OakdaleUniversity Atwt Online Written FanFic Series Season 7 Ep6 Pt.10/10 ” FIRED UP ” June 22,2018

FanFic Series
Season 7
June 22,2018


Written by
Willy Garza

Oakdale : University

It’s a breezy sizzling summer afternoon as we focus on Chief Of Police Margo Hughes washing up and brushing her hair as she sighs ..

” Alright Margo , you got this just keep it together for only a few hours then after you can cry your heart out away from the public’s eye ! ”

She says out loud , while she hears footsteps downstairs ..

” David , is that you ?! ”

she demands


Leo Dupre’ and Sarah Ivory continue to be lost in their romantic connection between the sheets , smiling and giving into passion ..

” Oh Leo , you feel soo good ..

Ummm ! ” She barely manages to say amidst the loud moans of their love making !

He smiles , as he continues to show her how deeply he’s into her !

” Sarah , you are soo beautiful !

I could do this all night ! ”

he hints

Over at the Police Dept ..

Ryan Lavery , Kendall Hart WOAK’s newest Boss rushes in to see Johnathan ..

” I am here to see my brother ,

you just arrested him for robbing a bank right ?! or was it gambling ?! ”

demands a frustrated Ryan .

Kendall attempts to calm him down ..

” Ryan stop it , calm yourself down before you end up behind bars yourself ! ”

states Kendall defiantly .

Elsewhere in town ..

Barbara Ryan is leaving her favorite deli downtown around a corner from the library .

She sees Noah Mayer crossing paths with Damian Grimaldi setting off a red flag !

She follows them into a abandoned complex unit being remodeled ..

She overhears a heated argument that will forever change lives ..

” Dayum Damian .. I can’t do this anymore .. people are getting suspicious of me ! ”

he warns

Damian isn’t pleased hearing such news .

” Who is suspicious of you , be honest Nathan I need to know who doesn’t buy you are Noah Mayer ! ”

He demands

Barbara Ryan is floored ..

She feels her eyes ready to shed tears ..

If this imposter isn’t Noah where the hell is he ?!

The day proceeds quicker than expected ..

We focus on

Rosanna Cabbot taking center stage as acting CEO of

World Wide while Kim Hughes recuperates from being a survivor from the fires that recently destroyed certain areas around them ..

Carly , Molly , Gwen watch the press conference going underway ..

They are SHOCKED !

A text arrives to Babs cell ..

Hinting ..

” I am watching you ! ”

Over at

Oakdale : Memorial Hospital

Dr.Reid Oliver is dealing with a family distressed over a patient being reeled into the ER ..

” Please .. help my son ..

Don’t let my brother die he’s my twin I can’t lose him ! ”

The voices run together as Reid attempts to quickly take action .

So much for that Summer vacation ..

Dr. John Dixon embraces his son Andy .

” How are you doing these days Dad , considering what has recently happened ..

Don’t lie to me please I want to be here for you ! ”

says Andy with tears flowing .

” Your being here is everything

Your mom’s a fighter , she may be in ICU fighting for her life after she barely escaped being engulfed in that blasted fire ! ”

recounts John

Somebody observes them together ..

Barbara Ryan quickly runs after Nathan as he breaks away from

Damian who needs to be somewhere else ..

Nathan isn’t happy seeing her following him ..

” Who the hell are you ?!

Where is Noah Mayer ?! ”

She demands

Nathan sighs..

” There’s no easy way to say this so here goes ..

Noah is dead ..

He never survived the Earthquake at the mall that hit town nearly 6 months ago ..

She slaps him fast across the face ..

” How dare you ..

How dare you enter our lives

posing as someone we love only to do what manipulate us all and for what ?! ”

she demands no longer able to fight back tears .

Nathan gets irked , yet explains what is going on .

” Damian Grimaldi convinced me to be your Noah he said nobody would ever be able to move on with their lives if they learned he was dead .

That due to him being connected to almost every one in town !

I am Noah’s twin brother ..

Technically I am his 3 twin ..

Guess I am a Triplet more than twin ! ” He says

Barbara looks closer ..

The idea of finally seeing this stranger for who he is sends all kinds of emotions through her mind ..

” How do I know you are not lying to protect yourself ?! ”

She demands..

” True .. I have proof here ! ”

he says handing her DNA results..

The printed truth right in front of her makes her illl ..

He’s really gone ..

Noah Mayer is gone forever !

Molly Snyder – Conlon

pulls Carly aside ..

” Molly . . What is going on

What is you have to tell me cousin ..

Don’t you know by now ..

You can tell me anything ! ”

states Carly attempting to hug her .

Molly pulls back ..

” Jake .. Jake ..

Your brother Jake Tenney is alive ! ” She revealls ..

Police Dept ..

Ryan tells Kendall he needs to see his brother alone ..

She reluctantly agrees as a call from her cell has her rush out aside behind the building..

” Zach , why are you calling ?! ”

she demands angrilly

Ryan confronts his only brother on his actions ..

” Stop it Ryan ..

I had no choice !

I did it for Family ..

Our sister Erin

She’s alive ..

Erin is alive ! ”

revealls Johnathan

Carly feels betryayed and also happiness learning that the guy she thought was dead is alive ..

” Where is he ?! ”

she demands

John is surprising Lucinda Walsh at her estate , he gets a key under the matt ..

He hears footsteps..

John gets ready to protect himself quickly pulling out a gun ..

” Who is there ?! ”

He demands

A figure in the dark ..

Replies ,

” Hello Dad , I am home

Did you miss me ?! ”

Panic ..

Fear .


* The room spins as he falls to the ground ..

” Call 911 ..

I am having a heart attack ! ”

Margo announces she’s retiring as Police Commissioner

Her replacement is SHOCKED ..

” Det. Jack Snyder you are promoted to Chief Of Police ! ”


A computer is being put on as we focus on a patient ..

Sarah Ivory ..

Pregnancy ..Positive !

Carly rushes to see her brother who is being kept under heavy surveillance by Dr. David Hayward ..

Suddenly ..

A car loses control .

A woman screaming..

A stranger rushes to her rescue ..

Carly composes herself ..

She sees deep into her savior’s

Eyes ..

They seem familiar ..

Yet different..

” You saved my life ..

Thank you

Who are you ?! ”

she demands

” It’s me mom ..

It’s your son

Parker ! ”

He revealls .

Mother / Son

have an emotional Reunion

We find a familiar face getting out of the shower ..

He washes his face ..

At a disclosed location ..

We focus on the mirror ..

It’s ..

Trey Kenyon ?!


Loud Screams at the hospital ..

Liza Colby is going into Labor ..

She has twins ..

Casey Hughes is overjoyed he runs into

Sage Tenney Snyder ..

She congrats him and Liza

He asks a favor ..

” Sage ..

I need you to go to Pine Valley & bring Colby ,

Liza’s spoiled rich stubborn daughter to come make amends with her mom ..

Please you are my only hope !

Sage agrees ..

She heads into her pink BMW

that Casey gets her for helping ..

She turns the radio on ..

It’s playing

Loose ..

By Niall Horan

Music Plays ..

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” Love On The Run : Next Generation ” LGBT Romance Sequel , W.Garza ° TEASER PLEASER


Here’s my latest
” Love On The Run :
Next Generation ”
LGBT Romance
Sequel to
” Love On The Run ”

Kyle was a very , sweet and charming blonde haired , blue eyed hunk with a sexy outlined six – pack to match his witty personality .
He sure was good at mimicking actors from hollywood films .
Petey was relieved this guy seemed to have morals .
Sure he wakes up everyday , flexes those muscles at the beach while being a bodyguard
He felt so lucky they were together .
It was only a few weeks they been dating and they were learning so much from each other .
The weather kicks off with a downpour of heavy rain , followed by a firece thunderstorm .
His boyfriend smiled at him before heading off to work.
” Babe , let’s get away for a few days just the two of us that way we can focus on our relationship and not just everyday life and the challenges it brings with it what do you say ? ” He asked with such an adorable expression on his face .
Seriously , who can possibly say no to those puppy dog eyes he sports whenever he really wants something .
After giving it not even a few moments to mull his decision he agrees .
They both kiss passionately lips to lips undressing each other’s clothes and heading towards the bedroom ..
” Aww honey , I am going to be late for work ! ” says his beau
” I don’t care , I want to feel your love deep inside me right now I missed this , I miss us ! “
he replies ..
They continue making out as they proceed with kisses all over the other .
Whenever he can make his man moan loudly that’s a bonus !
Sometimes he’s caught him holding back when they make love .
The thoughts of why linger to the point he almost asks why , but the uncertainty makes him not even ask for fear the answer could be something he won’t like !

Releasing – Fall 2018

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The new stranger in town not only shares a deep connection from the past , but will send shockwaves throughout town affecting a few key residents !

Barbara discovers a shocking revelation ..

The reunions of
Parker / Carly

Parker becomes a HERO ..

Dr.John Dixon & Duke ..

The death that will ROCK everybody to the core ..

Plus Kendall vs Sarah Ivory ..

Leo vs Brenda Barett ..

Greenlee vs Kendall. .

Johnathan makes a surprising love connection ..

Rosanna Cabbott shocks everybody. .

Craig Montgomery & Kirk Anderson will be key players in what lies ahead ..

ANOTHER unexpected Couple
Makes love ..

Will Dr.David Hayward pursue Carly , Or somebody else ?!



” Oakdale : University ”
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Oakdale University Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 7 Ep6 ” FIRE IT UP ” Pt.9/10 March Maddness SPRING EDITION June 17 ,2018 May Sweeps Summer Weekend Edition Written by Susan Semenjuk

Oakdale University
Atwt Online
Written Spin-Off
FanFic Season 7
Ep6 ” FIRE IT UP ”
March Maddness
June 17 ,2018
May Sweeps
Summer Weekend Edition
Written by Susan Semenjuk

As the rain slowly poured down all around Oakdale , Illinois ..
We focus on Sarah Ivory recalling a steamy encounter she had with Trey’s brother Leo . .
It was a private moment that changed from friends to lovers ..
It felt like yesterday ..
The town was enjoying a sort of belated Halloween Bash to boost up spirits after having survived the fires that affected their beloved home , loved ones ..

Sarah Ivory ( Susan Semenjuk ) was at home getting her costume ready for the party at YO’s. As she dressed she remembered her conversation with her lover Trey’s brother Leo.
Leo said “ You need a break Sarah, come with me to the party it’ll do us both some good.”
She said “ what if Trey wakes up?” to which he answered “ If that happens David or another doctor will call you and we will come right back.”
Sarah said “ You are right.
I’m beginning to dream about this place when I do sleep.”
Now she was putting on her makeup feeling happy to be spending time with Leo whom she has been dreaming about.
When Leo arrived dressed as Batman he smiled at Sarah who has chosen to go as Wonder Woman.
He said “ You are the sexiest Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen.” Sarah smiled and said “ You don’t look so bad yourself.”
Leo said on the way to the party ,
” Let’s have fun tonight and forget our problems for awhile.”
Sarah agreed.
When they walked into Yo’s everyone was shocked to see Sarah and Leo together.
Lisa Grimaldi said to her son Tom ,
“ Boy she’s something, her lover is in a coma and she’s out partying with his brother.”
Tom said , “ I’ve seen her when I went to visit Trey and she needs this break.”
Leo said ,
“ Boy if Lisa’s looks can kill we’d both be dead”
Sarah said “ let her look.”
When a slow song came on,
Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud” played in the background as Leo dragged her to the floor and held her close.
He said , “ If you ever want to leave, let me know.”
Sarah said , “ I don’t” She closed her eyes reveling in being in Leo’s arms. When the song was over, they locked eyes.
Trey’s brother David and his lover Margo among others watched as Leo bent his face down and deeply kissed Sarah.
Margo said “I can’t believe she’s responding to that kiss.
It seems they both forgot about Trey.”
When the long kiss was broken Leo said “I think we just had an audience.”
Sarah replied “ Let’s go to my house and have our own party.”
Leo smiled.
Leo sped on the way home and Sarah said , “I want you.”
Leo said , “I want you too but didn’t tell you because of Trey.”
Sarah responded ,
“ For one night I want to forget everything.”
Once at her house they ran up the sidewalk and into the house.
Right away they were kissing and beginning to undress.
As their costumes laid by her front door, they headed upstairs in their undergarments.
In her bedroom they kissed to the side of her bed.
Leo went behind her and unhooked her strapless bra as he nibbled her neck making her moan.
Next his hands slowly pulled down her lacy underwear.
When she was naked she spun around and rapidly bought his briefs to his ankles.
They kissed as they fell to the bed with Leo atop of her.
They locked eyes and he said ,
“ Are you sure?” She answered ,
“ I never wanted anyone more than I want you.
I’ve been dreaming of this for weeks.
Besides it’s too late to stop even if I wanted to which I don’t.
Do you want to stop?” she asked .
His answer came in a deep long hungry kiss which she responded to. She moaned and arched her back as he nibbled on her neck again finding the spot that drives her insane. When his lips found her nipples she softly cried out his name as he played with them.
She ran her fingers through his hair as he kissed her stomach.
She arched her back more as he made his way back up as they once again locked eyes.
She rasped, “ Now Leo.”
She gasped as Leo went inside her as far as he could and slowly began riding her !
As he did so Sarah was feeling things she’s never felt before.
As they rode the final wave of ecstasy they screamed in unison. When it was over they were sweaty and very satisfied.
As they cuddled with her head on his sweaty chest she asked ,
“ Any regrets?”,
to which he answered “Not a one.
She answered “ Nope.
It feels right to be in your arms Leo. I’ve dreamt about doing this with you for weeks.”
Leo smiled and asked, “ Well how did the reality compare to your fantasies?
By the way I’ve had erotic dreams about you too and I have to say the real thing tops the dreams.”
Sarah said , “ For me too.
I wanted this for so long.”
Leo said , “ I don’t want this to be a one night thing.”
Sarah said , “ Neither do I.”
They made love all night long totally forgetting about the man they both love, Trey Kenyon.
They had steamy shower sex the next morning before going to see Trey. All day they snuck glances and kisses when they could.

To Be Concluded ..

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