PartyWill’s  EROTICA TALES  PRESENT  ” Class Act ” Sept 15,2016





” Class Act ”


Sept 15,2016


Tony was anxious to get started in kicking off his freshman year in college .

Naturally he had no idea what to expect !

His best friend Ned was already in his Sophomore year so it was nice having somebody he recognized since he transferred .

He smiles seeing his pal walking up to him wearing a blue open chested see through football jersey and slick board shorts also blue .

He was 5’7 , 146Ibs

Slim body

Brown Hair & Brown Eyes .

” Tony , man you finally made it welcome to Victory College ! ” he teases with a slight smirk .

The guys embrace then head over to the dorm section which is less than 30-40 minutes away from Campus depending on how fast one walks.

Ned has a nice room it’s got a cushy king size bed with brass bed frames that are silver in a twisted formation .

He pats his blanket that’s soft as silk ..

” Bet you like to test it out right ? ”

He smiles as he asks his lips just there aching to me kissed .

Tony replies with his sexy Italian accent .

” Yeah man , let’s take your bed for a test drive ! ”

Tony was 6’2 , I42Ibs

Blonde Hair and Hazel Winter Green Eyes .

He was wearing his casual red Amber Crombie tee and Adidas tennis shoes with his white board shorts to match.

Tony likes when Ned let’s him take charge disrobing of their clothes while their lips touch leading to french kissing , hands exploring each other’s bodies with their masculine bodies fully naked and both reaching a full erection around the other .

Tony moans slightly as he feels Ned caressing his 6′ cut throbbing cock that also finds its way into Neds horny mouth .

The taste of Tonys precum drives Ned wild now as he too enjoys the reciprocated attention of his best friends hands all over his entire body and then his mouth.

Ned is ready to mount Tony while his 7′ uncut cock’s balls are bobbing up and down like a sexual ride he never wants to get off of .

They both moan in unison .

Ned rides Tonys cock faster as he feels him penetrate him even deeper now louder moans fill the bedroom as it’s squeaking too catch up with their sexual rhythm.

Tony runs his fingers through Neds hair as they both eembrace and they don’t stop for another good thirty four minutes that immediately stretches into a full fledged hour of heavy sweating and moaning , groaning. ..

” Uhh..oh yes right there ! ”

States Tony in pure ectasy. .

Ned smiles enjoying the fun filled joyride that’s his object of the desire of the dreams he had back in high school .

So many times he wanted this to happen and now it was. .

They both reach a satisfied climatic surrender then collapse and cuddle afterwards still kissing and Tonys craved horned up cock still inside Neds love cavity .




Dedicated to

Nicholas’  Bellaholics Group




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