Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic Season 2 Written by Susan Semenjuk Ep1. ” Callie Kidnapped ”           Pt.2/2 July 18,2017

Hardy Boys Mystery Hour


Season 2

Written by

Susan Semenjuk

Ep1. ” Callie Kidnapped “


July 18,2017


At the boathouse Callie was bound to a chair as her ex Nathan slapped her over and over before putting tape over her mouth. 

He said ,

“ That should keep your big mouth quiet.

I know you slept with Frank while we were married like the whore you are.

I hate you so much.

I broke out of prison to punish you for putting me in there. ” She tried to plead with him with her eyes but he laughed , “ too late Callie.

I’m going to kill you then I’ll wait for your lover Frank to come and I’ll kill him too so you two can be together for all eternity.

” The sight of you two dead will be worth going back to prison for.”

He beat her until he got tired of it.

Meanwhile Frank headed for the boathouse and dropped off the duffle bag then he went and joined Joe behind some bushes.

He could hear Callie screaming and he wanted to rush in there but he didn’t want to risk her life.

They waited until Nathan opened the door where they saw her tied to a chair and bruised. 

Nathan opened the bag and raged as he threw the empty pieces of paper in the air.

Joe snuck behind him and knocked him out with a flashlight. 

Frank began rushing in but not before kicking Nathan hard several times. 

He rushed to Callie and untied her.

She cried as they hugged.

He said “ you’re ok baby, you’re safe.”

She answered ,

 “ I thought he was going to kill me for sure, he said he was going to kill you too.” Frank pulled back and dried her tears and said ,

“ he can’t hurt you anymore. We’re both ok. I love you Callie.” 

Callie kissed him hard and said , “I love you too Frank.”  Later on as Callie gave her statement on how Nathan had jumped her in the park while walking and he did to her, he glared at her and said ,

“ next time your lover and you are dead and I look forward to doing it.”  Eventually Frank and her went back to his place where he held her until she fell asleep.

— Cast —


( James Woods )


( Lisa Eilbacher )

Dedicated to James Woods 


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