Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 26 ” Policemans Ball 2017 ” Pt. 1/4 July 23, 2017

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Episode 26

” Policemans Ball 2017 ”

Pt. 1/4

July 23, 2017




The Policeman’s Ball goes underway as Barbara Ryan catches up to Lucinda Walsh.

” Barbara, how wonderful to see you out tonite! ”

says Lucinda cordially

Barbara smiles.

” Thank you, same to you no man on your shoulder tonite?”

she quips

” Now dear Barbara, I don’t need a man to have a good time alas its not in the cards for me this season! ” she says

” Nonsense, let’s go find you a suitable date! ” she says

Both women begin their prowl


Scene ::

A very hot attractive stranger enters the Oakdale Memorial Hospital very distressed..

” Somebody, please get me a doctor now.. My sisters in labor! ” he announces

Dr. Chris Hughes appears on scene and offers her immediate assistance..


Scene ::

Holden Snyder, Ava meet privately with Det. Jack Snyder

” Jack, whats going on?!  “

demands Holden observing his cousins uneasyness

” My son..

Parker Joe Munson is alive! “

He reveals


Scene ::

Carly Tenney Kenyon surprises Dr. David Hayward

” Carly? ” he asks surprised

” I missed you and your hot sweet tender kisses! ”

she says

” I missed you too! “

They kiss passionately head into the bedroom, strip their clothes off and make love..


Scene ::

Lucinda gets a call from her private investigator..

” Lucinda, we tracked your mystery buyer.. He’s at the corner booth of the ball.. He goes by the name of Sid Rylan! ” hints her detective

” Thank you Lance, I will be in touch! ” she says quickly heading to her destination when she opens the door, the very attractive male is surprised when she confronts him..

” Alright, tell me who you are and why you sent me a priceless heirloom! ” she demands

The man slicks back his long black hair..

” Lucinda, its me..

Duke.. I am alive! “

He reveals


Scene ::

Back at Oakdale Memorial Hospital

The new hunky stranger thanks Dr. Chris Hughes for taking charge and assisting in tending to his sister.

” I am always happy to help,

I am Dr. Christopher Hughes also acting Chief Of Staff at the moment you are? ”

he asks

” The names Officer Holt James.. My cousin lives here in Oakdale maybe you know her as Rosanna Cabot?! “

he demands

To Be Continued..


Sid Rylan

( Kit Harington )

Officer Holt James

(  Brandon Beemer ) 


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