PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine PRESENTS ” Z.P.D . ” Crime Story FanFic Drama Mini Series Created & Written by — Robert Charles Mitchell — MATURE READERS ))


PartyWill’s Online Publications Magazine

” Z.P.D . ” 

Crime Story FanFic Drama Mini Series 
Created & Written by
— Robert Charles Mitchell — 

In a town full of fear and desperation, Detective Michael Brawlz and Officer Nia Pann are two Cops defending Righteous city from  non registered Zombies called “INKs”
(Incriminating. Necro. Killers.).

In this town Human and Zombie co-exist, but if any Inks step out of line and starts eating  human civilians or does any other illegal activity  it is up to the Z.P.D. ( Zombie. Police. Department.) to stop them.
———-    ————– ————–
Season Premiere 
Z.P.D. Episode 1, Oh Yeah!

EXT.  -Righteous city ( Day)

A Detective (Michael Brawlz) is chasing a hooded man through  rooftops and streets. Brawlz eventually corners the hooded man in an alley the man takes off his hood and it is revealed that he is a Zombie. The Zombie starts to run towards Brawlz to bite him but Brawlz shoots the zombie in the head with a magnum 500.

righteous city skyscrapers are   shown suddenly with the decomposed style logo of Z.P.D. slowly appearing while police sirens wale in the background.

(Brawlz v.o.) : This is righteous city. This is my town and nobody, nothing can take it away from me I mean they can try but they would have to pry it from my cold dead fingers…speaking of cold and dead that guy you just saw me do undead Olympics with was a no good blood sucking flesh chewing man eating Zombie, an “Ink”. it’s what we call those things if they are not registered within the towns system. If he was registered his brains wouldn’t have splattered on my brand new shoes. Damn it, anyway. We have a pretty peaceful environment here most of the time us and the Zombies live in some weird harmony and it makes me want to gag but if they start eating innocent people or if one of them isn’t registered it is up to me and my division to make sure they are locked up or fresh paint.

-Location Z.P.D
( Zombie.  Police.  Department. )

(Brawlz v.o.):  I go into my office and already I see Luth getting all worked up. He’s our commander and chief and the closest thing I got to a friend.

*Luth is on the phone looking angry*
Luth: I thought I told you to look into that file!

Brawlz sits down and starts to open his desk and admires an empty picture frame.

(Brawlz v.o.):  just the way I like it.

Brawlz starts to type in his computer

(Brawlz v.o.):  It’s never a good thing to have loved ones around in this city in my opinion especially if you’re a hero cop. That’s why I work alone don’t want anyone close to me if my enemies can get to them through me in some sort of zombie  revenge scheme.

Luth: Michael!!!

Brawlz: Oh no, what the hell does he want.

Brawlz walks into Luth’s office with a “oh my God why am I here face”.

Brawlz: Yes your highness?

Luth: Don’t give me non of that funny shit today Brawlz.

Brawlz: Oh, what happened to Michael??
*Brawlz chuckles while he asked*

Luth: Look I know what happened this morning.  And I know you have done a lot for this city but the media is starting to get concerned!

Brawlz: The media? That f*ck boy local news station? They are not concerned, when it comes to ratings maybe but I admit sometimes I can get carried away.

Luth: It’s not about that. They know you’re  very  prejudice against Zombies and feel like you may take it too far with one of them one day.

Brawlz: Luth…come on man, you know me. I know the difference between the good man eaters and the bad ones.

Luth: Don’t call them that. It’s not P.C. and I’m sorry but I have to give you a partner even if I know you they don’t and that means I won’t have no more mayors or Z-protesters riding my ass about no one keeping an eye on you.  I’m sorry Mike…but my decision is final.

Brawlz: What??? This is such bullsh*t.

Luth: Yeah, and so is being responsible for you but it’s the perks of the job now go meet your new sidekick already I got work to do.

Brawlz scoffs and storms out.

-Grunge neighborhood (Day)

Meanwhile a mysterious figure ( Cloak) in an alley way is shown lurking in the shadows following a Zombie Teenage girl. The Zombie  girl is walking slowly looking sad.

Cloak: What’s wrong little girl?

Zombie Girl: Some kids at school were making fun of me

Cloak: Oh my dear, they were human weren’t they?

*The Zombie girl slightly nods*

Cloak: Hey, it’s okay you can talk to me. I’ll even be your new best friend.

Zombie girl: I’m honestly not supposed to talk to strangers.

Cloak: Would a stranger do this?
*Cloak pulls out a paper bag full of fresh bloody human flesh. *

Zombie girl: Oh my goodness, that smells really good.

Cloak: Tell ya what, I’ll give this to you for free but only because I really think you have a great smile.

Zombie Girl: Thanks mister!  *She smiles*

Cloak hands her over the bloody flesh filled   bag and she begins to violently consume it without hesitation.

Cloak: So what’s your name?

Zombie Girl: Well the kids at school call me “Dead Girl” but you can call me Glissa.

Cloak: That’s a beautiful name Glissa, would you mind doing a small favor?

Glissa: What is it?

Cloak: I want you to go tell all of the boys and girls who are exactly just like you to come find me if they ever feel a little…hungry. And in return I’ll give you another taste. So what do you say? Wanna be business partners?

Glissa: Sure! *Smiles gleefully* I’ll make sure I’ll let as many of the Z-kids know as much as I can.

Cloak: That’s a good girl, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership- I mean friendship.

Glissa skips happily up the street while the Cloak creeply slowly fades away into the darkness with a Sinister grin

– Back at Z.P.D. headquarters ( Day)

Brawlz is walking towards   his office when he bumps into one of his co-workers (Miles) a fellow officer at the Z.P.D.

Miles: Oh sorry sir

Brawlz: Watch where you’re going kid, please.

Miles: You alright man?

Brawlz: Hell no, I got a partner. Not that it is a bad thing It’s just bad for me.

Miles partner calls him

Miles: Sorry dude, duty calls. Good luck.

Miles runs towards his partner

Brawlz: *sighs*

Brawlz gets back into his office and takes a nap. 20 minutes later, someone is knocking on his door. Brawlz gets up to open it and a young adult women is there.

Brawlz: *yawns* Uh, ma’am the post office is two blocks away.

Young lady: well Um, okay no. Hi I’m your new partner. 

Brawlz: Ugh! Hey, come inside.

Young lady: You okay?

Brawlz: Yeah, I’m peachy. So you’re my supervisor?

Young Lady: What? No *giggles* like I said before I’m your new partner nothing more nothing less.

Brawlz: Let’s hope so

Young lady: What was that?

Brawlz: And  your name is?

Young lady: Nia, Nia Pann.

Brawlz: Do you have experience in catching these things Nia?

Nia: What things?

Brawlz: The Man Eaters

Nia: Yes, and you shouldn’t call them that it isn’t P.C. you know. Plus why do they have to be man eaters they can bite woman too.

Brawlz: …….Yeah……let’s go on patrol shall we.

Nia: Oh goodie *she says cheerfully*

-Brawlz & Nia go into the Z.P.D. parking lot to get into their police car. They find it and get inside of the vehicle.

Brawlz: Okay, since this is your first day here let me lay down the ground rules.

*Nia listens intently*

Brawlz: Rule number 1, don’t talk unless spoken to. 

Nia: I’m sorry?

Brawlz: Only for today.

Nia: Uh huh *She says unbelievably*

Brawlz: Rule number 2, Don’t talk to me while I’m driving

Nia gestures in understanding the second rule

Brawlz: and finally rule number three, just let me do all the talking.

Nia: Got cha * She says sarcastically*

Brawlz: Cool, I think we’re good.

A second police car quietly pulls up next to theirs

Brawlz: Oh god not now

Nia: Wait, what is it? What’s wrong?

The second police car rolls down its window and it is Miles and his senior partner
(Kelly Hena)

Kelly: How ya doing Mikey? It looks like you a got a baby sitter. I hope you’re not telling that poor girl about your stupid rules.

(Brawlz v.o.) That’s Kelly my former partner and eternal rival. I want to call her a bitch but I feel like that’s what she would want and I don’t want her to win.

Nia: Haha who is she?

Kelly: Hey sweetie, the grown ups are talking. Hey Mike you should put a better leash on your dog.

Nia: Never mind I don’t want to know

Brawlz: Have a good day Kelly.

Kelly: Don’t worry, I always do.

Kelly puts on her sun glasses then her and Miles drives away

Nia: Okay um that was rude

Brawlz: Understatement,  but you handled that pretty  well. I thought you were gonna curse her out or something. 

Nia: I was kinda thinking it, but when I become the new chief one day I’ll make sure she’ll regret this haha. But I worked super hard to get this job so I ain’t gonna let some chick make me loose it especially on my first day.

Brawlz: Yeah that’s what she wants but I’m sorry you still had to suffer the mouth wrath of Kelly.

Nia: Haha Mouth wrath?

Brawlz: Forget about her just remember what I said and stay focused

Nia: Copy that

Nia and Brawlz drive off. While driving Nia looks out her window.

-Righteous city streets (Day)

Nia and Brawlz are driving through town in their patrol car

Brawlz: What cha thinking about kid?

Nia: I just can’t believe I’m here its just so surreal, I always dreamed to be a full fledged cop and now I am.

Brawlz: Oh welp, keep dreaming because we are not real cops. The way I see it we are more along the lines of exterminators with shiny  badges.

Nia: Thanks

Brawlz: Don’t mention it

Nia: How long you been a cop oh I mean an exterminator?

Brawlz: 6 years, you?

Nia: 7 months

Brawlz: Super nice

Nia: You talk funny

– During their patrol they spot a restaurant full of screaming people running out of it (Day)

Brawlz: Awe hell

*Nia Bursts into action with her desert eagle gun in her hand running inside the restaurant*

Brawlz: OH HELL!

Brawlz runs after her, goes inside and sees that she is waiting for him

Brawlz: What the hell is wrong with you?

Nia guides Brawlz glance towards a table through a big red door. He looks and sees a newly turned little zombid girl eating a belly of  a chef alive. He is screaming in pain

Nia: What do we do? What do we do?

Brawlz: What do you think? What we are paid for.

The little zombie girl (z-girl)  looks up with tears in her eyes

Z-Girl: I’m so sorry I was just hungry. No body would feed me!  I won’t do it again.

*Z-Girl grabs a knife and  stabs herself in the  forehead*

Nia: Jesus! *eyes wide open in shock*

-Cuts to black

Nia and Brawlz look at  two dead bodies on the table, one of them is the chef who was being  eaten alive  with his belly busted open with his guts and blood spilled over and steaming. The other is the little zombie girl who was eating him with a butter knife stuck inside her forehead with tears of jet black blood dripping down from her eyes.

*Nia covers her mouth*

Brawlz: Damn. Don’t worry kid it gets better.

Nia: How did this happen?

Brawlz: Well Like the girl said…She was hungry.

*Brawlz gently pushes the girl off of the chef*

Brawlz: Examine this guy would ya

Nia: But we already saw what happened.

Brawlz: I know but it’s kinda procedure. We may have witnessed the cause of death but we don’t know exactly why she chose him out of all those people.

Nia: The Chef is a pretty heavy set guy… Ya know…more meat.

Brawlz: Noted, now look into him while I eye out for witnesses when you’re done let me know so we can file a report.

*Nia agrees with a sad disgusted look on her face*

– Brawlz goes outside to look for witnesses, he notices a shadowy mysterious black figure ( Cloak)  from a short  distance

Brawlz: Hey you!

Cloak disappears into the shadows

Brawlz jerks in disappointed motion, then suddenly he sees an ice cream man hide behind his cart.

Brawlz: Yo, you know what happened here? 

Ice cream man: Well before I heard all the noise from across the street a z-girl came up to me and asked for some ice cream but she didn’t have any money and I ain’t no charity so after that she went to that restaurant I guess to get some food *catches his breath* 5 minutes later I heard screaming.

Brawlz notices the ice cream man’s  name tag on the right side of his chest

Brawlz: What’s your name Fred?

Ice cream man: Fred.

Brawlz: Thank you Fred.

Brawlz jogs back into the restaurant

Brawlz: Alright I’m calling it in.

Nia: This is so weird.

Brawlz: I know get used to it

Nia: No it’s not that
*Nia presses her ear to the dead chef’s chest*

Brawlz: What is it?

Nia: He is still alive.

Brawlz: F*ck! I almost forgot.

Brawlz pulls Nia away immediately from the chef

Nia: What are you doing?!

Brawlz: Don’t be a fool, he’s been bitten not killed.

Nia: Oh shit.

The chef jumps up and lunges himself onto Brawlz and Nia.

The chef is desperately trying to take a bite out of one of them constantly chomping while foaming at the mouth.

Nia Takes out her brass knuckles and punches the chef right in the face. The chef falls back and instantly  Brawlz jumps right  on top of him

Brawlz: Call for back up so we can detain this asshole!

Nia calls for backup

Brawlz struggles to keep the chef pinned down, Nia tries to aid him but the chef kicks her and Brawlz is thrown across the room by the now zombid chef.

The chef is about to eat Nia but Kelly and Miles come to her rescue and shoot its legs and tranquiliz’ it.

Miles:  Another day at work

Kelly: If I wasn’t trying be to z.p.d. cop of the year I probably would not have saved your ass rookie.

Nia: Thank you.

Brawlz: We called for back up not up backs

Kelly: You’re welcome Mikey

Brawlz: I thought you two were on a case

Miles: We were but we were close by.

Nia: Thank god.

Brawlz Looks at Nia with a shut up face

Nia: Well you were in knocked out island

Brawlz: There is a reason why I don’t have partners, they slow you down. And you need to start practicing on defending, thinking and depending on yourself.

Nia: Say what??

Brawlz: You should have known he was gonna turn and contained him first. That’s why I asked you to check him and stuff.

Nia: Excuse me? You freaking forgot to tell me these details earlier!

Brawlz: Which is why you should  start practicing on nobody holding your hand. And didn’t you tell me you have experience?

Miles: Look it seems that it slipped both of your minds but the important thing is nobody got hurt and we all learned something.  Plus it’s your first day, he is used to working alone, and also there is a big fat muscular chef zombie on the floor so nobody saw this coming.

Kelly: Well  Miles, they gonna see me get the keys to the city one day. Once I tell them I saved your asses back at the station I’ll bet I’ll  get a bigger office plus a raise.

Brawlz: You want a cookie too.

Kelly: Fuck you

Nia: My bad Mike.

Brawlz: This is whole lot of bullshit

Brawlz and Nia file a report in their car while Kelly and Miles prepare yellow caution  tape for the crime scene

1 hour later, Nia and Brawlz are driving back to Z.P.D. (night)

Nia: Michael I’m super sorry about earlier

Brawlz: no harm done, not yet atleast.  let’s go  interrogate “chef boy r demon” so we can all call it a day.

-Meanwhile at an underground Zombie club. (Night)

Cloak: Well well thanks for the tip

Crime Lord: Don’t worry as long as you up hold our agreement.

Cloak: Maxy, you never cease to amaze me.

Max: It’s  “Big Man” to you.

Cloak: Oh of course.  Once I get more shipments I’ll make these Z ‘ s more hungry and crazy and soon this city will be yours

Max: Yes indeed. I believe that the product you put inside that Chef’s water today is the same you gave that little girl, what was her name, Glissa?

Cloak: Correcto, and you’ll give me what I want like you promised right?

Max: For the hundredth time yes. Now leave me I must feed my children.

Max opens a secret latch to a basement full of 50 dirty rabid Zombies and tosses them  a human leg.

Cloak Vanishes into the dark walls.

Max: It’s good to be king.

-Location Z.P.D. Interrogation room

Nia: Okay Chef who are you working for?

Bayeir: First of all the name is Bayeir alright, and working for who? You literally said I was being eaten alive by a child then turned into a zombie.

Nia: Which you are

Brawlz: let me try.

Brawlz takes Nia ‘ s seat and tries to talk to Bayeir

Brawlz: Do you remember anything this mourning? Like at all?

Bayeir: I honestly can’t say that I do, the last thing I remember is waking up in your police department.

Nia: it’s the only thing you remember?

Bayeir: Unfortunately yes, the only thing I remember also is my name which is so strange

Brawlz: Hmm

Nia: Right, Zombies can’t remember their past life when they turn

Brawlz: It all makes sense now I suppose

Nia: Stupid question,  but you never knew that?

Brawlz: If you did you should have told me before we brought him here, I’m just used to shooting those things not much keen on talkin to em

Bayeir: I see. Shit.

Nia: Just cause he can’t remember anything doesn’t mean he isn’t any use to us.

Brawlz: What now?

Nia: He can be our informant or something like that

Bayeir: I’m very hungry

Brawlz: Yeah that’s actually a good idea.

Bayeir: Can I nibble on your fingers?

Nia: We can send him into the underground criminal  Z-world and maybe he can make our jobs much easier by making the bad ones come to us instead of us coming to them

Bayeir: I want to eat you

Brawlz: Perfect!  You a smart  kid.

Bayeir: So do I get to eat some people now or what?

Nia: You are gonna be our lil secret squirrel

Bayeir: Sounds yummy

Brawlz: In return we will give you death row inmates human inmates

Nia: Say what now?

*Brawlz winks at her*

-The next night at a hidden rave

Zombies and humans are dancing freneticley

Brawlz stands on top of turn tables and holds up a lighter to a ceiling and emergency water shoots down every where in the rave

Brawlz: Ahem! Ladies, Gentleman,  Inks! Me and my partner here strongly regret to inform you that you are all fucked.

Everyone in the rave looks at Brawlz shockingly

Brawlz: We know there has been  drugs, sex and a minor case of cannibalism. Now I don’t care what you do on your down time but if you do what you do when you do it in my city then you’re pretty much screwed like a Kardashian. Now we can do this the easy way where you all line up politely in a single file and take turns being hand cuffed or the hard way you don’t OR the fun way where I make you.

Brawlz  begins to smile while Nia points her gun at the ravers

Zombie Raver Guy: Fuck this mutha focka!!!

Brawlz: Well buddy you shoulda brought protection.

Doors bust open from the entrance with Brawlz back up team arriving  and an all out  brawl starts between dozens of Z.P.D. officers and Zombie Ravers while the human ravers run and hide Nia prepares for action.

*Brawlz takes a steel black baseball bat and hits a Zombie in the head with it*

*Nia shoots several who try to get away*

Other Z.P.D. officers do unnecessary wrestling moves on the raver Zombies who try to eat them.

Eventually the Zombies are all rounded up
And taking for questioning

Nia: Why would they fight back like that? They know it’s not illegal to kill a hostile Zombie, why would they try to assault us knowing full well of the consequences?

Brawlz: It’s because they are Zombies Nia they don’t think *Brawlz takes one of the raver Zombies into another officer’s hands * they just eat.

Nia: Well I told you having an undead informant was a good idea.

Brawlz: What? You want a cookie too?

Nia: Haha

Brawlz: Look I’m sorry I was so hard on you yesterday

Nia: It’s okay it happens

Brawlz: Yeah but it better not happen again

Nia: Right *She raises her eye brows*

Brawlz: You know we are not a biased department, if a human were to harass a Zombie we also can be of aid.

Nia: In helping the human?

Brawlz: No smart ass, in assisting the zombie

Nia: I’m just kidding I knew that, but that’s never really the case around these parts though huh

Brawlz: Bingo,  I know my reputation is pretty well known but if those things wouldn’t resist so much when I ask a question or arrest them I’m sure things wouldn’t get so messy

Nia: They act like monsters but they are not animals.

Brawlz: *Shrugs* I don’t make the rules I just follow em

Nia: Yeah but not gonna lie it was kinda fun taken them down

Brawlz: Hearing that makes it  seem so clandestine of you

Nia: Hey man  you’re the bad cop. I wasn’t the one who hit that poor Z-kid with a baseball bat.

Brawlz: No you’re the one who hit the fat one with a brass knuckle

Nia: *Groans* Oh my God I am going to get cup of coffee *she rolls her eyes secretly *

Brawlz discovers human blood on the dance floor. It appears to be a trace of blood leading to a closet in the back he follows it and opens the door and it is revealed to be  Kelly Hena. She is dead and mutilated and horribly scarred.

Brawlz nervously drops his gun and is seen standing in horrific shock in front of her dead lifeless body

Cuts to black

Zombie noise and police sirens are herd in the background

The end
© Copyright Jan 2017
All Rights Reserved 
🔮  Pictures are still owned by its Original Owners , We only claim 
Ownership of Original Characters and Storylines .
🔮  No Copy Right Infringement

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  1. This has me hooked. Haven’t finished the whole story yet due to time constraints but expect to today or tomorrow. Great job!


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