” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents ” Y&R Tales ” Episode ” Off & Running “




” PartyWills Online Publications Magazine ” Presents

” Y&R Tales ”

Online Written FanFic Series

Episode  : ”  Off & Running ”

Written by :

Willy Garza ( PartyWill )

April 2,2016


Fenn Baldwin was returning from College for the weekend to surprise his parents Lauren & Michael but they were not in town they had both left to Oakdale,Ilinois where Fen had recently transferred .

Luckily he did get a call from somebody he didn’t expect ..

” Neil Winters ? ”

asks Fen curiously

” Hello Fen , hope you don’t mind me calling , I got your number from Michael .

Anyways I have a job opening if you are interested ,

free to discuss this further ? ”

asks Neil

Fen hastily agrees to the meeting .




Phyllis has just about finished up work chatting it up with a client of Jabots overseas ..

” Mr.Tonka ,

we are looking forward to meeting with you in person this week ! ”

hints Phyllis


A gust of wind blows hard in town ..indicating changes are about to begin 😉


* Cast *


Nicholas Hault

As ” Fenn Baldwin ”


Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers

The wedding in Tuscany will be filled with lots of champagne with side of drama and nostalgia!

As Nick Newman manages to score a seat at the nuptials dispite his spoiled brat of a sister Victoria’s wishes, he takes his victory with a grain of salt since he’s blindsided that his own parents are Team Ashlande..

Luckily he won’t be moping too long as we get to finally see the newlyweds of Kyle Abbott, Summer Newman with Kyle’s son Harrison!

As the cermony gets closer to the day, more guests arrive..

Adam will be on board with plus 1 Sally Spectra who switches one wedding dress for her own masterpiece!

Will she get busted?!

Billy Abbott’s plan to expose Ashlande backfires, especially since his key secret weapon Jesse Gains just happens to be MIA courtesy of Adam who sticks to doing what must be done to cause any unnecessary chaos that he can!

Victoria will tear into Billy for his mission of destruction as Lilly finds herself defending Billy..

Sally catches a sweet moment between Jack & Phyllis that she tries to use to her advantage soon!

Nick is happy to see his son

portrayed by Rory Gibson making his 1st DEBUT as “Noah Newman” who hides a few secrets that will unravel in the coming months.

How sad Sharon couldn’t be there!

Leslie Brooks is reunited with

Nikki & Victor

Victor has another ace in his pocket to neutralizing his enemy!

Over in Genoa City,Wisconsin

Mariah Copeland pursues her baby addiction with Kevin Fisher..

Plus Devon gets frustrated with her antics, could he finally have enough to set her straight?!

Willys View Podcast 6×20- Season Finale, Venom Carnage Review, Fall Tv Picks- Germ Song-Song Of The Day-New Cohost Carolyn!

Thats a Wrap for S6 of Willys View Podcast..


Venom Carnage Review-

Germ Song

Song Of The Day

Welcome my New Cohost Carolyn for S7

See you all Oct7,2021

Special Thanks to Crystal Dixson


Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers, Teasers

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers

Week of Oct 4-8,2021, And Teasers

As the Newmans take different tasks to neutralizing Billy Abbott from ruining Victoria’s wedding day in Tuscany, a few key chain of events will occur..

Nikki & Victor will be at odds, can their marriage handle this disagreement coming up..

While there, we find Adam joining the charge to stop Billy, with the feisty, fierce Sally Spectra having a agenda to hitch with him as a plus 1

He naturally rejects her with the doubt it’s a sneaky way of gaining time to bond closer, surprsingly no she states her scheme to switch the dress that is from Lauren with her own that will promise to not only be a show stopper, but take Newman Communications off the map!

She does hint her name has to be out of the designer credit!

Will he accept her as a passenger?!

Billy finally gets the information to stop Ashlande in his tracks, will he do a Runaway Bride switching himself as the jilted groom to leave his bride at the alter?!

As chaos erupts, how does Dr.Nate Hastings fit into this dilema..

Nick may wanna get ready to consider being on the offensive again as Phyllis gets closer to Jack as the two are determined to keep their feelings in check!

Devon is intrigued by Amanda’s surprise that keeps him guessing as her mother gets ready for more Dr. visits involving her health!

Devon & Abby’s growing closeness deepens involving baby Dominic!!

— You cant miss Rory Gibson’s DEBUT as “Noah Newman”

The ugly truth rattles the Newman’s, Victoria is determined to get married to Ashlande in hopes of keeping their companys mergers in tact..

She couldn’t leave him, even if she wanted to..

Ashlande puts her in danger..

Who will be her Hero?!

Billy-Victor-Adam- Nick?!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!!

This week..

Sally Spectra finds a way to get in with Connor to get Adams attention much to Sharon’s chagrin..

For once Rey doesn’t grill his wifes ex husband as he understands she is helping his son deal with the break up of his parents splitting up.

Chloe has warned Sally, but she just won’t listen..

If only she knew what she is really after..

Ashlande Lockes past is ready to be exposed  who will reveal his dark past..


Phyllis & Jack are going to be drawn closer..

Amanda Sinclair’s ready to move in with Devon Hamilton..

Mariah Copeland continues to unravel after having been kidnapped months ago by Stitch then giving birth to Dominic..

She tries to attempt having a new family with Tessa in hopes of having their own baby, but her lover will quickly dissuade her from acting upon such a hasty decision..

Can Mariah find peace or will she soon be headed a mental institution to recover?!

Either way, Sharon should be keeping closer tabs on her daughter as more heartache awaits her eldest daughter..

Nate will soon be a hero again..is the friendship with Amanda solid as Devon & Abby grow closer due to baby Dominic?!

Will Chance ever return?!

Could Victor & Ashley soon find a way to bring him home?!

Exclusive Y&R Cast Update, Jamison Jones joins as Attorney Jesse Gains!

Exclusive Y&R Cast Update, Jamison Jones joins as Attorney Jesse Gains!

Get ready for drama to explode when Jamison Jones hits Genoa City as Attorney Jesse Gains, he has the insight to Ashlande Locke’s past..

Jesse debuts Sept 21,2021

What secrets is Ashlande hiding?!

——— ——– ————-

Jamison was recently in a horror film titled Pierce Brothers’ The Wretched”

It is critically acclaimed Supernatural film..released in 2019

Exclusive Y&R Casting Update–Rory Gibson DEBUTS as Noah Newman Fall 2021

Exclusive Y&R Casting Update–Rory Gibson DEBUTS as Noah Newman Fall 2021

Get ready for an exciting Fall Season in Genoa City, as Rory Gibson takes on the pivital role of Noah Newman!

Not only does Noah have a New face, but  attitude, can he really work with Adam without locking horns?!

Plus watch for him to be intrigued by Sally Spectra!

“Oakdale:University” A-T-W-T, FanFic, Spin-Off, Season8, Fall 2021 Preview



FanFic Spin-Off


Fall 2021 Preview

Our exciting Fall season includes intrigue, mystery, drama, hidden agendas, romance mixed with danger!

Katy Peretti finds herself entangled in a mystery that will be a fun umbrella storyline for Oakdale, Illinois as a new social elilte family hits town with few juicy twists of the past mixed with present..

One member will have a deep connection to one key resident in town..

The Marshall Family will keep things interesting..

Rose D’Angelo finds herself helping Simon’s illegitimate son Eddie in many different ways..

Lilly Walsh is piqued by curiousity over Kevin Marshall..

As Katy pursues their history it leads to Emily Stewart going missing but why?!


Luke Snyder exits town to start his new job in Albany, Alabama

This saddens Noah Mayer as he turns to his family, friends and lover Will Munson to keep from diving into despair..

Will will do his best in keeping Noah happy as their relationship gets tested as Barbara Ryan makes him CEO of BRO

Barbara Ryan Originals

Paul Ryan has his own exit story leading to a puzzling mystery later in the fall..

Meg will find herself dealing with her past misdeeds as Damian Grimaldi’s daughters create chaos!


Carly Tenney gets ready to set a chain of events in motion that changes lives..

Her romance will blossom with a man from her past..

Jack gets shot while on a case leading him to his new lover..

Dr. David Hayward gets threats that worries Emma Snyder!!

Lots more Drama ahead..

Johnny has a business venture that excites Lisa Grimaldi that leads him to deal with his teenaged son Levi to hit town straight from boarding school..


Sunday – 12,2021

Exclusive Y&R Fall Preview 2021 Daytime Preview

Exclusive Y&R Fall 2021 Daytime Preview

Get ready for one major exciting Fall Season in Genoa City..

1st The residents will soon be playing musical chairs far as relationships, drama, unexpected pairings!

Billy Abbott takes charge to expose Ashlande Locke, as a new mystery of his true identity takes form just as Victoria’s impending nuptials inches that much closer!

Once he gets the Ugly truth out the after shocks may just destroy his relationship with Lilly freeing her back to being single again!

Sally Spectra has visions of being with Adam even possible wedded bliss?!

Adam will be dealing with the women in his life and surprisingly in a new way nobody expected especially when Chelsea returns!

Could Chelsea stop Ally” before it even starts to blossom?!

Takes one Con Artist to know another!

Chance better hurry home before he loses his wife Abby to Devon as they grow closer to each other especially after she acknowledges him as god father..

Mariah makes a decision too as her future with Tessa also takes a surpring turn..

However she needs to heal after being kidnapped can she recover from such a traumatic event?!

Embrace the best and worst as Mariah’s world Spirals out of control..

Noah Newman returns and it is possible he could eye Sally ..

Nick catches Phyllis in a lie that drives a wedge between these two could Nick turn to Sharon or Lilly when he becomes single again?!

Phyllis & Jack are caught between old sparks reigniting..as are Victoria & Billy Abbott will history repeat itself or could these pairings survive?!

Amanda Sinclair has a surprise for Devon, but is it to move in or have a baby together or something more deeper?!

Stitch Rayburn is still out there ..could he return again?! ..

Ashley & Victor worry about Abby continuing to play the doting wife with no husband in sight..

How much can she take?!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!!

The big day has finally arrived as baby Dominic arrives just as the gradmothers appear both Nina & Ashley!!

There’s even a very tender moment between Victor & Sharon!

Speaking of Victor he asks Adam to task in an effort of taking down Billy Abbott will he go after his enemy?!

Meanwhile Nikki Newman is concerned for Victoria’s well being involving her up coming nuptials of her marrying Ashlande Locke..

Sally Spectra is determined to open her heart to Adam, is it Lust or Love, or Desperation that drives her?!

Jack Abbott feels a pull towards Phyllis!!

Devon & Abby grow closer as they embrace Dominic in their lives!

Mariah still fears Stitch Rayburn could return since he is roaming free.

Lilly Winters shows her inner Dru when she shows her competitive edge involving Victor trying to lure Elena to Newman Media

Sharon finds herself question Adam to where he stands with Chelsea?!

Rey Rosales exposes Adams true intentions..

Coming Soon..

Adam & Sharon share a moment

Sally & Phyllis are on a collision course!

Devon is surprised by his feelings

Victor takes action..

Nick takes action..

Mariah wants a Family with Tessa

Noah Newman RETURNS!!!

“Soap Lives” – A 🆕🆕 Daytime FanFic Created by PartyWill , Bonnie Jean Milroy DEBUTS NEXT WEEK!

“Soap Lives” A 🆕 Daytime FanFic DEBUTS NEXT WEEK, Created by PartyWill & Bonnie Jean Milroy

Next Week ..

A 🆕 Daytime FanFic DEBUTS

“Soap Lives”

Daytime FanFic

CReated by

PartyWill &

Bonnie Jean Milroy

A medical crisis brings favorites from your Daytime towns & more as Secrets,Danger,Romance!!

Exclusive B&B Daytime Spoilers!! , Congrats to Kimberlin Brown’s Contract Status!

Kimberlin Brown is staying longer on B&B, she is on Contract!!

Exclusive B&B Daytime Spoilers!!

The summer is Los Angeles, heats up as Sheila blackmails Dr.Finn Finnegans adoptive father Jack..

She pushes him to let the Foresters & Steffy to let her have time with her grandchild..

She threatens to expose Jack’s dirty little secret if he refuses to help her reach the goal set in motion.

As an unexpected couple reunite..

Carter & Quinn exchange their love for each other..

can Love truly Conquer all?!

Brooke has her reasons to doubt Sheila, it’s only a matter of time before she or somebody else exposes the truth!!

Paris continues to be Finn’s confidant watch for that closeness to go past the friend zone!!

Sheila gets the ammunition against Quinn..

It’s never a dull moment..

Congrats to Kimberlin Brown on her contract status!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers

Grab your Dvrs & set to record Tues Aug 17,2021 as a RED LETTER DAY where we find Nikki Newman threaten Sally Spectra about anybody crossing a Newman!!!

We know how Sally handles threats

As for Devon, his life is in danger as Sutton Ames targets Genoa City’s billionaire!!

Victor Newman gets pulled into Mariah’s missing storyline when he offers to find the surragate..

Devon seeks assistance himself..

Rey is pursuing Mariah’s disappearance, watch for him to screw things up along the way!

This Kidnapping is a Mini Umbrella storyline meaning it involves a majority of the cast!

Victor is determined for Victoria & Adam Newman to call a truce..

Has Hell frozen over?!

Jack Abbott gets sage advice from Lauren..

Coming Soon..

Are the Rumors true..

Could Sally Spectra be Phyllis’ long lost daughter who was given away to an adoptive family years ago?!

When you find out who really has Mariah you will  SCREAM!!

Victoria almost catches onto Ashlande’s plan..is it beneficial or a betryal?!

Victor Newman sets Rey Rosales straight once & for all

Sharon makes a daring move but for her marriage or to find her missing daughter?!

“Streets Of California” LGBTQIA FanFic Drama Series, Ep1-“Conflicted Emotions” PartyWill on Wattpad


Series DEBUTS Right Now!!

“Streets Of California”

Written & Created by PartyWill &

Susan Semenjuk

VIP Co Writers

Nathan Banks

Christopher Attaway

#StreetsOfCalifornia #MATURE


#FanFic #Drama #Wattys2021


Child Tax Credit Schedule, Tax Free Weekend!

Child Tax Credit Schedule & Tax Free Weekend!

Happy Friday Amigo’s, it truly is Good Friday for the following states of

Iowa, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia

Below is the criteria for Tx Holiday

What’s tax-free:

Clothing and footwear: Less than $100

Clothing accessories or equipment: Less than $50

Select school supplies, school art supplies and instructional materials: No limit

Electronic items such as cell phones, laptops and tablets will qualify as sales tax-exempt for the first time: No limit


Finally the Child Tax Credit will be added to parents with dependents so below is the updated schedule as you can see the Aug schedule has been moved 🆙

Best Summer Ever!!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!

Exclusive Y&R Spoilers!

Get ready for Major Drama to unfold in Genoa City, as the Summer season is nearing it’s end, but not without it’s fair shair of surprises!

Let’s kick off with

Phyllis Summers who finally gets a few allys during her pursuit to bring down Sally & Tara..

She has been determined to take both women down after her only daughter Summer Newman hastily accepted a job in Milan..

As she gets closer to the truth..

Watch for Nick Newman, Eric Forrester, Also Summer’s boss Angelina Marchetti to help her get a victory..

While over at the Newman Media division we focus on Adam Newman aimed to target sister Victoria, only Victor will immediately disarm any chance of war at this point when he conveys that sometimes compassion is needed rather than revenge..

Will Adam agree and follow orders?!

Amanda Sinclair has had enough of her grandfather Sutton Ames and she is ready to seek her own revenge maybe she should have paired up with Adam!

Nonetheless Devon will do his best to keep her from destroying herself but will it be in time or too late for what lies ahead?!

The kidnapping of Mariah gets more crazy by the minute..

Sharon finally fears for her daughters wellbeing, Tessa opts to follow up on a clue..

Maybe she should go to Rey Rosales who at the moment can’t stop being concerned about his rocky marriage to Sharon nor ignore the fact he is in awe of Chelsea?!

The kidnapper will soon be revealed when a crisis kicks off even more drama than expected!


Kyle makes a daring move that forever changes his life..

Could he finally propose to Summer & be happy with her in Milan?!

Finally ..

This Fall..

6 New Storylines will hit center stage with Raul Guiterez RETURNING to help Rey Rosales solve a Who Done It!

Tara goes after Phyllis..

Sally Spectra targets Nick Newman in her revenge against Phyllis!!

Will Nick cheat on Phyllis?!

Devon & Amanda face New Hurdle in their relationship..

How close will Adam & Chloe get ?!

Sharon wants Adam but can she stay faithful to Rey or will she give into her desires?!

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers

Devon Hamilton & Amanda Sinclair are ready to take their relationship to the next level, they already see each other nearly everyday so it is only natural they move in together!


The walls are closing in on

Tara Loche & Sally Spectra as Nancy Drew Phyllis Sumners & Billy Abbott take their alliances to the next level of attempting to catch these as Phyllis likes to say,

“2 little girls” in the act!


Kyle Abbott idiotically has fallen anything Tara gives him far as trail of lies that soon will be revealed!

Get ready as he defends her against his better judgement..

Could somebody else get a clue to this Deception?!


Paris is the land of lovers, Summer sure misses hers.

Maybe a surprise visit from

Victor & Nikki could be a game changer to her unwritten future!


Jack Abbott is still smitten bySally Spectra, could he be headed to more heartache?!

“Bold & The Beautiful Tales” FanFic Series, Book 1, PartyWill

Your Favorite FanFic RETURNS!!

You won’t believe who kisses Summer Newman on her 1st day as an intern for Forrester Creations!!

New Episodes

Aug 10,2021

” Bold & The Beautiful Tales “

FanFic Series 

Book 1 

Willy Garza”

by PartyWill on Wattpad


Exclusive Y&R Cast Update-Hunter King, Michael Mealor OUT at Y&R!

Exclusive Y&R Cast Update-Hunter King, Michael Mealor OUT at Y&R!

I am sad to report

“Young & The Restles”

Hot Young Couple of

“Summer Newman & Kyle Abbott

Portrayed by both

Hunter King &

Michael Mealor are due to exit the Daytime Sudser within the final days of summer..

This is due to a breakdown in contract negotiations!

What ever happen to fighting for your cast members?!

Daytime can be so ruthless & cut throat..much like on 📺

This latest Update not only has loyal fans upset but more Outraged over how our beloved Vets have been treated along with other cast members!

Many are Uniting, myself included in demanding Head Writer

Josh Griffith be fired!

Clearly the lack of some storylines and the strong ones are obvious proof of favortism yet being showcased!

Our show is being ruined, together we can fight & save it!

Hash Tag

#FireJG to join our movement!!

While we wish the very best to both Hunter & Michael in their bright futures, we won’t stop fighting to have them back!

Child Care Act 2021–Update!!

Child Tax Credit Update –

Say what you will, but our 46th President Joe Biden has come through as far as issuing funds of the Child Care Act starting July 15,2021 parents will be receiving monthly payments for their children!

The funds arriving are $300.00 per child.

If you got a $1,400 stimulus check, then you’ll receive Child Tax Credit automatically

If you received a $1,400 stimulus check, then the IRS all has the necessary information it needs to include you in the new Child Tax Credit scheme, as pointed out by Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

While the American Rescue Plan only temporarily increased the child tax credit, Stabenow said she hoped the enhanced benefit would become permanent: “This is not a  permanent change, but I’m hoping that there’ll be so much support and people will see the benefits of it, that we’re going to be able to extend it and eventually make it permanent.”

Count your blessings, where we can get them!

Thank you Mr.President for doing all you do to make America Great again!!

Willys View Podcast 6×14- “Good Girls” (Cancelled Truth), Newsbreak Stories, EXCLUSIV DAYTIME Spoilers!

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: 6×14- Good Girls(Cancelled Truth) News Break Stories &EXCLUSIV DAYTIME Spoilers! https://anchor.fm/willy-garza/episodes/6×14–Good-GirlsCancelled-Truth-News-Break-Stories-EXCLUSIV-DAYTIME-Spoilers-e145qd4 

🏖 Vacation July 12-18,2021

Exclusive Y&R Daytime Spoilers!

Exclusive Y&R

Daytime Spoilers

Week of July 12-16,2021

Get ready for a fast paced week of alliances, hidden agenda’s and yes even secrets, lies, confrontations!

With Mariah Copeland gone missing, watch for Tessa to confront Abby Newman with some very choice awards!

Could she possibly blame the Newman heiress for her lovers disappearance ?!

Amanda Sinclair finds herself requiring Victor Newman’s assistance..

Will he be so accommodating or will he kindly refuse?!

After all Sutton James nearly attempted to frame him for her Dad Richard’s murder..

So why would he help?!

Another unexpected Alliance is that of Phyllis & Billy when the walls are closing in these two team up!

Sally gets bettayed..

Who will expose her?!

Could Eric Forrester tell Phyllis it was Sallys suggestion for Summer to take a job away from GC?!

Stay Tuned!!


Stitch Rayburn has kidnapped Mariah Copeland with hopes of stealing the newborn baby for himself considering his son is in a mental ward, maybe he has truly lost his mind!

Get ready for your head to spin..

He has another long lost sister who now resides in Genoa City, Wisconsin

— Tara Locke–

Could he turn to her for help since he kidnapped Mariah?!

Kyle & Tara have a shocking adventure at the park with Harrison could this turn of events bring them closer?!

— Coming 🔜

Kyle Abbott reels when it is discovered Theo Vanderway is really Harrisons Biological father as many fans figured out weeks ago!

Noah Newman RETURNS!!

could Sally Spectra catch his attention?!