroying herself but will it be in time or too late for what lies ahead?!

The kidnapping of Mariah gets more crazy by the minute..

Sharon finally fears for her daughters wellbeing, Tessa opts to follow up on a clue..

Maybe she should go to Rey Rosales who at the moment can’t stop being concerned about his rocky marriage to Sharon nor ignore the fact he is in awe of Chelsea?!

The kidnapper will soon be revealed when a crisis kicks off even more drama than expected!


Kyle makes a daring move that forever changes his life..

Could he finally propose to Summer & be happy with her in Milan?!

Finally ..

This Fall..

6 New Storylines will hit center stage with Raul Guiterez RETURNING to help Rey Rosales solve a Who Done It!

Tara goes after Phyllis..

Sally Spectra targets Nick Newman in her revenge against Phyllis!!

Will Nick cheat on Phyllis?!

Devon & Amanda face New Hurdle in their relationship..

How close will Adam & Chloe get ?!

Sharon wants Adam but can she stay faithful to Rey or will she give into her desires?!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers

Devon Hamilton & Amanda Sinclair are ready to take their relationship to the next level, they already see each other nearly everyday so it is only natural they move in together!


The walls are closing in on

Tara Loche & Sally Spectra as Nancy Drew Phyllis Sumners & Billy Abbott take their alliances to the next level of attempting to catch these as Phyllis likes to say,

“2 little girls” in the act!


Kyle Abbott idiotically has fallen anything Tara gives him far as trail of lies that soon will be revealed!

Get ready as he defends her against his better judgement..

Could somebody else get a clue to this Deception?!


Paris is the land of lovers, Summer sure misses hers.

Maybe a surprise visit from

Victor & Nikki could be a game changer to her unwritten future!


Jack Abbott is still smitten bySally Spectra, could he be headed to more heartache?!

“Bold & The Beautiful Tales” FanFic Series, Book 1, PartyWill

Your Favorite FanFic RETURNS!!

You won’t believe who kisses Summer Newman on her 1st day as an intern for Forrester Creations!!

New Episodes

Aug 10,2021

” Bold & The Beautiful Tales “

FanFic Series 

Book 1 

Willy Garza”

by PartyWill on Wattpad


Exclusive Y&R Cast Update-Hunter King, Michael Mealor OUT at Y&R!

Exclusive Y&R Cast Update-Hunter King, Michael Mealor OUT at Y&R!

I am sad to report

“Young & The Restles”

Hot Young Couple of

“Summer Newman & Kyle Abbott

Portrayed by both

Hunter King &

Michael Mealor are due to exit the Daytime Sudser within the final days of summer..

This is due to a breakdown in contract negotiations!

What ever happen to fighting for your cast members?!

Daytime can be so ruthless & cut throat..much like on 📺

This latest Update not only has loyal fans upset but more Outraged over how our beloved Vets have been treated along with other cast members!

Many are Uniting, myself included in demanding Head Writer

Josh Griffith be fired!

Clearly the lack of some storylines and the strong ones are obvious proof of favortism yet being showcased!

Our show is being ruined, together we can fight & save it!

Hash Tag

#FireJG to join our movement!!

While we wish the very best to both Hunter & Michael in their bright futures, we won’t stop fighting to have them back!

Child Care Act 2021–Update!!

Child Tax Credit Update –

Say what you will, but our 46th President Joe Biden has come through as far as issuing funds of the Child Care Act starting July 15,2021 parents will be receiving monthly payments for their children!

The funds arriving are $300.00 per child.

If you got a $1,400 stimulus check, then you’ll receive Child Tax Credit automatically

If you received a $1,400 stimulus check, then the IRS all has the necessary information it needs to include you in the new Child Tax Credit scheme, as pointed out by Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

While the American Rescue Plan only temporarily increased the child tax credit, Stabenow said she hoped the enhanced benefit would become permanent: “This is not a  permanent change, but I’m hoping that there’ll be so much support and people will see the benefits of it, that we’re going to be able to extend it and eventually make it permanent.”

Count your blessings, where we can get them!

Thank you Mr.President for doing all you do to make America Great again!!

Willys View Podcast 6×14- “Good Girls” (Cancelled Truth), Newsbreak Stories, EXCLUSIV DAYTIME Spoilers!

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 6×14- Good Girls(Cancelled Truth) News Break Stories &EXCLUSIV DAYTIME Spoilers! https://anchor.fm/willy-garza/episodes/6×14–Good-GirlsCancelled-Truth-News-Break-Stories-EXCLUSIV-DAYTIME-Spoilers-e145qd4 

🏖 Vacation July 12-18,2021

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!

Exclusive Y&R

Daytime Spoilers

Week of July 12-16,2021

Get ready for a fast paced week of alliances, hidden agenda’s and yes even secrets, lies, confrontations!

With Mariah Copeland gone missing, watch for Tessa to confront Abby Newman with some very choice awards!

Could she possibly blame the Newman heiress for her lovers disappearance ?!

Amanda Sinclair finds herself requiring Victor Newman’s assistance..

Will he be so accommodating or will he kindly refuse?!

After all Sutton James nearly attempted to frame him for her Dad Richard’s murder..

So why would he help?!

Another unexpected Alliance is that of Phyllis & Billy when the walls are closing in these two team up!

Sally gets bettayed..

Who will expose her?!

Could Eric Forrester tell Phyllis it was Sallys suggestion for Summer to take a job away from GC?!

Stay Tuned!!


Stitch Rayburn has kidnapped Mariah Copeland with hopes of stealing the newborn baby for himself considering his son is in a mental ward, maybe he has truly lost his mind!

Get ready for your head to spin..

He has another long lost sister who now resides in Genoa City, Wisconsin

— Tara Locke–

Could he turn to her for help since he kidnapped Mariah?!

Kyle & Tara have a shocking adventure at the park with Harrison could this turn of events bring them closer?!

— Coming 🔜

Kyle Abbott reels when it is discovered Theo Vanderway is really Harrisons Biological father as many fans figured out weeks ago!

Noah Newman RETURNS!!

could Sally Spectra catch his attention?!

“Love,Victor” FanFic by PartyWill, Chapter3, Lake Pt1/3

Lake is about to have a


💈💈 Chapter 3 ::   LAKE Pt1/3

LOVE,VICTOR”, FANFIC, PARTYWILL” by PartyWill on Wattpad

#Love-Victor #FanFic

#Wattpad #LGBTQ

#Love-Victor #FanFic #Summer #Wattpad #LGBTQ


“Oakdale University”, S8, Atwt, Spin-Off, FanFic, E28, “Happy 4th Of July Oakdale, Illinois!”, Pt1/3, July 4th Special Edition, Written by PartyWill

“Oakdale University”

Season 8

Atwt/ Spin-Off FanFic

Episode 25

” HAPPY 4TH Oakdale, Illinois”

Pt1 of 3

July 4th Special Edition

Written by PartyWill

It’s the 4th of July, Independence Day for America!

We find our residents either getting ready to attend some parties, while others just prefer a quiet setting.

Emily Stewart is visiting her son

Hunter McDermott’s Tomb Stone..


“I can’t believe, it is another year with you gone, I miss you soo much your younger brother Daniel called me he has a new girlfriend he wants to introduce me too!”

she teases..

1 Hour Later..

Barbara Ryan is smiling seeing Will Munson outside shirtless as he offered to mow her yard on such a hot summers day, heat index of 96•

As he works away, she gets him a glass of refreshing lemonade just as Emily Stewart startles her!


“Why Emily Stewart, you startled me, don’t do that to people!”

Emily grins..


“Enjoying the view Babs?!

Is it raining men?!”

Barbara sneers..


“What brings you by?”

Asking while getting 2 other glasses of lemonade..

The A.C. is a steady temp to cool the house..


“Believe it not Barbara, I really could use some sage advice!”


“Surely your mother can give it to you better than I can!”

Emily quips..

“That ‘s what he said!”


Luke Snyder gets a unexpected email that will soon change his life!


Holden Snyder & Private P.I.

Harley Davidson Cooper are creating memory’s together as he meets her son.. Zach!

Over at the Elm Wood, a New

Buffet Diner that opened we find Carly Snyder meeting with a special guest..that has returned home..

“Look at you R.J., soo grown up!”

He smiles..


“Thanks for meeting me for lunch Carly, this holiday is really hard on me seeing families together just makes me miss my mom Julia all over again!”

He confides..

To Be Continued..

Happy 4th of July America


From Our Family to Yours!!

Willy , Susan

Cast ::

Joshua Bassett as

R.J. Snyder

Asher Angel


Zach Spaulding

** July 4, 2021 **

Thank you for your patience here is to an exciting Summer!!

“Gossip Girl” Spin-Off, FanFic, by PartyWill, Wattpad

Rufus is in for a MAJOR Surprise!!

Xoxo Gossip Girl 

” Gossip Girl ” Spin-Off FanFic Series | Book 1 |  PartyWill” by PartyWill on Wattpad


— Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!!–

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!

Your Summer just got Hotter!! 🔥

As i been teasing loyal Y&R fans for weeks, Amanda Sinclairs Sl heats up quickly as Summer weather rises..

The truth is out there and Amanda is determined to get to it one way or another!

Will the truth truly set her free?!

I myself, am over this Sl..

I don’t even care who killed her Dad my 💰 is on Naya, the biological mother who just can’t help but lie st every turn..

I suspect she got into a heated argument with her baby daddy who may even pushed her so far to demand where his twin daughters are..perhaps during a struggle she defended herself only to accidentally kill him!

I would even wager Sutton Ames helped cover up his murder, seeing as he never cared for Richard to begin with!

The drama wages on in Genoa City..


Summer Newman is determined to make a fresh  start in Milan..

We know she deeply  her soulmate Kyle Abbott..

Tara Locke threaten her if she rejected this new job she would leave immediately with Harrison & keep her son from his Daddy..

Unfortunately for her she caves and seems to bid adieu with a bonvoyage goodbye to her loved ones!

Nick & Phyllis are not thrilled, but for now they support their SuperGirl for now..

Nothing is as it seems, hold on as Phyllis sets out to go into Nancy Drew mode..

Will her discovery lead her to team up with Lauren Fenmore?!


Devon Hamilton finds himself heading to see advice from all people Victor Newman..


Victoria has a inkling of doubt, but is it enough to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life by merging two companies and maybe even ponder wedding bells in her future?!


Is Ashlande Locke really 

or is it a ruse?!


Nate & Elena want to try again..

is it better the 2nd, 3rd time around?!


Dr.Stitch Rayburn stil harbors lingering feelings for ex wife

Abby Newman..

I don’t feel the chemistry if only Ashley were back!

At this point, Abby can go look for Chase herself..


Lilly & Billy embark on an exciting story that brings them closer yet his actions could be their undoing!

Don’t forget..

Victor & Adam have their own strategy’s to best Billy, who will succeed and at what price?!


Banner by

Aline Lepinsky ADMIN of

Adam Newman Fans!



If You are a Love,Victor Fan

from Hulu’s #1 LGBTQ Drama Series

Head over to this fun group..

“Love,Victor &

Love, Simon Fans 🙂

Tell them Willy sent you!


“Oakdale University”, Atwt , Spin-Off Fan Fic , Season8, Episode 24, ” A Romantic Interlude” , Written By Susan Semenjuk, , June 28,2021

“Oakdale University”, Atwt , Spin-Off Fan Fic , Season8, Episode 24, ” A Romantic Interlude” , Written By Susan Semenjuk, , June 28,2021

At Java Underground they found a quiet table in the back to drink they Mocha Lattes. Emma confessed “ I have to admit I’ve always had a slight crush on you David. I always thought you were so handsome and charming. To be honest you awaken feelings in me that I haven’t felt since my late husband Harvey. You must think I’m a fool.” David took Emma’s hands and they both felt the connection again as he said “I don’t think you’re a fool. I always admired you for the wonderful loving caring person you are Emma. I have a confession to make too, there’s always been a part of me that’s attracted to you.” Emma smiled and said “ it’s probably because I must remind you of your mother.” David squeezed Emma’s hand and said “ No, there’s no comparison between my mother and  you.  You are a way better person than her. Believe me my feelings for you are anything but mother/son. I was happy to see you at the gym today.” Emma smiled and said “ You make an old woman feel special.” David said “ you are not old. You are a beautiful woman.” They talked while they drank their coffee and then he walked her to her car. At her car door neither wanted to part company. David leaned in and kissed Emma and she responded.  They stood at their cars kissing not caring who saw them. When a kiss was broken David said “I want  you Emma. If we don’t go someplace private I’m going to take you in  your car.” Emma blushed and said “ let’s go to my place.” David replied “I’ll meet you there.” All the way home Emma couldn’t believe she’s about to have sex with David Hayward!

☕ Exclusive Y&R Spoilers!!

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers!!!

Tara Locke comes unglued towards Summer Newman, her true colors are finally unleashed..

Has she signed on more than she can handle?!

When her new enemy threatens to keep Kyle from his son if she doesn’t take the job that will send her far away..

So much for wedded bliss?!

Amanda Sinclair has had enough of her dysfunctional family and the secrets they keep like a pearl necklace that could choke her, the next secret the detective reveals unravels her world as she knows it..

She was Richards best friend?!

Victoria Newman sees green like yup cash when Ashlande Locke confides he is dying of cancer, these two poweful figures could pair up to SHAKE UP Genoa City, i am all for it, as long as RUMORS he could be ABUSIVE not be the game changer that could destroy Victor Newman’s only daughter..

Speaking of The Great Victor Newman..

He is wise to a  Enemy himself in form of the mysterious Sutton Ames as he just learned the elderly man is no other than Amanda Sinclairs grandfather!!!

Add to the mix, he catches onto him being framed for murder by this scrupulous man who will be a thorn in his side for the time being until answers are given to all parties involved .

Personally, this Storyline of hers has felt like a 🎢

roller coaster..

are we done..no more to come!!

The killer will make jaws drop!!!

Nikki & Victor must unite when it comes to their daughter, but they better keep their family closer as Nick Newman  finally lays into

Phyllis Summers!!

Sally & Tara teaming up is just the tip of the ice berg as the Fashionista from Los Angeles has Phyllis in her sights!!

The drama promises to be Tv Worthy. .

Abby Newman is soo worried about her husband Chase..

Get ready Abby..

He is returning 

Dead or Alive..

you will get your spouse back..

Careful what you wish for..

Check out

Disney’s “LUCA” only on


Such a delightful, fun loving animated summer film that everybody can enjoy together!

The Detective has a MAJOR SECREt on Y&R
Disney’s “LUCA”, Streaming on Disney Plus

Listen to Can’t Have You ( Hip Hop Summer Romance Diddy Of Song )  By PartyWill.m4a by PartyWill of ( PartyWill Music © 2021 ) on #SoundCloud

Hola Amigo’s

Dropped my NEW RELEASE

“Can’t Have You”

Summer Hip Hop ( Diddy Of a Song )

Check it out

Listen to Can’t Have You ( Hip Hop Summer Romance Diddy Of Song )  By PartyWill.m4a by PartyWill of ( PartyWill Music © 2021 ) on #SoundCloud


“CRUEL SUMMER”, FREEFORMS HIT DRAMA SUMMER SERIES REVIEW & RATING & Congrats on 2nd Season Renewal 2022..Review by PartyWill

“CRUEL SUMMER”, FREEFORMS HIT DRAMA SUMMER SERIES REVIEW & RATING & Congrats on 2nd Season Renewal 2022..Review by PartyWill

😱 OMG 😱


* I really  this series, yes it was TWISTED, it was DARK .,

I called a few portions of the REVEALS..

WE now know who. .

Annabelle was..

We now know who is

inside the vehicle Kate was dancing in front of..


💙 the ending..

Plus lots of pieces to the puzzle..

Congrats to Jessica Biel..

Cast, Crew, Writers on Renewal for Season2

Ready for more. .DRAMA!!!

I am also thankful to

Freeform & Amazon to

Provide Season Pass to its Customers!!

— Season2 2022–

The ending is only the beginning..

Show Review By PartyWill

Give Season 1 ❤❤❤❤❤❤

“Cruel Summer”, FREEFORM, HIT DRAMA SERIES REVIEW & RATING & Congrats on 2nd Season Renewal 2022 , Review by PartyWill

“Love, Victor” FanFic by PartyWill on Wattpad – DEBUTS- NEXT WEEK!!!

Hola Amigo’s,

Willy here–

💘 the series

If you enjoy reading FanFics i DEBUT my Love, Victor series inspired from the show it allows me to continue the adventures of our faves even further.



The Fun kicks off..NEXT WEEK!!

Happy Birthday, HUNK OF THE DAY, JORDI VILASUSO!!!, 💙 🍰


Happy Birthday to the super talented & VERY SEXY Jordi Vilasuso (Y&R-Rey)!

Happy Birthday 🍰 💙 Jordi Vilasuso , HUNK OF THE DAY

PartyWill’s Playlist of Songs Releasing 🔜 Sound Cloud

Drops July 2021

Funky Fresh, Latino Style

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New Song List —

Coming Fall 2021

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New Songs —

Lovers Heartbreak

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Duet w Jenna –


Xoxo, PartyWill