” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents ” Y&R Tales ” Episode ” Off & Running “




” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents

” Y&R Tales ”

Online Written FanFic Series

Episode  : ”  Off & Running ”

Written by :

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

April 2,2016


Fenn Baldwin was returning from College for the weekend to surprise his parents Lauren & Michael but they were not in town they had both left to Oakdale,Ilinois where Fen had recently transferred .

Luckily he did get a call from somebody he didn’t expect ..

” Neil Winters ? ”

asks Fen curiously

” Hello Fen , hope you don’t mind me calling , I got your number from Michael .

Anyways I have a job opening if you are interested ,

free to discuss this further ? ”

asks Neil

Fen hastily agrees to the meeting .




Phyllis has just about finished up work chatting it up with a client of Jabots overseas ..

” Mr.Tonka ,

we are looking forward to meeting with you in person this week ! ”

hints Phyllis


A gust of wind blows hard in town ..indicating changes are about to begin 😉


* Cast *


Nicholas Hault

As ” Fenn Baldwin ”


“Desperate House Wives “, FanFic, Partywill on Wattpad, March Madness

The Wait is over. .

Welcome back to Wisteria Lane ..

Meet the Wilkings!!

#FanFic #DesperateHouseWives


Dedicated to






“Twin Cities” LGBTQ Fanfic, Mystery Drama Series, PartyWill – Debuts -Spring 2021



FanFic Mystery Drama Series. .


Welcome to Rainey Lane, Los Vegas

Where secrets will shatter lives,

Deep Secrets Unleash Unexpected Chaos ..

Follow Jenny & Emily two twin sisters dealing with the gift of solving mysteries, keeping up on the latest hot gossip & trying to maintain their lives in the process!

#TwinCities #LGBTQ #FanFic

#Mystery #Drama #Secrets


Debuts Spring 2021. .

Jenny & Emily are solving mysteries in “Twin Cities” LGBTQ FanFic Mystery Drama Series, PartyWill – DEBUTS – Spring 2021

Exclusive “Bold & The Beautiful” Daytime Spoilers!

Exclusive Bold & The Beautiful Daytime Spoilers!

Get ready —

Los Angeles, California gets into a major emotional music chairs as Zende fights his wanting of Zoe to pursue Paris. .

Even if they connect, is Zoe out of his system?!

The Baby paternity drama takes a very unexpected turn as Steffy reels at having to deal with Liam as her baby daddy, only the TWIST is it’s really Finns ..

Thomas will suspect of best friend Vinny being responsible..

We all know Vinny would do anything for Thomas you think he was into him..

Donna shows comcern for Curtis i truly hope he gets with her they are ADORABLE together!

Bill is determined to win Katy back ..

Expect a surprising ally to be his new supporter ..

Liam may lose Hope over his infidelity it’s only a matter of time. . as fate has a Surprising circumstance that will alter his life ..

Exclusive Gh Juicy SPOILERS!

Exclusive Gh JUICY Spoilers!

Life in Port Charles will quickly feel like early summer as the characters we  get into crazy situations. .

Valentin has had enough of Peter August as he finally does open up to Anna ..

Now the clock is ticking who will expose him?!

The rumor is Dimitri Marick is going to make a surprise visit to exact revenge against Anna for killing his wife?!

While i am thrilled it could happen, expect Alex to shake things up in a new way ..

Finn finds himself in a crossroads after a SHOCKING discovery is made!

Jason gets closer to Brit as her condition worsens ..

Could it lead to romance?!

Could Jason be her Hero?!

– I  the idea of pairing these two complicated characters together only because in my opinion Jason & Sam need a break from each other –

Sam and Dante grow closer as they find a new case may bring them out of the Friendship Zone ..

I heard a rumor Lulu awakens from her coma, i hope not right away

I am loving Dante & Sam together .

Cameron Webber shaves his head in support of his admiration & loyalty to his Step Dad Franco who is dealing with the return of the tumor!

A traumatic experience will forever change not only Caneron’s life but many others!

Lucy Coe finds a new cause soon besides Nurses Ball ..

Nina gets an ally being her ex daughter in law, Maxie. .

They team up together ..

Valentin is tinkling with Alexis Davis & Martin Grey being a couple..

Is he a match maker?!

A revelation sends a SHOCK WAVE through town. .

GH SPOILERS, Feb Sweeps 2021

Gh Spoilers!

The residents of Port Charles will be making choices that will be altering many lives in the days ahead.  .

February Sweeps kicks off with soo much drama..


Feb 18, 2021

Sam & Dante make a surprising connection. .

Could this be the start of a budding relationship?!

Nina’s motivated by grief, anger and revenge?!

Carly meets with Dianne Miller about a legal matter..

Could she be facing criminal charges for Nelle’s death?!

Thursday Feb 19, 2021

Nina heads to Jordan. .

Valentin has hope for a second chance with Nina ..

Brit confides in Jason ..

I  this pairing

Brando gets on Cyrus’ bad side ..

Will he live to tell about it?!

Friday Feb 20,2021

This is one day you can’t miss ..

Curtis spends time with Portia while on a stake out ..

Ava & Nicholas celebrate

Valentines Day..

Lucas misinterprets a situation

Monday Feb 22,2021

When Cameron needs support he turns to Trina

( These two are my fav pairing )

Tuesday Feb 23, 2021

Residents get support from others ..

Nina gets hers from Maxie,

Anna from Peter..

Brit gets hers from Obrect ..

Weds Feb 24, 2021

Carly is worried what Nina will do next..

Alexis attempts to make amends to Olivia

Thurs Feb 25, 2021

Sam may be just what Curtis needs as he is ready to make some major changes in his life..

Laura is there for Nicholas involving his relationship with son Spencer..

Feb 26, 2021

Anna opens up to Valentin..but why?!

Why are they so close one wonders?!

I am rooting for Anna/Valentin

— Stay Safe , Stay Warm —

🙏 Prayers to all who are enduring severe winter weather conditions!

Coming Soon..

Sonny’s life takes an unexpected turn..

“Nancy Drew” FanFic , Case Of The Blue Orchard Necklace by PartyWill on Wattpad

Tonight. .

Nancy Drew is on the case. .

Special Guest.  .

Kristina Wagner as

“Belinda Joy”

#FanFic #NancyDrew


“Nancy Drew In Case Of The Blue Orchard Necklace ..” by PartyWill on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/202464347?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.lge.qmemoplus&utm_content=share_reading&wp_page=reading&wp_uname=PartyWill&wp_originator

“Dallas Fanfic” by PartyWill

~~ Tonight, Ray makes Demands ~~

#FanFic #Dallas #FebSweeps

“Dallas – FanFic – PartyWill – Mature Readers” by PartyWill on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/253084031?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.lge.qmemoplus&utm_content=share_reading&wp_page=reading&wp_uname=PartyWill&wp_originator

Kassie Depaiva Joins Abc’s “Pine Valley” as a NEW Character!

Kassie Depaiva Joins Abc’s “Pine Valley” as a NEW Character!

In other news 😃 😃 😃

Help me Congratulate

Kassie Depaiva for signing on to

“Pine Valley” for a handful of episodes as a New character..

Who would you like to see Return to Pine Valley ?!


Pine Valley Casting News


“Grand Lodge Hotel” , LGBTQ FanFic MATURE Drama Series , Written & Created by Soap Opera Fan , Season Premiere, Midnight Edition!

PartyWill’s Online Publications

Magazine Presents ..

“Grand Lodge Hotel”

Created & Written by

Soap Opera Fan

Chapter 1/ Pt1

“Happy Bday To Me!”

Midnight Edition


PartyWill’s Online Publications

Magazine Presents ..

“Grand Lodge Hotel”

Created & Written by

Soap Opera Fan

Chapter 1/ Pt1

“Happy Bday To Me!”

Midnight Edition


“Grand Lodge Hotel”
“Grand Lodge Hotel”

Chapter 1/Pt1

“Happy Bday To Me”

On a Friday afternoon Luke Waffler is leaving work to go to a hotel for the night he drives off and arrives at the hotel and parks his car and heads inside, “Welcome to the Grand Lodge Hotel!” , the front desk agent says,

“Can I get my usual room?”

Luke asks as the front desk agent did not know what to do so he calls his manager to help him ,

“Sir there is a man here looking for something in his room, “the girl says, “I will take it from here” .

Victor Flonds says, “I’m so sorry for that you should ask for me when you checking in.”

Victor says would you like your usual room with your usual gift inside?” he asks , “Yes I would love that!” Luke replies as Victor goes and gets Luke his room card then says,

” Your gift will be in your room shortly!”

“Thanks I really need this”

Luke says and heads off to the elevators. As the elevator doors open Luke walks down the hall to his room 1303 , where he opens the door and puts his bag on the floor and heads to the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face. While Luke is in the bathroom the door opens and someone walks into the room Luke steps out of the bathroom to see a man lying on the bed wearing nothing but black boxers What took you so long?” Luke asks,“I wanted to make sure you had a very enjoyable stay” Steve Mcroy says,“I’m already enjoying what I see now come over here and kiss me .“ he says while Steve gets up and walks over to Luke and starts kissing him as he puts his hands on Steve’s ass and says ,“I’m going to enjoy my stay here!”

Luke starts running his hands all over Steve’s body feeling up his abs and pecs and landing at his ass grabbing it up and down Luke says, “Today is my birthday” ,

Steve says”, let’s make it a birthday you will never forget!”

Steve gets on his knees in front of Luke and starts rubbing Luke’s cock threw his jeans as Luke moans, saying,

“You’re making me so horny”,

Steve unzips Luke’s jeans and pulls down the jeans and his underwear showing his clients big cock, “I will give you a birthday you will never forget!” Steve says while he moves his head to Luke’s cock and starts putting it in his mouth slowly “That’s it nice and slow”, Luke says while his hands are on the back of Steve’s head while he sucks his big cock Luke moans some more and Steve stops to jerk Luke’s cock! Luke helps Steve up on his feet and says, “Let’s go over to the bed!” They head over to the bed and Luke pushes Steve down on his back climbing on top of him and starts kissing his neck.

He licks his escorts abs and rubs his hands all over his face while he pulls down Steve’s boxers and starts sucking his dick Steve moans and says, “Shouldn’t I be giving you a happy birthday”,

Luke stops sucking and looks up and says, “Just wait till I’m inside you!”

Luke turns Steve on his back and spreads his legs apart, “Look at that gorgeous ass!” Luke says while he slaps Steve’s ass and starts to kiss his cheeks making him moan while he feels Luke kissing his cheeks and goes for his hole Luke starts to rim Steve’s hungry horny hole making him moan louder and says, ”Oh my god your tongue is amazing!”

Luke stops and gets up behind Steve holding his cock next to Shis desired object of his affections ass! Luke says , “Ready for me to be inside you?” Steve nods and says “Let me give you a birthday you will never forget!” Luke puts his cock next to Steve’s hole and starts to slowly enter him as he matches his moans to his as he feels Luke’s cock going deeper and deeper inside him!

Steve starts to pick up speed while he feels his hole starting to stretch out making him moan while Luke goes faster feeling his thighs clap against Steve’s ass cheeks!

Steve says,“Oh god your cock is big!”, “Tell me how much you want it inside you!” Luke says, “I want you so bad inside me!” Steve says  Luke goes faster and harder inside Steve’s tight ass and says,

“Oh yeah this is my favorite birthday ever!” He lays back down on top of steve going faster and kissing his neck as Steve says,

“Oh yeah daddy cum inside me!” Luke gets up and

pounds him harder and says,“I’m cumming! ”

Steve moans felling the cum inside his ass, while In another room Jake is getting a room ready for a client who paid for a romantic night . the bed is ready with flowers and condoms table is ready all that’s left is ice for the champagne as Luke climbs off of Steve’s backside and says, “That was fun, here is your money plus a bonus for you because you are so amazing!“

Steve grabs his underwear and says “You are my favorite client!” Steve leaves the room and Luke gets dressed to checkout Jake who goes to grab the ice bucket to get ice down the hall and says, ”This client wil love the night planned!” Luke buttons his shirt and heads to the door and says “I forgot my phone!”

He heads back to grab it off the nightstand and opens the door to see jake opening the door across the hall, “Jake is that you?” Luke asks as Jake turns around shocked to see Luke standing in the hallway “its been along time” Jake says excitedly smiling.

To Be Continued. .

Cast ..

Kyle Lowder as Steve

Wes Ramsey as Luke

Trevor St. John as Victor

Joshua Morrow as Jake

#FanFicSaturday #MidnightEdition

Willys View Podcast – 6×3 – David A. Gregory , Actor/Writer ( Ex: Robert Ford , Oltl )

Willys View Podcast – 6×3 – David A. Gregory , Actor/Writer ( Ex: Robert Ford , Oltl )

Join me as we get to know

David A. Gregory deeper such as his reflections of Oltl..

Personal take from Covid 19 ..

Soo much more !

Thanks for listening…

Catch You On The FLIP SIDE!!

Listen here.  .

Breaking News – “End Of A Nightmare” by PartyWill

Breaking News – “End Of A Nightmare” by PartyWill

Today marks a milestone in history as it’s President Donald Trump’s last Friday in the White House!

To say i am beyond excited would be an understatement!

The president is expected to be escorted with his red carpet , trimmings of royalty he has taken advantage of during his 4 years!

Luckily he is headed to Florida, away from other states many people were hoping he would not reside!

The New Chapter begins

Jan 20, 2021 as we WELCOME

President Joe Biden , and

Vice President Kamala Harris!

More updates as they arrive!




“Dallas” FanFic by PartyWill on Wattpad, Chapter 2 : “Pink Slip”

Rebecca Sutter has work issues, can she resolve it?! 

“Dallas – FanFic – PartyWill – Mature Readers” by PartyWill on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/253084031?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.lge.qmemoplus&utm_content=share_reading&wp_page=reading&wp_uname=PartyWill&wp_originator=I5Hoo

“Dallas” FanFic by PartyWill on Wattpad , Chapter 1 : “Blonde Bombshell”

The Wait is over ..

A New Saga Begins!

Dedicated to —

Jessica Simpson

“Dallas – FanFic – PartyWill – Mature Readers” by PartyWill on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/253084031?

#FanFicTuesday #Dallas

Dedicated to







2 Night #SoapNight Daytime Event, Jan 8-9,2021 TONIGHT 8PM

It’s here & you are invited..

2 Night Soap Fan Event..

1st – #SoapNight kicks off

Media 8pm.

90 Daytime Groups 

2nd- #Willy’sViewPodcastS6

Kicks off #SoapNight for its

Winter Season Premiere

Relive Classics & Watch & Listen

🎧 📻

Dedicated to Daytime Fans!!

Friday Jan 8, 2021

Plus –Ω

#SoapNight concludes

Media 7pm ..

Instagram :

Willys View Podcast




“United We Stand”

“Catch You On The Flip Side!!”

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“I’m Getting Used To You”


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Exclusive Gh Spoilers!

🌰 Exclusive Gh Spoilers..

As we kick off a New Years in Port Charles our beloved residents must deal with problems of the past, present & future!

Could Mob Kingpin Sonny Corinthos really be dead?!

Carly – Jason & his loved ones refuse to assume the worst as startling events could change their minds!

How will Trina deal with the aftermath of her father Taggert being alive?!

What about Portia’s secret that Curtis is actrually her Dad?!

Ava is trying to regain some composure after reeling from her big brother Julian’s death..

Sam is lost too, will she reunite with Jason through grief?!

Or could a new romance soften her broken, lonely heart?!

Brooklyn Ashton returns pregnant!

Chase is hoping to be reunited with Willow just as the possibility she is pregnant hits a pause ..

Carly must make a difficult choice, who will it affect?!

Laura finds ways to deal with her new half siblings!

Chase gets caught off guard!

Alexis gets closer to Gregory!

Will Molly reunite with Tj after she cheated on him, or could a new romance change her life?!

Cyrus goes after Carly & others nobody saw coming!

🎒 Gh is currently in Black till Jan 18,2021 meaning we could very well expect Abc Network to mix New & Old Episodes yet again .

Sources tell me they managed to film enough to last through February Sweeps, more updates 🔜

Exclusive Gh Spoilers!

🌰 Exclusive Gh Spoilers!

Watch Out Carly ..

Half of Port Charles seems to hate her for one reason or another..

Expect Valentin to join in on the plan to take down Carly!

Cyrus pushes the limits as he makes sure the Spotlight of Nelle’s murder results in her getting the unexpected Spotlight she did not see coming!

Alexis reels over Julian’s death, could Chase’s HUNKALICIOUS father Greggory be just the guy to heal her broken heart?!

Danger will strike, as

Jordan finally decides enough is enough so Cryrus puts her as a target on sight!

Portia & Curtis grow closer!

What about the secrets she keeps?!

Finn may be ready to wed Anna Devane but look for Alex to switch places as Liesel exacts her revenge!

Hmm.. Could our favorite Gher be getting Lucky?!

What will become of Franco?!

Martin Grey has his own reasons to hate Carly!

Nina Reeves convinces Jax not to send Joclyn to Austraila. .

Could he be leaving himself without her?!

Dr.Brit Westbournes days are numbered ..

Sonny Corinthos will be seeking some type of answers to his past ..

Which familiar faces could he come upon?

What do the Newbies coming on soon spell towards his future!

Sam McCall Davis & Dante Falconeri grow closer as ..FRIENDS!!!

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers!

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers —

As Amanda Sinclair musters enough courage to reach out to her biological mom, can she handle the truth that awaits her?!

Are Nate & Elena going steady or it he just a layover to temp ease the pain of losing Devon?!

Speaking of Devon a New Challenge awaits him in the New Year!

Phyllis will regret going after Victoria, who has few tricks up her sleeve!

Nick gets blind sided as he feels connection to which woman in town?!

Nikki attempts to make good on her own private resolutions!

A troubling baby drama awaits Newlyweds Abby & Chance!

Faith gets darker in the rabbit hole thanks to Jordan!

Nikki will do her best to help her granddaughter..

but will she listen?!

Chelsea’s determined to handle her New Normal..

Sharon may have married Rey Rosales, but her strong pull to Adam once again could be her undoing?!

Summer Newman is ready to take on Sally Spectra, expect her to hit Los Angeles in a Mega

Y&R / Bold & The Beautiful Cross-Over where she meets

Sally’s younger sister Cocoa who gets tempted to get her revenge?!

Victor Newman once again has a New reason to reach out & help Adam!

Will Chance & Adam make up as Bros?!

More Surprises to come ..

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

🎁 Exclusive Y&R Spoilers!


Genoa City residents wont all be happy this holiday season ..

Rey & Sharon’s impending nuptials wont go without a hitch as.  .

Det. Chance Chancelor must contain his jelousy seeing his Wife Abby chatting with her ex Arturo Rosales..

Jack Abbott sees Celeste Rosales could sparks ignite or does  have somebody else planned for the former playboy?!

An arrest in town will send a ripple effect throughout town!

Billy & Lilly face new obstacles as they manuever their relationship..

Kevin Fisher & Phyllis team up again ..

Gloria’s dark secret spells danger!

When Chelsea gets a setback could Adam realize he is already the luckiest man on earth or could he find a new way to connect with Sharon?!

Nick Newman confronts Victoria but why? Do we care?!

Devon-Amanda grow closer. .

As the song goes by Cher,

” It’s In His Kiss!”

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers

Donny Boaz returns to Y&R and Genoa City Wisconsin as Det Chance Chancelor!

He recently was diagnosed with Covid 19, paving the way for Melissa Ordways real life husband Justin Gaston to fill in temporarily in the role that has many devoted fans aching to keep him on longer than scheduled myself included!

I really enjoyed seeing Justin add a layer of excitement we have not seen from Chance’s character in what feels like forever!



Amanda finally gets her wish very soon to be reunited with family. . Granted she can’t re-connect with her twin Hiliary Curtis, but the holiday season will bring her that much closer in finding her birth mother!

Grab hankies, it is the moment you all been waiting months to see be a reality!

Devon & Amanda could grow closer from her new found family status!


Sally Spectra tries to take a different approach to obtain her goals, is it too little too late when half of Genoa City doesn’t trust the newbie in town who has created unwanted waves?!


Adam has been shaken to his core following being put into a mental institution albeit briefly, has he truly learned his lesson?!

Chelsea’s medical crisis could open new storyline possibilities nobody saw coming!


Phyllis & Kevin work together again who against?!


Victor finds a way to move forward to get to the bottom of who really shot Adam.. Will Lilly be the saving grace Billy Abbott needs to truly change his life or is he just a lost cause?!


A few holiday surprises are coming…