Hardy Boys Mystery Hour FanFic Season 2 Ep1 ” Callie Kidnapped ”            Pt.1/2 Written by Susan Semenjuk July 12,2017

Hardy Boys

Mystery Hour

FanFic Season 2

Ep1 ” Callie Kidnapped ”


Written by

Susan Semenjuk


July 12,2017

Frank Hardy was asleep when he was awaken by his phone ringing. He reached for it trying to not lose the dream he was having of his lady love Callie.  He said “hello?” followed by an unknown caller saying” Frank Hardy, Listen to me, I have Callie and if you want to see the bitch again, you will not call the cops. If you do your precious Callie dies. I’ll call later with further instructions. The caller hung up and Frank recognized the voice of Callie’s abusive ex husband whom he heard had escaped from jail.   He called his brother Joe who was in the middle of making love to his lady Tracy. he answered “ this better be important.”  Frank said “ it is or else I wouldn’t be calling you at 2 am. I need your help, Callie’s abusive ex has her.” Joe replied “I’ll be right there.”  When he got to Frank’s he said “ any word” to which Frank answered “ no not yet.  He threatened to kill her if I involved the cops and we both know he’s capable of doing it. Joe, we have find him before it’s too late. When I get my hands on that bastard, I’ll kill him especially if he’s hurt Callie.” Joe put a reassuring hand on his brother’s shoulders and said “ we will find her.”  They both jumped when Frank’s cell rang and Frank said “hello” The caller said “I see you bought your brother in for help. Smart move.”  Frank asked “ how do you know about Joe?” The caller laughed and said “ I have someone watching  your house dummy.  Listen to me   drop off $10,000  to the park by the boathouse on the east side, even though the bitch isn’t worth anything.  Walk away.”  Frank agreed then heard Callie yell “ Frank, help me.” before he heard the sound of him slapping her The Hardy’s came up with a plan.

Cast :


( Lisa Eilabacher )

To Be Concluded ..


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