Atwt Online Written Spin-Off FanFic Season 6 Episode 25 ” Unexpected Turns “ Pt.4/4 July 18 , 2017 MIDNITE EDITION

Atwt Online

Written Spin-Off FanFic

Season 6

Episode 25

” Unexpected Turns “ Pt.4/4

July 18 , 2017


Its late in the evening , most residents of Oakdale, Illinois have gone to bed early. .not all but some .

Over at Susan Stewarts home ,

Emily is having a rough night trying to get a good nights rest 

She tosses and turns back & forth then yells out. .

” Diego noooo ! ”

Her mother quickly rushes to her side .

” Emily ,

honey wake up you are having a nightmare about Diego ! ” she warns

Shes soaked in sweat , as Susan suggests she get herself into a nice shower while she gets the warm milk going ..

Det . Jack Snyder , Rosanna and Carly Tenney Kenyon meet up with Dr.David Hayward .

” I been trying to find anybody to help me find your son , he could be anywhere bet is he made it back to his home town ! ”

He assures them both .

Jack gets defensive ..

” How do we know you even saved our son , its not like you got proof or do you ?! ‘

he demands

David shuts up him playing a session he had with their son Parker before he ran off ..

” O-M-G its true ..

Parker is alive ! ”

they say in unison .

A mystery person purchases a priceless heirloom then has it shipped to Lucinda Walsh .

She accepts the gift , then after opening up the packaged gift wrapped box shes brought to TEARS ..

Matthew her butler is concerned .

” Lucinda , what is in that box ?! “

demands Matthew

” A priceless heirloom i had thought was long forgotten ..the only person who ever cherished it much as i did was Duke ! ”

she says outloud .

Matthew makes a mysterious phone call..

” I need your help now ! “

What’s Matthew hiding ?!

Back At Susan’s ..

Emily and Susan are discussing the evil that was Diego and how it left many suspects following his murder .

She looks at a piece of the morning paper that bothers her she sees a missing letter then panicks. .

” Emily , what is going on with you tell me ! ” demands Susan

” Its Diego ..hes alive. .Diego hes alive ! ” she repeats scared out of her mind quickly looking around making sure she is safe ..

A limo waits outside her home ..

We see

..Diego slyly smirking. .

Next ::

Summer Fun leads to Murder ?!


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